Genius Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier


People are always looking for ways to make their lives easier. Thanks to inventions like YouTube, Reddit, and social media, people across the globe are able to share their tips and tricks that make daily life just a little easier. These life hacks will change your life for the better and you’ll soon wonder how you got by without them for so long.

How To Find A Lost Dog

Losing your dog can be a very traumatic experience. You may run around local neighborhoods, calling for you dog to come, and frantically putting up “Lost Dog” posters. However, a group of hunters gave a man, who lost his dog, a great idea. Bring an article of clothing, that has been worn at least a day, along with the dog’s favorite toy, to the location you last saw your pet. Check the location intermittently. The dog will most likely be waiting for you to return.

"Lost dog" post

Hanging Objects On The Wall

Sometimes putting up shelves and various furniture on the wall can be hard. Even after using a level or putting marks on the wall, it still isn’t perfectly straight or in the place you exactly needed. One man figured out the perfect hack for this. Photocopy the back of the object (where the holes are) and use it as a template. You can tape the photocopy to the wall in the exact place you need.


Seal All Bags

No “chip clip”? No problem. You can seal any bag with this hack. Cut off the top of a reusable plastic bottle. Slip the cut off top on to the bag. Next, fold the bag down over the plastic. Finally, screw the lid on, over top of the bag. Voila, a sealed bag to keep all your food fresh.

seal bag

Legos Are Great Cable Holders

When sitting at a desk, keeping you chargers on the table top can always be a hassle. As soon as you unplug your phone or computer, the wires immediately fall to the floor (and most likely tangle). There have been various hacks for this. However, this one is one of the more creative and fun hacks we’ve seen. Legos’ hands are the perfect size for holding lots of cables.


Stop Squirrels From Stealing Bird Feed

Squirrels are sometimes very greedy. Whatever food they’ see outside, they believe is rightfully theres – even if its high above the ground in a bird feeder. However, one woman discovered this trick to stop the squirrels. Wrap a slinky around the pole of the bird feeder. The slinky will stretch down as the squirrel tries to climb it. Therefore, the squirrel will be unable to reach the feeder.

squirell bired feed

Create The Perfect Sandpit For Your Kids

Many people’s favorite pastime is playing in the sandbox as a child. However, there were always problems with the sandbox. Grass would grow through the bottom, the sun would beam down on you as you play, and sometimes rodents or local animals might make it their toilet. One family found the problem to this. They created a sandpit inside a tent. The tent keeps the sun away, no grass, and they can close it at night to keep away animals.


Make Moving Easier

Moving is such a hassle. Packing up all your stuff in cardboard boxes, only to unpack them later. Putting clothes in boxes causes wrinkles, and so much more time. You have to take the clothes off the hanger, fold them, place in box, open box, and put back on hanger. However, one person found an easy way to move clothing on a hangar. Put a trash bag around the clothing and wrap the handles around the hangars. The trash bag not only keeps the clothes all together but also acts like a wardrobe bag.


Never Miss Out On Family Photos

Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are just some of the reasons families may get together to celebrate. Laughs will be had and many pictures will be taken. However, someone always has to be the photographer. In the smartphone age, almost no one carries a camera to properly take a “timed” photo. But, this family figured it out. Have someone hold up a mirror so you can see your reflection in the mirror.


Make Doggy Bath Time Easier

Many doggos love treats, but many do not like bath time. Dogs love to live in their own filth. However, the smell is not something most humans enjoy – so baths must be taken. Do you have trouble getting your dog in the tub or keeping him or her still? Just smear peanut butter on the wall. The dog will be more worried about licking up all that gooey-goodness rather than the shower. It’s also super easy to clean up.

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Keep The Lights On In Your Hotel Room

Hotels are getting more and more tech savvy by the minute. Each are making upgrades to save energy and in the long run save money. There is one practice that is becoming the norm across hotels worldwide. In order for the lights to work in your room, you must insert you key into a slot on the wall. Although this may not work for all occasions, many hotels just need anything inserted into the slot for the lights to. Therefore, a small slither of paper will also do the trick if you have misplaced your key.

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Never Drop A Book In The Tub Again

There’s nothing better than relaxing in a hot bubble bath, with a glass of wine, and good book after a long day. However, sometimes your book slips out of your fingers and falls right into the tub. The pages are soaked and you no longer can read until the book is dry. But, here’s a way to never drop a book again. Attach a retractable dog leash to the wall and then latch it onto your book. No more soaked books.

soaked books