Unbelievable Celebrity Weight Transformations


Kelly Osbourne – 50 Lbs. Loss

Kelly Osbourne, although rose to fame through her father Ozzy Osbourne. She has since found her way to stay at the top. She has appeared on various TV shows, including giving hosting red carpet events and commenting on celebrity fashion, and showing off her dancing skills on “Dancing With The Stars.” “Dancing With The Stars,” was the show that really helped her kick start her weight loss. By continuing working out and quitting her emotional eating habits, Kelly was able to lose a total of 50 pounds!


Queen Latifah – 20 Lbs. Loss

Singer and actress Queen Latifah has always had amazing curves. But, in 2008,Queen Latifah turned to Jenny Craig to help her shed some pounds. She also hit the gym 5-7 days per week, switching between the treadmill or elliptical machine for an hour. Her original goal was to lose 5-10% of her body weight, which she achieved in only a few months. Jenny Craig released a statement announcing Queen Latifah had lost 20 pounds and dropped 20 cholesterol point.


Alec Baldwin – 35 Lbs. Loss

Alec Baldwin decided it was time to lose weight when he was diagnosed Prediabetic, in May 2011. He gave up sugar and dairy and started exercising more. He likes to do pilates and swimming. He also receives help and inspiration from his younger, yoga-instructor wife Hilaria. When he is working and has less time to workout, he makes sure he eats less. He lost a total of 35 pounds in four months.


Melissa McCarthy – 75 Lbs. Loss

Melissa is looking happier and healthier than ever, after shedding 75 pounds over the past year. McCarthy eats a high protein low carb diet and consumes lots of food with high fiber content. She drinks green tea to boost her weight loss. She also believes getting plenty of sleep has been a big factor in her weight loss journey. She hopes to pass her new found diet habits onto her daughters.


Lisa Riley – 140 Lbs. Loss

The former “Emmerdale” star and “Loose Women” panelist recently lost 140 pounds! She went from a size 30 to a size 14. She began noticing her weight loss, in 2012, after she performed on the TV series “Strictly Come Dancing.” She revealed on “Loose Women,” she attributes a lot of her weight loss to giving up alcohol. She made all of her meals smaller, by strictly following portion control, as well as regularly attending Zumba classes. She also does not eat after 6:30pm.


Seth Rogen

Breaking into Hollywood as the overweight drug user in movies like “Knocked Up” and “Pineapple Express,” Seth Rogen needed to trim down to play a new role of The Green Hornet. Seth lost the weight in nine months on celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak’s 5-Factor Diet as well as working out. As of 2016, Rogan is still producing and acting in multiple movies and has kept off the weight.


Khloe Kardashian – 40 Lbs. Loss

Khloe Kardashian’s weight loss journey began in 2013, after her marriage with NBA player, Lamar Odom, ended. Khloe began following a strict diet plan, which includes eliminating dairy, and workout regimen. She wakes up at 5am everyday to workout and doesn’t eat until 8am. She sometimes works out with sister Kim and celebrity trainer Don Brooks. Khloe had always been labeled as the “fat Kardashian,” however, she proved the public wrong, and she now looks amazing after a 40 pound weight loss.


Kim Kardashian – 70 Lbs. Loss

In December 2015, Kim gave birth to her second child, Saint. She was, once again, determined to lose the weight she gained during her pregnancy. On top of daily 6am exercise regimen with her trainer Don Brooks, she also put herself on the Atkins 40, a low-carb diet that involves eating 40 grams of net carbs a day. Kim also did the Atkins program after the birth of her first child, North. She lost a total of 70 pounds and weighs less than her pre-baby weight.


Rosie O’Donnell – 60 Lbs. Loss

After suffering a heart attack in 2012, and being told by her doctors she would not survive another one, she decided to have gastric sleeve surgery. She had the procedure in July 2013. Even though she had surgery, Rosie still had to make hard changes to her daily life, including diet and exercise. O’Donnell, who once weighed 237 pounds, she now estimates she’s lost over 60 pounds since her surgery.


Tom Hanks – 50 Lbs. Loss

Tom Hanks understands the concept of gaining and losing weight for movie roles. Hanks previously put on 30 pounds to play a baseball coach in the 1992 film “A League of Their Own.” In 2000, he lost 50 pounds to play a man stranded on a desert island in “Castaway.” He was on a very strict diet of only water, vegetables, very little carbs, and fish. His exercise regimen included all types of cardio for 2 hours per day, 6 days per week. However, in 2013, he revealed he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and will no longer be taking roles that will require him to gain or lose weight.


Claire Richards – Over 80 Lbs. Loss

The former “Steps” member, Claire Richards had always struggled with keeping weight off and yo-yo dieting. Her struggle began back in her “Steps,” days when she felt she had to do everything to stay skinny. She admits having an eating disorder. However, when the band split, she began gaining weight. She has gained and loss between 50-80 pounds a shocking 6 times. However, after she had her third child in 2013, she decided to begin a new weight loss journey. She has since lost over 80 pounds!


Paula Deen – Over 40 Lbs. Loss

After publicly announcing her diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, in January 2012, she decided it was time to make a lifestyle change. The TV chef began walking regularly on the treadmill and followed a meal plan. She didn’t want to “diet,” as she has an extreme love for food. She continues to eat the many foods she adores, but just in moderation. She’s lost a total of over 40 pounds. In 2015, she released a low-fat cookbook “Paula Deen Cuts the Fat: 250 Recipes Lightened Up,” to share with the world some her weight loss recipe favorites.

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Mo’Nique – 100 Lbs. Loss

Actress and comedian, Mo’Nique decided to shed some weight, beginning in 2012, after she hit 300 pounds. She changed her diet and added exercise to her daily routine. She likes to do a mix of exercises including lifting weights, yoga, swimming, hiking, and boxing. In June 2016, she celebrated her 100 pound loss by posting a picture of herself in a bathing suit on the beach with friends. She also uses her social media to document her weight loss journey and inspire her fans.


Ricki Lake – 30 Lbs. Loss

Ricki Lake’s weight has yo-yoed ever since she was first introduced to the public, as Tracy Turnblad in “Hairspray,” in 1988. Her first big weight loss of 100 pounds, she admits was not healthy. She was eating very little and exercising daily. She eventually changed her unhealthy lifestyle and, after gaining a few pounds, learned how to maintain her weight in a healthy way. In 2011, she lost nearly 30 pounds while participating in the TV show “Dancing with the Stars.”


Natalie Portman – 20 Lbs. Loss

In order to truly portray the ballet culture, Natalie Portman lost 20 pounds in order to play a professional ballerina in “Black Swan.” She saw a nutritionist and ate very small portions of food that would metabolize quickly. She worked out  with strength training and practicing her ballet technique a whole year before she started filming. Her performance as the prima ballerina landed her an Oscar for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role.


Mila Kunis – 20 Lbs. Loss

Along with co-star Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis also lost weight to play the role of Lily, in the “Black Swan.” She lost an estimated 20 pounds, which decreased her total body weight to only 95 pounds. She said she began smoking cigarettes and went on a 1,200 calories a day diet to lose the weight. Kunis was nominated for her performance in the “Black Swan” for Best Supporting Actress. She also gained 25 pounds back after filming had wrapped.

Dr. Dre – 50 Lbs. Loss

Rising to fame with the group N.W.A, Dr. Dre has become one of the most influential people in the music industry. In the early 2000s, he weighed 270 pounds. He lost his weight the natural way, changing his diet and exercising more. He lost a total of 50 pounds! He has also inspired his brother, and fellow rapper, Warren G to begin maintaining a healthier lifestyle.


Tom Arnold – 100 Lbs. Loss

Fellow co-worker on the sitcom “Roseanne” and ex-husband to Roseanne Barr, Tom Arnold also had a dramatic weight loss. When his son, Jax, was born in April 2013, which inspired him to lose weight. He works out with a trainer at home, as well as, has an “on-the-road” workout routine. He now feels he has the energy to run around and play with his son. Arnold went from 287 to 187 pounds, losing a total of 100 pounds!


50 Cent – 60 Lbs. Loss

Rapper turned actor, 50 Cent lost an estimated 60 pounds to play a football player who has been diagnosed with cancer, in the 2011 film, “All Things Fall Apart. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, normally weighs 214 pounds, however, he dropped down to 160 for the film. He says he lost the weight by going on a liquid diet and spending multiple hours a day on the treadmill for nine weeks. He has since gained the weight back.


Chaz Bono – 85 Lbs. Loss

Chaz Bono is the son of Cher and the late Sonny Bono. He has revealed that he was able to lose weight because he now has a positive body image thanks to his gender transitioning. He also exercises and cut out almost all grains from his diet. In 2011, he shed the first 40 pounds during his time on “Dancing With The Stars.” By November 2013, he had gotten down to 165 pounds from 250 pounds.


Wendy Williams – 50 Lbs. Loss

Although she admittedly had tried many diets throughout her life, Wendy Williams believes her weight loss success came from learning self-control. She lost 50 pounds over the course of three years. She stopped eating meat, started doing cardio and pilates, as well as followed portion control. The talk show host continues to stay in shape and go to the gym, however, it’s now to just remain healthy rather than lose weight.


Christian Bale – 63 Lbs. Loss

Christian Bale, shocked the Hollywood industry when he lost a total of 63 pounds for his role as Trevor Reznik in “The Machinist.” The 6 foot actor’s weight plummeted to 121 pounds. To lose the weight, he only ate a can of tuna and apple everyday. However, after the film wrapped he only had a few months until he had to begin filming for “Batman Begins.” He quickly bulked up again, mostly in thanks to what he says was ice cream and pizza.

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Jennifer Hudson – 80 Lbs. Loss

The Oscar winning singer and actress, Jennifer Hudson lost 80 pounds from 2010 to 2014. She said her best tip to lose weight is “out of sight, out of mind.” If there is a food that tempts her, she gets rid of it. The Weight Watchers spokeswoman also believes it is all about portion control. She went from a size 16 to a size 6 and she is very happy with her new figure.


Kirstie Alley – 50 Lbs. Loss

Kirstie Alley originally lost weight back in 2005, when she began to represent the Jenny Craig program as a spokesperson. However, after a 7-year hiatus and a 30-pound weight gain, Alley returned to the program in April 2014. Since rejoining the program, Alley has lost 50-pounds. She kicked off 2016 with filming a new commercial for Jenny Craig, co-featuring fellow “Cheers” stars John Ratzenberger and George Wendt. This time she is confident she will keep the weight off by changing her mindset to maintain her weight and not just reach a goal weight.


Abby Lee Miller – Down 8 Sizes

“Dance Moms” Abby Lee Miller dropped from size 24 to a size 16. However, her weight loss was due to a series of unfortunate events. Her mother was sick in the hospital and Miller was diagnosed with diabetes. On top of being depressed about the deteriorating health of her Mother, mentally, Miller couldn’t convince herself to eat the hospital food. Secondly, while filming a special in Australia, Miller had to refill her Type 2 Diabetes medication. However, the pill in Australia had side effects and made her sick. Weight loss or not, Abby Lee Miller will continue to do what she loves and that’s teach dance.


Janet Jackson – 60 Lbs. Loss

Having been introduced to the music industry at a young age, Janet has struggled with her weight publicly for many years. In December 2011, she became a spokeswoman for Nutrisystem – claiming she is still able to eat her favorite foods. She feels dieting is all about moderation and exercise. When getting ready for a tour, she works out 6 times a week and likes to switch it up with activities such as running or biking. She lost a total of 60 pounds!


Matt Damon – 30 Lbs. Gain

Unlike most celebs on this list, Matt Damon had to gain weight for his role in “The Informant.” He said he very much enjoyed packing on the pounds by eating like crazy and drinking dark beer. Between meals on set, he would go to McDonald’s and get a #1 Value Meal and eat Doritos. After filming ended, he turned to boxing to help take off the pounds he had gained.

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Drew Carey – 100 Lbs. Loss

Drew Carey decided to change his eating habits so he could be there to see his son grow up. He decided to cut down carbs, read lots of motivational books, and ate everything in moderation. He hit the gym 6 times a week with 2-3 days per week doing intense cardio. This star lost a total of 100 pounds and now looks amazing as hosting one of the most popular TV game shows “The Price is Right!”


Roseanne Barr – 200 Lbs. Loss

Roseanne has publicly struggled with her weight since starring in her smash comedy “Roseanne” from 1988 to 1997. She decided to have gastric bypass surgery when she had reached over 350 pounds. Along with the surgery, she said she is moving more and eating less. She tries to walk 6,500 steps every day. Having lost a nearly 200 pounds, she is now the “Domestic Goddess” she once joked she was on her sitcom.


Ruben Studdard – 119 Lbs. Loss

Ruben Studdard, winner of season 2 of “American Idol,” is used to yo-yo dieting. He lost 100 pounds in 2008. However, after his split with his wife, he gained it all back. Studdard recently appeared on the show “The Biggest Loser.” He started the show at 462 pounds and ended at 343 pounds, a total loss of 119 pounds! “The Biggest Loser” gave him the tools to keep the weight off and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Graham Elliot – 150 Lbs. Loss

After hitting nearly 400 pounds, “MasterChef” Judge, Graham Elliot,  had sleeve gastrectomy, in July 2013. He gave up some of his favorite dishes like pastas, carbs, and sweets. If he is ever craving something sweet, he eats a fruit. He now takes his healthy eating tips and tricks to his reality shows as well as to Lollapalooza in 2015, when he worked as the culinary director. After losing more than 150 pounds, Elliot ran his first-ever marathon in Chicago in November 2014.


John Goodman – 100 Lbs. Loss

Known for playing Dan Conner on the sitcom “Roseanne,” John Goodman is no stranger to dieting. He would constantly lose an upwards of 60 pounds but then gain it all back. Goodman says he used to overeat and he choose to stop eating all the time. He cut out drinking, in 2013, and hired health coach Mackie Shilstone. He also stopped eating sugar and works out 6 days a a week. He’s lost a total of 100 pounds!


Chaka Kahn

Yvette Marie Stevens, better known as Chaka Kahn, rose to fame from her funk style singing, in the 1970s. However, the front woman of the band Rufus, also struggled with her weight. After being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes she decided she needed to lose weight. She went on a strict unconditional fast for a few months and became vegan – no dairy or meat. Now healthy and looking better than ever she is concentrating on her family and music.


Aretha Franklin – 85 Lbs. Loss

Since joining the music scene in 1967, Aretha Franklin has continued to create hits like “Respect” and “Chain of Fools.” In 2010, she had an undisclosed illness for which she had surgery. This surgery made her decide to change her lifestyle. Although there were rumors she had gastric bypass surgery, she denies those rumors. She attributes the weight loss to a change in diet and exercising multiple times a week. The Queen of Soul lost a total of 85 pounds.

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Fern Britton

Fern Britton is best known as a TV presenter on ITV and BBC. In 2006, she had gastric band surgery. However, she received a lot of criticism from the public, over her decision, as she was preaching healthy eating and staying fit. But, she feels as though she did not lie to the public, just no one ever asked her how she lost her weight. She made the decision to get the surgery, for her own personal health reasons. She yo-yoed after the surgery, but after her time on “Strictly Come Dancing,” she looked amazing.


Al Roker – 150 Lbs. Loss

In the early 90s, Al Roker had gastric bypass surgery. He went from weighing his peak of 340 down to 190 pounds. However, when his mother died in 2008, he gained back 40 pounds. Since then, he has altered his diet permananly only eating whole, unprocessed foods and sticking to an extreme workout routine. In 2013, he released, “Never Goin’ Back: Winning the Weight-Loss Battle For Good,” a book about his weight loss journey.


Oprah- Over 30 Lbs. Loss

At her heaviest, media mogul, Oprah, weighed 237 pounds. However, in August of 2015 she began using Weight Watchers. Two months prior, she announced she became a stockholder and spokesperson for the company. She also works out regularly. She told “People” magazine her fantasy is to lose enough weight so her longtime partner, Stedman Graham, can pick her up and carry her to the pool. Although she is keeping it secret about how much total weight she has lost, she has revealed she has lost over 30 pounds.


Adam Richman – 70 Lbs. Loss

Once known for devouring enormous plates of food in record time, on “Man vs. Food,” Adam Richman has since trimmed down. After the final episode of “Man vs. Food” aired in 2012, he decided he didn’t like the way he looked and made a change. With the help of a doctor, nutritionist and some good old-fashioned soccer, Richman was able to lose 70 pounds in 10 months. He even posed naked on the cover of British Cosmopolitan showing off his proud new body.


Sharon Osbourne – 100 Lbs. Loss

Wife of Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon, underwent a gastric bypass procedure in 1999, after spending years struggling with her weight. She lost 100 pounds due to the surgery. However, she would constantly get sick after the procedure was completed, so she had the band removed in 2006. After the removal, she gained 45 pounds. She now sticks to the Atkins diet and exercises regularly. She likes the diet because she feels as though she can still eat many foods she enjoys.


Raven Symone – 70 Lbs. Loss

Former child star, Raven Symone lost 70 pounds, in 2011. During her time as the lead on “State of Georgia,” her character was supposed to be a curvy actress trying to make it in the business. Her wardrobe had to be padded, after she lost so much weight. In order to shed the pounds, Raven learned how to cook and switched to six meals a day. She also exercised at least 4 times a week.


Mariah Carey – 45 Lbs. Loss

Mariah Carey has certainly brought in the new year with a bang. As she was caught lip syncing right before the ball dropped, on live TV. However, she has come back and said she couldn’t hear her background music and that’s why it didn’t match up. No matter what the situation, she still looked amazing during her performance. After giving birth to twins in 2011, Carey was able to work hard and eat right to regain her amazing figure.


Jerry Ferrara – 40 Lbs. Loss

Jerry Ferrara is best known for the role of “Turtle,” in the HBO series “Entourage.” Throughout the show, he had a short and stocky build. However, when the the feature film of “Entourage” premiered in 2015, Turtle was a much thinner version than on his TV days. To lose the weight, he committed himself to healthy lifestyle by quitting smoking, working out regularly and committing to an annual physical. Ferrera last 40 pounds over 10 months.


Monica Michael – 70 Lbs. Loss

Monica Michael rose to fame after she made it to the “X-Factor” live shows in 2015. The 26-year-old singer decided it was time to lose weight after she had gone on an 18-date tour and could feel how groggy and unfit she was. Therefore, she decided to have gastric band surgery in April 2015. She has also completely cut out carbs from her diet. She now looks amazing after she lost a 70 pounds in 18 months!


Carrie Fisher – 50 Lbs. Loss

The great Carrie Fisher also struggled with her weight issues. During her time playing Princess Leia, it had emerged she was dealing with Bipolar Disorder and alcohol addiction. She entered a psychiatric hospital and became the spokesperson for Jenny Craig. Both things is what she attributes to her weight loss. After reaching her highest weight of 180 pounds, Fisher lost a total of 50 pounds!


Kevin Liles

Kevin Liles was the President of Def Jam Recordings and executive Vice President of Warner Bros Records. In 2009, he founded KWL Enterprises, which is a management business for music artists. In 2013, he also has his hand in producing a Broadway play. However, back in 2007, he decided his extravagant life needed a change. He chose to have gastric bypass surgery in order to help him lose the weight. He now looks great!


Snooki – 42 Lbs. Loss

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is best known for pumping fists and tanning at the “Jersey Shore.” After giving birth to her son, Lorenzo, in 2012, she decided it was time to get into shape. She started a 1,300 calorie a day diet and four days a week workout regime with her personal trainer. She credit losing 20 pounds just from breastfeeding. However, her diet and hard work also lead her to lose 22 more, for a total of 42 pound loss.



Adele at one point said she would never lose weight as people began criticizing her. She made music to be an entertainer and musician, not to be a supermodel. However, since she first appeared on the scene, fans may have noticed that she keeps getting slimmer. Although she never announced how much weight she lost, the Daily Mail reports Adele is following the Sirtfood Diet. She also added a fitness regimen with celebrity trainer, Pete Geracimo.


Emma Stone

In April 2014, Emma Stone appeared as if she had lost a decent amount of weight. However, it is not something she did purposefully. Many would believe Emma would lose weight due to critics but she told Glamour magazine it all had to do with genetics. She continues to explain it is hard for Emma to keep on weight. She has since be able to return to her previous weight.

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Ryan Gosling – 60 Lbs. Gain

No matter his weight, actor Ryan Gosling will always be a Hollywood heartthrob. In 2007, Ryan Gosling was casted in Peter Jackson’s new film “The Lovely Bones.” However, after he put on 60 pounds to play the character, Peter fired him. Gosling said he and Peter saw the character in 2 different ways. Gosling believed the character should have a larger frame, Jackson disagreed. The role was given to Mark Wahlberg.

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Charlize Theron – 30 Lbs. Gain

Charlize Theron is an amazing actress and she does not allow her body to limit the roles she plays. In order to play Aileen Wuornos in the movie “Monster,” Charlize gained 30 pounds. She ate junk food like Krispy Kreme doughnuts and chips to gain the weight. Her weight gain paid off as she won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role. She quickly lost the weight after the movie wrapped filming.

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Gabourey Sidibe – 100 Lbs. Loss

Gabourey Sidibe is the star of the film “Precious.” Her performance, as the title role, got her an Oscar nomination. Despite cruel comments from the public and the industry, Sidibe has tried to retain a positive image about her body. However, recently, for her own personal reasons, she decided to begin her weightloss journey. Although she has not openly said a number, reports claim she has lost close to 100 pounds!


Kevin Federline – 50 Lbs. Loss

Kevin Federline rose to fame after his marriage to pop star Britney Spears. They married in 2004, and officially divorced in 2007. However, Federline has sailed on that fame ever since. His weight has yo-yoed throughout the years. He has appeared on various reality weight loss shows such as “Celebrity Fit Club” and “Excess Baggage.” However, he believes he nows has control over his weight and feels great!


Sianoa Smit-McPhee

Remember teen goth Bree Timmins from Neighbours? Bree was only on the show from 2005-2007. After, she left she mainly stayed out of the public eye (except for a few sporadic roles). However, she recently decided to change that. She returned to the lime light and she certainly shed her baby and looks completely different. In late 2016, she announced she would begin a career as a pop music singer.

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Holly Hagan – 42 Lbs. Loss

The former, Geordie Shore star, Holly Hagan, debuted her weight loss on her Instagram, in summer 2016. Her post shows off a certainly slimmer frame with amazingly toned legs. As her caption she wrote “It’s pictures like these that help me see that it’s completely ok to have fun and pig out now and then, especially when I’m away because I know I can get back in shape!” She is now a size 8 and lost 42 pounds. You can read her diet and exercise tips in her book, “Holly Hagan’s Body Bible.”

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Beth Chapman

“Dog the Bounty Hunter” was a hit TV show that followed the lives of Duane “Dog” Chapman and his family. What made Dog unique was his career as a bounty hunter and bail bondsman. However, watching him catch the criminals was almost just as exciting as watching his entertaining family, including his wife Beth. Beth and Duane also had a spin-off series titled “Dog and Beth on the Hunt” from 2013-2015. Since then, Beth has stayed out of the limelight, and is currently the President of National Bail Bonds Association. However, she has also lost weight since the show wrapped, and looks better than ever!

Beth Chapman

Rebel Wilson – 33 Lbs. Loss

Rebel Wilson has been known for playing the overweight funny character in films. Wilson, who is best known for playing Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect films, recently admitted she even gained weight because she believed it would help her career. She also admitted she suffers from a hormonal balance that causes her to easily gain weight. Rebel’s weight loss journey began in April 2016, and she was spotted with her smaller figure recently on the Pitch Perfect 3 set. However, she says she enjoys being herself and is only losing weight for herself, not because the media believe she needs to.

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Lena Dunham

In 2015, “Girls” star Lena Dunham reached out to celebrity train Tracy Anderson to help her get into shape both physically and mentally. Anderson, who has trained people such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian, has been called a “genius” by celebs for her amazing workouts. It has been reported that Anderson’s plan for Dunham did not focus on losing weight but rather making her stronger.

Lena Dunham

Susan Boyle – 30 Lbs. Loss

The Scottish singer, Susan Boyle, who came into the spotlight after performing on “Britain’s Got Talent,” in 2009, was told she needed to lose weight after being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Boyle changed her diet and eliminated sweets completely. She also tries to walk at least 2 miles each day. Boyle has lost close to 30 pounds! Her 7th studio album “A Wonderful World,” was released in November 2016.

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Mama June – Reported 300 Lbs. Loss

Honey Boo Boo’s mother, “Mama” June Shannon, should consider entering beauty pageants herself, after her recent weight loss. After reality show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” wrapped in 2014, Mama June began losing weight.  She attributes her early weight loss to mainly being occupied with activities and events, and therefore, distracted from food. However, once she started seeing the weight come off, she wanted to continue with her journey. Her manager set her up with a personal trainer and she began walking a few miles every day. She has since increased her weight loss routine and cut out lots of carbs. She reportedly went from a size 28 down to a 4, and lost a total of 300 pounds!

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