Haunting Photos That Are Unexplainable


The photos you are about to see have been captured by different people, using different types of cameras, from all over the world. The photographer of each photo claims the photos were not tampered with and are 100% real. However, take a look for yourself, read the stories behind each photo, and see if you can find an explanation for these haunting photos.

Cadborosaurus Sea Serpent

In 1907, a group of fisherman caught a huge creature, which they claim is the legendary Cadborosaurus. Unfortunately, many do not believe this photo is real. However, these fisherman remained steadfast to their story until their death. No tests were ever done on the creature they reeled in, so what it is exactly is still a mystery. There have been 2 other reported captures of the Cadborosaurus, one in 1968 and the other in 1991.

sea serpent

The Ghost Of Freddy Jackson

This photo, of a World War I, squadron was taken in 1919. However, there was a man in the photo that wasn’t supposed to be there, Freddy Jackson. Jackson had died in a freak accident involving a airplane propeller. His funeral was held on the day the photo was taken. However, Freddy decided he would still show for the photo, as many of his fellow soldier say he is standing in the back row.

freddy jackson

September 11th Survivor

September 11, 2001 was one of the most horrific days in U.S. history. The world watched as the Twin Towers crumbled with thousands of people still inside. One of the photos snapped on that day was this one below. It shows a woman standing in one of the towers. What makes this such a mystery is how this woman may have survived the initial impact as well as the fact that she was neither found nor identified.

9/11 survivor


This photo was snapped by Jim Templeton in 1964. His daughter is the one pictured. Templeton said his wife was the only other person around that day. Therefore, when the picture was developed, everyone was shocked to see a tiny spaceman in the background. The photo was even sent to Kodak to verify it had not been tampered with. Even more eerie, Templeton claims two men in black suits visited him, soon after, asking strange question about the location the photo was taken.


Alien Encounter

In May 1967, Stefan Michalak was spending a weekend by the lake. He claims two objects landed outside where he was staying. The two circular object’s doors opened and Michalak heard a strange language being spoken. Michalak says upon trying to investigate the circular object he was burnt by a grid-shaped vent. Unfortunately, his story was never able to be proven true. However, it also can not be proven untrue.

alien encounter

Paranormal Patients

Abandoned building are always scary. However, it doesn’t help when that building housed thousands of sick and dying individuals. This photo was taken at an abandoned hospital in Waverly Hills, Kentucky. The hallway was completely empty when the photo was taken. However, upon development, a ghostly female figure can be seen. It is believed this woman was once a patient in the hospital.

paranormal patients

Lord Combermere Came Back

Lord Combermere was a high ranking official in the British Military. He died in 1891. This photo was taken by Lord Combermere’s sister, Sybell. She set up a camera in the Combermere Abbey Library and then left for her brother’s funeral 4 miles away. Upon development of the plate, the photo showed the ghost of Lord Combermere sitting in his favorite chair.


Bedroom Banshee

In 1999, a couple decided to spend a night at the Worley Bed and Breakfast in Georgia. The couple was excited to get to their room and enjoy a relaxing night. Unfortunately, there was an unwanted guest already in the room. After seeing the photo they snapped of their accommodations, they found someone else was already sleeping in the bed.


Amityville Apparition

The tragedy in Amityville has been made popular by the numerous films that have been made about the house. This photo was actually taken in that real house. In the left side of the picture, a little boy is seen peeking out of a room. This boy was not there when the photo was snapped. The story of the Amityville horror deals with a man, Ronald Defeo, who shot and killed 6 members of his family. A family that later moved into the house, moved out 28 days later claiming they had dealt with lots of paranormal activity.


Portrait Phantom

Taking family portraits, in the early days, was not as easy as point and click. People would sometimes have to remain still for several minutes in order to get a clear shot. That is certainly enough time for a spirit to find you and join you in your picture. The photo was only supposed to be the man and the woman sitting. However, when the portrait was developed a floating woman had also posed with them.


Window Wraith

No one expected to see what they did, when this rather innocent photo was snapped. A man is proudly posing in front of his home. However, it seems someone else, who is also proud of the home, wanted to be in the picture as well. On the right side of the photo, in the window of the home, one can see a ghostly black and white figure. Whose ghost this is still remains a mystery today.

window wraith

Child Apparition

In 2008, Neil Sandbach was visiting a farm in Hertfordshire, England. Neil was touring the farm and snapping some pictures. After developing the photo, he showed it to the farm owners. To Neil’s surprise, the owners barely reacted. They confirmed that the little girl is seen running around the farm often. However, no one can confirm who the little girl may be.


Floating Figure

Corey Carlsonn lives in the same home as a woman who had mysteriously disappeared. Therefore, he was not surprised when he snapped this photo and saw a female figure floating above him. He even posted the photo on Instagram to explain the story. “For those of you who saw the picture of me today, ” he wrote in a caption. “This is the lady who went missing in this house back in 2001; her name was Curtis Johnston”.


More Than A Walk In The Park

This photo went viral after it was posted in 2000. Two women were taking a stroll in a park in Manilla. They decided to stop for a picture. The photo was taken on a cellphone so the pair was instantly able to see they weren’t the only ones enjoying the park that night. A ghostly figure can be seen next to the girl on the right.


Death Discs

This photo was taken of a man who was just hours away from death. Many people have many different theories about what happens to life after death. Many believe the soul slowly leaves the body and heads to its next step in life. Others believe angels surround you and lead you to your next journey. These discs many say prove both of those theories. However, no one knows exactly what they are.


Car Troubles

Mrs. Mabel Chinnery and her husband were visiting a cemetery in 1959. Her husband left before her to get the car started. As she was walking towards him and the car, she decided to snap a picture. After the photo was developed, she saw Mr. Chinnery was actually not alone in the car. A man is clearly sitting in the back seat, hitching a ride. One of the many souls at the cemetery was looking to get away.


An Uninvited Guest

St. Mary’s Guildhall in Coventry, England once acted as a prison. However, once it was disbanded it became an event hall. In 1985, there was a large gala. Multiple photos were snapped during the evening. However, this photo sent chills down the photographer’s spine. A robed man is clearly seen at the end of the table. None of the guests recall seeing a man like that during the event.


Holy Spirit

While vacation in Norfolk, U.K., Peter Bethelot snapped this photo of his wife when they were visiting a church. After the photo was developed a few weeks later, in 1975, the couple noticed a bright white figure sitting behind Diane in the pew. The bench was empty when the photo was taken. This certainly gives a whole different meaning to the Holy Spirit.

holy spirit

Life After Death

Earlier we discussed possible theories that people believe may happen after death. Another popular theory is seeing a bright light before you ascend into the afterlife. This picture was snapped of a man on his death bed. Could this photo be proof that one does see a bright light upon death? We all may one day find out. Until then, this photo cannot prove or disprove that.


A Loving Visitor

This photo was snapped by the woman’s daughter. The daughter and the woman claim no one else was around when the picture was taken. Once the photo was developed and the older woman had a closer look, she said the man standing behind her is actual her husband, who had been deceased for over 10 years! This certainly takes “till death do you part” to a whole new level.


Child’s Play

A stealth camera was set up in the middle of the forest and left over night to capture some images. The photographer most likely believed her or she would get photos of some wildlife. However, he got more than that. He captured life after death. A little girl is clearly seen running around the forest. As it was the middle of the night, there is no way this was a real child.

Paranormal Pilot

Helicopter rides are exciting for anyone. Therefore, this woman jumped at the opportunity to pose as the pilot. However, a previous pilot had other plans. This photo, snapped at the Fleet Air Arm Station in the U.K., clearly shows a figure also posing as a pilot. No one was sitting next to the woman when the photo was taken.


Elevator Evidence

This photo was taken at a hospital in Bolivia. These 4 people were outside of the elevators when one mysteriously opened. They looked inside and no one was in it. At the time they did not see anything and moved on with their day. However, someone snapped a photo at just the right moment and a figure is clearly seen in the elevator.


Spooky Selfie

Taking selfies with your friends is all the rage these days. However, you don’t expect to capture a ghostly figure posing with you. This photo was taken by a girl in Newcastle, United Kingdom. The girls in the photo describe the woman as old and wearing Victorian-style garb. Both women believe it is definitely a ghost that photobombed them.

spooky selfie

Last Photo

Ian Curtis was the lead singer and lyricist of the band Joy Division. Sadly, Curtis suffered from epilepsy and depression. Not being able to deal with the pain anymore, he took his own life on May 18, 1980. What makes this photo so haunting is it was one of the last photos every taken of Curtis. This photo was snapped on May 13, 1980. The baby in the photo is his daughter, Natalie. This would be one of the few photos she has with her father.

ian and baby, 13 May 1980

Dinner Demon

Family dinners can be very nice, as you gather around the table with your loved ones and discuss your lives. This is a photo of the Cooper family after enjoying a dinner together. Mr. Cooper decided it was a great photo op. However, upon development of the photo, the family saw something horrifying – a spooky figure hanging upside down from the ceiling. There is no explanation.