Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces Ever

Unfortunately, the divorce rate is very high today, and maybe even higher in Hollywood, California. While divorce is really bad for some people, for others it can mean winning big bucks and even starting a whole new life. With the large amounts of money a celebrity may have, the divorce settlements can be an extremely large sum. Some of the settlement prices are more than anyone would ever need. Keep reading to find out the most expensive celebrity divorces. Some of these ending sums will absolutely blow your mind.

Roman and Irina Abramovich

Roman Abramovich is best known for being a Russian billionaire, who owns the Premier League football club, Chelsea FC. He married former flight stewardess, Irina Vyacheslavovna Malandina, in 1991. They had 5 children together. But, they still divorced in 2007.


It was speculated that Irina would receive multi-billions for the divorce settlement. However, she only walked away with $300 million. Roman was not set back at all form this payout. In 2016, he appeared on Forbes “billionaire list,” reporting his net worth to still be $7.6 billion.

Mel And Robin Gibson

Mel and Robin Gibson were married for 31 years before they separated for “irreconcilable differences.” Unfortunately, it was later discovered that those differences were actually an affair Mel was having with Russian singer-songwriter, Oksana Grigorieva.


Robin and Mel’s divorce was finalized in 2011, and Robin ended up walking away with half of Mel’s fortune: $425 million. Mel later also broke it off with Oksana, after having a daughter together, and he had to pay her $750,000.

Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphey

Neil Diamond was married to Marcia Murphey for 25 years before they decided to divorce in 1995. The file says “irreconcilable differences” was the reason for the split, and there were no further reports as to why they divorced.


Marcia received a total of $150 million in money and assets. After the divorce, Diamond did come out and say infidelity lead to the split and Marcia was worth every penny. No doubt, sometimes a divorce can be the best thing that happens to someone.

Jennifer Lopez And Cris Judd

Jennifer Lopez has certainly had some ups and downs in her love life. Although it is currently at a high with former New York Yankee, Alex Rodriguez, by her side, she had to go through an expensive divorce to get there.


After meeting on a music video shoot, J. Lo and Cris Judd married in 2001. Sadly, after a year of marriage, the pair filed for divorce, claiming “irreconcilable differences.” Although the final amount was not disclosed, there have been reports that Judd received $14 million from Jennifer.

Madonna And Guy Ritchie

Madonna, is definitely the “Queen of Pop,” but you may also be able to crown her the queen of expensive divorces. In 2008, after 7 years of marriage, she and Guy Ritchie divorced. Sadly, for Madonna, the couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement.


Therefore, Madonna had to give him close to half her fortune. This had to definitely hurt Madonna pretty bad. A spokeswoman for Madonna, at the time, said the Ritchie received between $72 and $92 million. The man will never need to work again.

Jeff Gordon And Brooke Sealey

Nascar driver, Jeff Gordon, meet his future ex-wife, Brooke Sealey in Victory Lane. In 1993, he was a rising star in the industry and she was a Miss Winston model who greeted winning drivers. They secretly dated until she was no longer a Miss Winston model. rs_634x1024-140321113354-634.Jeff-gordon-Divorce-Brooke-Sealey.jl.032114

They got married in 1994. Sadly, they divorced 8 years later, in 2002. Even though they didn’t have any children together, Gordon was still forced to pay Sealey a settlement of $15 million. I bet he wishes that he never got married, to begin with.

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills said “I Do” in 2002, but sadly, called it quits four years later. A lengthy legal battle followed and it took 2 whole years before the divorce was completely finalized. Mills received $48.7 million from Paul’s fortune.


Paul was also ordered to pay $70,000 per month for child support for their then 4-year-old daughter, Beatrice. McCartney went on to marry Nancy Shevell in 2011. They are still together. Let’s hope that these two don’t split anytime soon.

Kevin And Cindy Costner

Kevin and Cindy Costner were college sweethearts and got married in 1978. The masses thought that this was built to last. Sadly, after 3 children and 16 years later, in 1994, they got divorced. Cindy was given $80 million for the divorce settlement.


Kevin has since moved on and is now married to German-American model and handbag designer, Christina Baumgartner. They also have 3 children together. He also has a son from a relationship with Bridget Rooney, which happened soon after the divorce with Cindy.

Kenny Rogers and Marianne Gordon

Country Hall of Famer, Kenny Rogers certainly understands the proceedings of divorce. He has been married 5 times. That is a lot of money spent in the court. However, his most expensive divorce was to his fourth wife, Marianna Gordon.


Kenny and Marianne got married in 1977 but filed for divorce 16 years later. They have one child together. Marianne received $60 million in the settlement. Rogers remarried (again), in 1997, to Wanda Miller. They are still together.

Lionel Richie and Diane Alexander

Grammy Award winner Lionel Richie married former dancer and fashion designer, Diane Alexander, in 1995. He had previously been married to Brenda Harvey, which ended in 1993. Diane and Lionel had 2 children together throughout their 7 years of marriage.


Unfortunately, this marriage also ended in divorce, in 2003. Diane certainly got a great deal in this settlement. Not only did she allegedly claim a monthly clothing allowance of $15,000, and a plastic surgery budget of $20,000 per year, but she also received a payout of $20 million.

Ron Perelman And Ellen Barkin

Businessman Ron Perelman met actress Ellen Barkin at a Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty. There was an instant connection and they got married in June 2000. Unfortunately, the marriage was a tumultuous one and they divorced in 2006.


It was reported that she received an “enormous” settlement, on top of the $20 million she got from selling the jewelry Ron had once given her. However, that was just a small setback for Perelman. In January 2016, he was the 36th richest American with an estimated net worth of $12.2 billion.

Steven Spielberg And Amy Irving

Director Steven Spielberg and actress Amy Irving certainly had a rocky relationship. The on-and-off-again couple tied the knot in 1985. Unfortunately, they fell back into their rocky path and divorced in 1989. It was a relationship that was built for failure.


By this time, Spielberg had worked on multiple blockbuster films such as Poltergeist, The Color PurpleJaws, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Therefore, his fortune had been growing quickly throughout their marriage. It is no surprise that Amy walked away with a cool $100 million.

Harrison Ford And Melissa Mathison

Actor Harrison Ford married Melissa Mathison in 1983. After 18 years of marriage and a brief attempt to reconcile, the two officially separated in 2001. However, the divorce wasn’t finalized until 2004. Talk about one long divorce proceeding.


No prenup was signed at the beginning of the marriage, therefore, Melissa was entitled to lots of Harrison’s assets. It was reported that she received $118 million in cash. Ford married actress Calista Flockhart in 2010, and they are still happily married.

Michael Douglas And Diandra Luker

Oscar-winning actor, Michael Douglas, married the daughter of an Austrian diplomat, Diandra Luker, in 1977. She was only 19 at the time, and they had their son a year later. Diane was given $45 million as part of the divorce settlement.


However, the fight went on for years. Diandra claimed she had rights on projects related to work Michael did while they were still married. Michael Douglas went on to marry actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, in 2000, and they are still together today.

Mick Jagger And Jerry Hall

Mick Jagger is best known for being the frontman of The Rolling Stones. He has been married and divorced twice. His second marriage was to former model Jerry Hall. They got married in an unofficial private ceremony in Bali, in 1990.


Therefore, in 1999, the High Court of England declared the marriage invalid and unlawful. Not to mention, that Mick had fathered a child in an affair with Brazilian model Luciana Morad. However, Jerry still walked away with $25 million.

Hulk And Linda Hogan

Hulk Hogan may be strong enough to stay ahead in the ring. However, he certainly lost a lot in his 2009 divorce from long-time wife, Linda. The couple had been married for 33 years and had 2 children. Everyone thought that their marriage was cemented together for life.

The public was even able to get a glimpse into their lives, on the reality show Hogan Knows Best. Linda walked away from the settlement with over $30 million, which included multiple luxury cars, a $3 million property settlement and 40% ownership of Hulk’s companies.

Steve And Elaine Wynn

Steve and Elaine Wynn married and divorced twice. They were married the first time from 1963 until 1986. They remarried 5 years later. However, history repeated itself and they divorced again in 2010. That must hurt real bad.


The split was overall amicable. But, it certainly split up some of Steve Wynn’s hotel empire. They each received half of their 38% stake in Wynn Resorts Ltd. She was given stock valued at the time, $741 million, which is now valued over $1 billion.

Kelsey Grammer And Camille Donatucci

Frasier actor, Kelsey Grammer met Camille Donatucci in 1996. They fell in love and got married in 1997. They have two children together. Unfortunately, the marriage was not complete bliss and they filed for divorce in 2010. The divorce was finalized in 2011.


Camille had also accused Kelsey of physical and verbal abuse. Kelsey denies the claims. Kelsey was ordered to give Camille $30 million in the settlement. Kelsey has continued his acting career, while Camille found fame through the reality TV series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Alex Rodriguez And Cynthia Scurtis

Former professional baseball player, Alex Rodriguez met Cynthia Scurtis while at a gym in Miami, Florida. This meeting soon blossomed into love and they got married in 2002. Their first child was born in 2004 and their second in 2008.


Cynthia filed for divorce in 2008 citing “emotional abandonment” and “extramarital affairs and other marital misconduct.” Although the exact agreement has been sealed, Cynthia has told the media, they settled with a multi-million dollar agreement.

James Cameron And Linda Hamilton

Famed director James Cameron spent $300 million on Avatar and $200 million on Titanic. However, one expense he wasn’t expecting to pay, was the $50 million, to his ex-wife, and Terminator star, Linda Hamilton. The couple was only married for 2 years, from 1997-1999.


Allegedly, Cameron had been dating actress Suzi Amis, during a time the couple was separated. After the divorce was finalized, Cameron and Amis married. Amis is Cameron’s 5th wife. Let’s see if this marriage is meant to be his last or if they break up.

Chris Rock And Malaak Compton-Rock

After 20 years of marriage, comedian Chris Rock divorced wife Malaak Compton-Rock. They have two daughters together, Lola and Zahra. Their divorce proceedings have not been easy for either party. Although there was a prenup signed, Malaak claims it has since expired.

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She is asking for a sum of $48.6 million. However, the court documents have been sealed therefore, the public does not know the exact settlement. Since the couple’s separation, Chris has been dating actress Megalyn Echikunwoke.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin got married in 2003. They announced their split in 2014, stating it was a mutual decision. However, their divorce was not final until 2016. The settlement included joint custody of their 2 children along with an even split of their $75 million fortune.


The two have remained close, even spending holidays together. Paltrow has since been dating Brad Falchuk, and has discussed marriage. A source even told media that she would love to have Chris Martin walk her down the aisle in her wedding.

Phil Collins And Orianne Cevey

English singer-songwriter Phil Collins married Orianne Cevey in 1999. However, they divorced in 2008. Cevey was given a settlement of $30 million. The divorce became one of the most expensive in U.K’s history.


After many years apart, and having relationships with other people, in 2016, they announced they would be getting back together. Cevey told media “I don’t think I ever stopped loving Phil but it took me a while to realize that he is the love of my life.”

Todd Chrisley And Teresa Terry

Todd Chrisley rose to national fame after appearing on the reality show Chrisley Knows Best. However, before his rise to fame, he was married to Teresa Terry. Teresa and Todd were high school sweethearts and got married in 1996. Teresa first got pregnant when she was 19 years old and had their daughter, Lindsie.

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Teresa would later give birth to their son Kyle. Divorce was filed because Teresa said Todd was abusive. The divorce ended on bad terms, and the settlement was not liked by both parties. Todd even later sued Teresa for $1 million on claims of owed child support.

Ted Danson And Casey Coates

Star TV actor, Ted Danson, married Casey Coates in 1977. Casey and Ted had 2 children. While giving birth to their first child,  Coates suffered a stroke. Ted stood by her and cared for and supported her at the time.


However, after a rumored affair with Whoopi Goldberg, Casey filed for divorce from Ted in 1993. Casey received a payout of $30 million. At the time it was one of the costliest celeb divorces. In 1995, Ted married actress Mary Nell Steenburgen. They are still happily married.

Michael And Juanita Jordan

Basketball star, Michael Jordan, was married to Juanita for 17-years before the couple amicably split. Michael gave Juanita $168 million, a 7-acre property in Chicago, and she also received custody of all 3 of their kids. Juanita is definitely set for the rest of her life.


At the time of the divorce, it was the biggest celebrity divorce settlement on record. However, Jordan moved on from that. He married his longtime girlfriend in 2013. The two had twin daughters in 2014. It’s good to know that Michael Jordan is moving on.


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s marriage is certainly one being scrutinized by media. Depp and Heard got married in 2015. However, Heard recently filed for divorce after she accused Depp of domestic abuse. The world was shocked to hear this news.

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She even posted images of the alleged abuse on her social media. Police are still investigating but Amber has moved forward with the divorce. A prenup was not signed before marriage. Depp was ordered to pay heard a settlement of $7 million.

Demi Moore And Bruce Willis

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were one of Hollywood’s favorite couples in the 90s. They wed in 1987 and had 3 daughters. Unfortunately, after 13 years of marriage, they divorced in 2000. The world was heatbroken to hear about their separation.


When discussing the divorce Bruce said: “I felt I had failed as a father and a husband by not being able to make it work.” Demi received a payment of $90 million. However, the two remained close and even attended each others’ next weddings.

Garth Brooks and Sandy Mahl

Garth Brooks married his college sweetheart, Sandy Mahl in 1986. They had 3 daughters: Taylor Maybe Pearl, August Anna, and Allie Colleen Brooks. The couple announced their separation in 1999 and filed for divorce in 2000.

Their divorce was finalized a year later. By the time of the divorce, Garth was a mega country star. As there was no prenup, it was reported that Sandy walked away with half of Garth’s fortune: $125 million. That is why you have to think twice about things.

Tiger Woods And Elin Nordegren

Former Swedish model, Elin Nordegren, married golfing champion, Tiger Woods, in 2004. Unfortunately, by 2010 the marriage had become disastrous. News broke that Tiger had cheated on Elin dozens of times. This of course broke her heart and caused him to have a mental breakdown.


The news led to Tiger colliding his Cadillac SUV into a tree, and therefore, created even more of a media frenzy. After 2 children, and a 6-year marriage, the couple divorced in 2010. Although the final divorce settlement has not been released, it is rumored that Elin received $750 million!

Jim Carrey And Melissa Womer

Jim Carrey has certainly had a rocky love life. However, at the time of his marriage to Melissa Womer, it seemed like a forever love. Unfortunately, it was not and the two divorced in 1995. At the time of the divorce, Jim had even told media Melissa would only receive $500,000.


However, to his dismay, she was awarded $3 million and he was ordered to pay $25,000 per month in child support. However, he moved on quickly, and only a year later married Dumb and Dumber co-star, Lauren Holly (which also ended in divorce).


Corey Harrison And Kiki

It’s sad when love doesn’t work out due to work schedules and not some bitter conflict. This is what happened to Corey Harrison and Kiki. Even today, the two of them still love each other, but conflicting work schedules wouldn’t allow them to grow as a couple.

Amidst the news of having their first child together, Corey and Kiki shocked us all by announcing that they were going to have a divorce. Before making anything final, they already agreed on a child support amount. Given Corey’s stardom, we have a feeling that he’ll definitely be paying a pretty penny.

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie

After falling in love on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the world was ecstatic when Brangelina decided to get married after being together for 10 years. Sadly, they filed for divorce after 2 years of marriage. In January 2017, they released the first joint statement, since they split was announced in September 2016.


They said they would be using a private judge for their divorce proceedings so everything would remain confidential. However, at the time of their split, they had a combined estimated net worth of $400 million, which is rumored to most likely be split rather evenly.

Heidi Klum And Seal

Heidi Klum and Seal were once considered Hollywood’s hottest couples. Heidi would tear up the runway, while Seal released hit songs. After over 9-years of marriage, they divorced in 2015. TMZ reported Heidi filed for the separation after getting tired of his temper issues.


A prenup was never signed, but they came to a mutual agreement on how to split Heidi’s $70 million fortune. Neither Heidi or Seal have remarried. Funny, we just can’t imagine someone like Seal has a bad temper. It is so unlike his music.