Most Hilarious Fishing Photos Ever Caught On Camera

Fishing is a great way to unwind and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Although it has an overall calm atmosphere, when you spend multiple hours doing anything, some unexpected situations can occur.  Luckily, for us, some of these events have been caught on camera. Here are the most hilarious fishing photos ever caught on camera.

A Catch Made In Heaven

This guy has it all, not only did he snag the biggest catch of the day, but he already had the greatest catch of all – a loving girlfriend who supports his fishing hobby and has a great sense of humor. She appreciates that fact that her boyfriend caught a fish that is nearly the size of her. Of course, a picture had to be taken!

Who Will Win?

Convincing a fish to take your bait is only the beginning of the battle. Once the fish is hooked, you then have to reel it in. A fish normally doesn’t go down without a fight. As you can see from this picture, this fish was powerful and certainly worked hard not to get reeled in. We wonder who won this round?

When The Floods Rush In

Heavy rainfalls can cause a lot of issues. The biggest issue is normally flooding. Floods cause streets to close and damage to buildings. However, this guy is making light of a bad situation. Instead of letting the floods keep him off the streets, he took to the streets …with his fishing rod. We applaud you, sir!

It’s Taunting You

Fishing normally means spending many hours out on the water. Although this is not seen as a chore, often you want to sit back and relax. So you may put your rod in a rod stand. This allows you to keep your bait in the water, while you relax for a few minutes. However, using the stands, also gave this fish the opportunity to taunt the fisherman, as he was showing that he was not to be outsmarted by their bait.

I Didn’t See A Sign

Signs are everywhere. They are posted in offices, at the beach, and on the streets. Normally, signs are posted for your protection. They tell you when to stop or be cautious of pedestrians. This sign that says “no fishing from bridge,” was also more than likely for the potential fishers’ protection. However, no one seems to care.

Two Nets Are Better Than One

Besides the normal fishing rod, a net is the most popular tool to use when fishing. This woman looks like she as an expert when using a net to fish. She enjoys using the net so much that she decided to wear one on her head like a tiara. All hail the fishing net queen!

Perfectly-Timed Photo

When you enjoy fishing, you sometimes forget the beauty of what is actually underneath the surface. This snorkeler decided it was time to check out the depths below. Luckily, he had a friend tag along who was able to capture this image. Although it is not a photo of actual fishing, it is still a photo with fish that everyone needs to see!

We’re Here For The Fish

It is like magic. When a good place to fish is discovered, it doesn’t stay a secret for long. More and more fishers show up daily. However, somehow we think it isn’t the fish that may be attracting all the fishermen to this particular spot. As you can see, the views at this pond are pretty great.

When The Motor Dies

Spending a day out on the water with your best buddy is great. You can drink a few cold ones while letting your line chill in the water. However, mishaps happen. Unfortunately, for these two men, their motor died. There’s only one thing to do in this situation – fix it. But, this man clearly didn’t want to jump into the water completely, so he had his buddy hold his legs. What a good friend.

Watch Out For Those Rocks

When the seas are rocky, one must be careful. If you are not an expert captain, you most likely will end up in a situation like this. This man underestimated the strength of the water when he headed out for his fishing trip. He ended up in quite a rocky situation. Sadly, his boat is paying the consequences for his poor decision making.

Cuddle Buddies

Children always have their favorite toy or blanket they like to sleep with. Therefore, why can’t adults too? This man loves his fishing poles so much that he decided to nuzzle up to them in bed. Hopefully, he doesn’t have a wife or girlfriend. I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate having them in the bed.

Funny Flip Flops

Flip flops are great outdoor footwear, especially for fishing. They can be worn in several types of terrain, and if they get wet, they dry rather quickly. That is why these flip flops are the perfect shoes for any fisher. Not only do they look comfortable but they also look so life-like!

Pot(Hole) Of Fish

We have already seen one man take advantage of heavy rains by fishing on flooded streets that would normally be filled with traffic. This guy has the same idea. However, we think he is much less likely to find any fish in this pothole. Who knows, maybe this guy was actually protesting the city’s lack of fixing potholes?

A Family Outing

Planning a family vacation can be hard. When your kids are young, you must think of an activity that can be fun for the whole family. This couple loves fishing. However, they also have a young toddler. They found the perfect solution. Why not bring a crib on board the boat? That will definitely keep the little one safe.

Same Teeth

With over 28,000 species of fish spread across the globe, there is a lot of different variations amongst them. Some are colorful, some are small, some live in freshwater, and some have interesting teeth. This fish has a set of chompers you don’t normally see on a fish. However, you may have seen them on people.

That’s Just Unnecessary

As we have already discussed previously, signs are normally put up for a reason. However, often times people ignore them. You can certainly ignore this sign that reads “no fishing or diving from bridge.” It is just completely unnecessary as you normally need one thing to do either – water. I don’t expect anyone to attempt either, but who knows?

Young At Heart

Due to its calm nature, fishing can be enjoyed by everyone. It is fun and exciting for young children and relaxing and easy for older folks. This man certainly shows that fishing can be enjoyed by any age and in any state. Although his body may need some help with a walker, his heart is still very much there. Nothing is going to stop him from enjoying his favorite pastime.

Wedding Day Bliss

People have a wedding when they decide to commit to each other until death do them part. This means they agree to be by each other’s sides and support the other fully. This means letting the bride run to the water to do some fishing right after she said: “I do.” Hopefully, her husband joined her soon after. Who needs a fancy reception?

Lazy Boy Boat

Spending several hours on the boat fishing can be extremely relaxing but hard on your body. Sitting on plastic or metal all day can take a toll. However, these two men found the perfect solution – a lazy boy! Although it may have been annoying to drag the recliner from their living room, these men certainly do not regret their decisions to do so.

No Fishing On The Fishing Bridge

Finding the perfect spot to fish can be a hard task. Imagine finding a bridge over a quaint lake that was called “fishing bridge.” You believe you found the perfect spot. However, your dreams are quickly shattered as at second glace you see another sign that says “closed to fishing.” Why would someone name a bridge the “fishing bridge,” if you can’t fish on it?!

Floating Fly Fishing

There are several necessary techniques one must use in order to be successful in fly fishing. The first technique one learns is you must be in the water before you cast out your line. One normally stands not too far from the edge of the water. However, this guy wanted to get a better spot. He believed going even deeper into the water was the best idea. Therefore, he bought himself a fun blow-up giraffe.

Fishing Is Therapeutic

In order to unwind, one may do many different things. Some people take a hot bubble bath, some exercise, while others fish. If you haven’t tried fishing to unwind, you should definitely try it. It is a proven fact that it is therapeutic. It is so true that someone named their boat “reel therapy.” If that isn’t evidence, than I don’t know what is.

Taking The High Ground

Fishing is normally done at sea level. Whether it is on a boat or just from the dock, it is very rare that you see someone fishing anywhere higher than a few feet above the water. However, these guys decided to give it a try. They somehow had access to a crane and decided fishing from it would be their best option for the day.

Cat Customers

Commercial fishing is a booming industry, and millions of people rely on it to survive. Often, commercial fishers will have a deal with the local markets and restaurants. But, it looks like these men have a deal with a different type of customer – the local cats. We applaud these men for sharing their catches with the friendly felines.

Lawn Chair Boat

Previously, we saw one man bring his lazy boy from his living room to his boat. Now, we see another creative man. However, he appreciates solidarity. He also understands that bringing a lazy boy to a boat may not be the most cost-effective idea. Therefore, he attached a lawn chair to a platform that has a motor. It is the perfect set up for a solo fishing day.

Wrong Way

Owning a boat is a lot of responsibility. You must take good care of it. This includes removing it from the water during the off-season. However, if you take the boat out of the water, this also means putting it back in the water. Luckily, there are ramps by all docks in order to make this process a little easier. But, if you don’t understand the basic concept of loading and unloading a boat, you may end up in a situation like this.

Seizing The Opportunity

What is better than sitting by the water and drinking a cold one while fishing? Sitting in a pool, in your backyard, drinking a cold one while fishing, of course! This man seems to be completely unwavered by the fact that there is a flood in what looks like his backyard. He is definitely seizing the opportunity to fish in this rather rare occasion.

Must Need Fins To Swim

Another sign to tell you what you can and cannot do. Luckily, this sign doesn’t completely forbid you from fishing. However, it does advise dogs to keep their “masters on leash at all times.” It also says no swimming is allowed unless you have “gills or feathers.” We’d like to see more signs like this. It may be telling you what to do, but at least it is doing it in a humorous way.

At Least She’s Supportive

Falling in love is wonderful. However, often times, your soul mate doesn’t have the same exact interests as you do. This photo is a perfect example of that. This woman is talking on her phone and wearing heels. It is pretty obvious that she didn’t want to spend the day fishing. However, she is there support her husband. He probably feels the same way when she drags him on shopping trips.

Norse Navigators

The Vikings were excellent navigators of the high seas, which may be why these fishermen chose to channel their inner voyager. However, they did not dress this way for a normal day on the water. These Vikings were partaking in the annual “Redneck Fishing Tournament” in Illinois. The men battled other groups of fishers in hopes of catching the most Asian Carp that day.

Strong Follow Through

Fishing like many sports is all about the follow through. When casting, if you do not follow through, your hook will most likely not end up in the place you wanted. However, this guy took his follow through to the extreme. He didn’t just follow through with his arms, but rather his whole body. After this incident, he probably learned to control his cast a little bit more.

Bathrom Decor

If you love fishing, you will want to show off that love in your daily life. Often people buy t-shirts with funny sayings or display a cute sign on the wall. However, this decor definitely takes the cake. Instead of your standard toilet paper holder, it is a fishing reel. It would certainly make your guests chuckle when they first see it.

Fin Smack

When you are fishing for larger fish, it can certainly be a battle. Even after the fish is hooked, it may take all your strength to reel them in and get them into the boat. Throughout the whole process, the fish will fight back. Unfortunately, for this guy, as he was trying to lift the fish into the boat, it kept fighting and gave him a nice smack to the head with its back fin.

Immediate Regret

Often, fishermen think that if they can separate themselves from the pack, even just a little, he will get an advantage. This man had some friends fishing off the dock. However, he saw a board that butted out from the dock. He thought he would have better chances of catching something from the edge of this board. We think he felt immediate regret about that decision when the board split.

Travel Ruler

Fishing competitions are held daily around the world. Sometimes it is a friendly competition, while others are for a cash prize. No matter the situation a few tools are needed, such as a scale and a ruler. Unfortunately, rulers are often lost. However, this man found the solution. He drew a ruler on his leg. Therefore, he can never lose his ruler.

Recycled Lure

If there is one thing that goes hand-in-hand with a day of fishing, it is a nice cold beer. However, that often leaves lots of trash such as bottles and beer caps. However, one man found a solution to combine those two loves permanently. He turned his old beer caps into a fancy lure. “Upcycling” at its best!

A Tangled Mess

There are several different types of fishing rods one may choose from. Some are easier to use than others. For example, the bait caster is a rod that you have to be taught to use. There are certain techniques that one needs to do in order to prevent mishaps like this one. This man clearly didn’t know what he was doing, and now he is paying the price with a tangled mess.

When There Aren’t Enough Stands

Like any sport, there are certain tools to make things more efficient in fishing. For example, there is the rod stand. If you plan on spending a whole day on the water, a rod stand is a highly recommended item. If you ever feel like you need to sit and relax for a few minutes, the rod stand allows you to do so, without taking your line out of the water. Unfortunately, sometimes you have too many rods and not enough stands.

Fishing Gone Wrong

Fishing can be a dangerous hobby. It looks like this fisherman had no luck and was eaten by this fish. Although…we’re pretty sure this photo was staged. Anyhow it is one funny capture! We love how the shoes fit perfectly and the scary illusion is created. We wonder how this large fish was caught in the first place. It must have been one lucky day for that fisherman!



The best photos are the ones with unexpected surprises. This guy finally caught a fish after a long day of waiting. He was so happy, he simply had to capture the moment. However, this bear decided it was time for a major photobomb and he definitely succeeded. We wonder what happened right after this photo was taken.


The best part about fishing is not knowing what you will capture next. This unexpectedness makes the hobby fun. However, sometimes this can be the worst part about fishing as well. It looks like this guy was enjoying a calm day fishing when suddenly this crocodile decided to make an appearance. That’s one surprise we’re sure he was hoping to avoid!

Sewer Fishing

These guys were busy spending the day sewer fishing. Yep- that’s a thing! This teen is a Youtube star known for fishing through sewer holes. In one video, he even manages to capture a largemouth bass. However, the problem with sewer fishing is that things can get messy. In this photo, it seems that his fishing partner almost fell down the sewer.

Where’s My Fishing Rod?

Fishing in the winter can be tough, especially when many lakes can get frozen. However, a true fisherman doesn’t mind the cold. It looks like this determined fisherman found the perfect spot to catch some fish. However, something went wrong. Maybe his fishing rod fell? Anyhow, we hope he found what he was looking for without freezing too much!

Snack Tray

Fly fishing can be very enjoyable, but it has its drawback. It requires you to wait in the water. Therefore, sitting is often not an option, as well as eating (as your food will get soggy). However, this man proved everyone wrong and thought of a way to bring his snacks with him. He just put a tray table on top of a tube – genius!