33 Teachers Caught On Camera


First Name Basis

Out of respect, and just formality, teachers are always called Ms., Mrs, or Mr. followed by their last name. Therefore, it is always a surprise when a teacher is called by his or her first name, such as in this story. In a sixth-grade class, the students were being very needy and kept saying their teacher’s name, Ms. Osborn, constantly. Well, Ms. Osborn got annoyed and said “Do you think we could go for just five minutes without anyone saying ‘Ms. Osborn?!'” The classroom fell silent. However, the teacher than heard a soft voice from the back of the room that said, “Um…Cyndi?”

Where’s The Top 40?

Music teachers certainly do not get the credit they deserve. Not only do they have to understand how to educate children, but most music teachers are also musically-inclined. They can read music, sing, and even play instruments. One teacher had tried to inspire her middle school chorus class through Mozart. Unfortunately, classical music didn’t inspire the students. One annoyed student approached the teacher and said: “Mrs. Willis, we want to sing music from our generation, not yours.”

What A Nice Compliment

First-grade students are some of the best students to teach. Their minds are fresh, and their curiosity is at its peak. However, as they are young, they also have no filter. One teacher, who always greeted her students as they entered the classroom, was wearing a new polka-dot skirt. One of her students paid her the ultimate compliment. A little girl looked at her teacher and with a smile said “Oh, you look so beautiful-just like a clown.”


Always Lock Your Phone

Teachers do not like seeing a student’s phone out in class. Therefore, to avoid distractions, many schools have even created rules against using a phone during school hours. Unfortunately, one student didn’t abide by this rule and his or her phone was taken away. The teachers took it one step further as they saw they could unlock the student’s phone. They took a selfie of themselves and uploaded to the phone’s lock screen. Lesson learned.

Quiz Shaming

Forgetting to do something correctly on a quiz could have dire consequences. Sometimes one mistake can lead to a large deduction in points. Therefore, to ease the pain of making a mistake on a quiz, one teacher created a quiz “wall of shame.” The teacher made sure to prominently display the cardinal rule of quizzes – do not forget to write your name. It should be noted that all of these students voluntarily agreed to be added to the wall.

What Are You Drinking?

When you ask teachers what they drink most often during the day, he or she will most likely say one of two things: water (because they are talking literally all day) or coffee (because they are overworked and normally underpaid). However, this teacher is really ruthless. He drinks “Students’ Tears.” Of course, this is not actually students’ tears, but it definitely is intimidating and gives you a good chuckle.

Big Brother Is Watching

“1984” is a novel written by George Orwell that is read by most American middle-school students. One of the prominent themes of the book is about how the government is always watching. Maybe this teacher was trying to portray that. As she was unable to attend school that day, she still made sure her presence was known. She displayed a photo of herself on the screen looking “professorial.” Even when she is absent, she is always watching.

Hilarious Homework

No student likes to receive homework. But, this may be an exception. This teacher gave her students several options to complete: 1. Master Kung Fu, 2. Switch religions for a day, 3. Wear a fake mustache for 24 hours, 4. Find your nemesis, earn their trust, then vanquish them (preferably with magic, and 5. In the shower, use conditioner first then shampoo just to see what would happen (I’m curious). We guess that most students completed task 5. However, we would love to hear about the students that chose any of the first four options instead.

Telfer Tells All

Meet teacher, Cal Telfer. His “bio” was featured in a school publication. Instead of answering his questions honestly, Cal Telfer decided to exaggerate the truth. Along with saying he escaped from a lab and Stephen Hawking cheated off his homework, he also goes the extra mile and makes fun of himself for being a redhead. Without even actually meeting the man, you can tell that this guy was a well-liked teacher.

Living History

Picture day is normally not something most people look forward to. Both students and teachers have one shot to land a perfect picture that will be printed in hundreds of yearbooks. However, one history teacher decided to have some fun with his photo. He dressed up like civil war soldier and had the photo printed in black and white. The teacher definitely helps bring history to life with this photo.

Rick-Rolling Through Extra Credit

Rick-rolling is a prank when Rick Astley’s song “Never Gonna Give You Up” randomly appears unexpectedly, normally on the internet. We believe that this teacher had heard of this prank and used it to engage his or her students. Hopefully, her students were internet savvy enough to know the prank. Otherwise, many young students would be utterly confused as they most likely don’t even know the song.

Silly Teachers, Tricks Are For Kids

As we have already seen, teachers can sometimes have fun with their yearbook photos. However, in this situation, it is not just one teacher, but three that have decided to spice up their photos. This had to take careful planning as the snake had to be lined up perfectly. The finished product is perfect and hilarious. Luckily, the photos are immortalized in a yearbook and can be remembered for years to come.

No Name, No Grade

Whether you are a fan of her music or not, Beyonce’s songs are played everywhere. They are unavoidable. This teacher certainly caught wind of one of her songs. In order to remind her students of the cardinal rule of putting your name on your exams, she created this poster. The caption on the poster is a play off of Beyonce’s lyrics in “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).” If the students wanted a grade, they should have put their name on their test.

The Princess Lives On

Once again we have a perfect example of a teacher making what could be a nervewracking photo into a funny one. However, unlike a yearbook, your school ID is normally used every single school day.  It will be seen every day by your peers. Therefore, this makes the photo almost more stressful than the yearbook photo. This teacher decided a normally smiling photo would not do. He is obviously a “Star Wars” fan and decided to dress up as Princess Leia.

Napping Knot

Falling asleep is class normally doesn’t lead to anything good. Most of the time the student just falls behind because he or she misses an entire lesson. Therefore, when a student does fall asleep, the teacher normally wakes the student up. However, not in this case. This teacher decided to really teach his student a lesson. When the student fell asleep, the teacher tied his shoelaces together.

Math Is Hard

Learning Math can be difficult for many students. All the theories and functions can be hard to remember and troublesome for many to grasp. This teacher knew this and decided to turn frustration into humor. She printed a poster of the internet famous “grumpy cat” along with the words “I Love Math…It Makes People Cry.” Although it may be true, the poster helps bring a little comedic relief to the subject.

Come To The Dark Side

Somehow this storm trooper infiltrated the science department. Maybe he is trying to help the first order in recruiting new members to the dark side. Obviously, this is not a real stormtrooper, but another teacher who loves “Star Wars,” and most likely hates yearbook pictures. Who knew “Star Wars” was so popular among teachers?

Lady Gaga Inspiration

It has been said in order to learn something it helps to relate it to something you already know. This teacher tried to take something many of her students already knew and brought it into his or her lesson. At first glance, this projection just looks like a random sequence of elements. However, when you look closer, you can see that elements correspond to the hit Lady Gaga single “Bad Romance.”

One Pass To Rule Them All

Hall passes have been a staple necessity of schools for years. In order to roam the halls, during class time, each student must carry a permission slip to do so. A hall pass can take many shapes. Sometimes its a piece of wood or random object and other times it is just a simple piece of paper. When writing this “Corridor Pass,” one teacher decided to get creative. He must really enjoy “The Lord of the Rings.”

You Must Belieb

As teachers always give a list of necessary items for the entire school year, teachers expect their students to come prepared. This includes pens and pencils. However, even on the first day, a teacher can expect a student to show up without a writing instrument. However, in order to negate losing any pencils or further have a student come unprepared, this teacher bought Justin Bieber loving pencils.

Clownin’ Around

This teacher, although may look funny, he is dressed this way for a serious reason. One of his students said the only thing he was more scared of than gay people were clowns. Of course, this comment angered the teacher, who is openly gay. The next day at school, the teacher showed up dressed as clown. The student certainly learned a lesson, and hopefully will change his attitudes.

Postively Funny

These students were writing their lab report, when they decided to add in a funny science joke, hoping to give their teacher a laugh. Not only did the teacher enjoy it, but he or she also further extended the joke, making it even funnier. It is certainly a joke that any science lover can enjoy.

Under The Sea

Here are another set of teachers who decided to have fun with their yearbook photos. However, they got really clever. These teachers knew that the generic blue background would be the perfect backdrop for an underwater themed photo shoot. The use of costumes and props should be applauded. We would be surprised if anyone could think of a more creative idea.

Teacher Is No Belieber

Often times, teachers have to make up their own exams. Furthermore, he or she may change the exam each school year. This can be for a number of reasons. It could be to avoid possible cheating, from previous year students, or to just keep up with the times. This teacher certainly follows pop culture and knows Justin Beiber. However, he or she is not a fan, as the math problem calls for Justin Beiber being thrown off a cliff.

Always Read Directions

The first rule one learns upon entering school is read the directions. The rule is embedded into children’s mind from a young age. However, as children get older, they forget that cardinal rule, as the directions are normally pretty simple – complete the assignment. However, this teacher took advantage of his naive students. The first step is to “Read Everything.” Nineteen more steps are written. However, the last step says to complete only numbers one and two. Unfortunately, for many of his students, they did not read everything.

The New Treecher

Although they do the jobs of superheroes, by educating our youth, many teachers do not have superpowers. Therefore, they sometimes need to miss work. However, one teacher decided not to miss his or her opportunity to make her absences a funny one. The teacher placed a tress at his or her desk and on the board wrote: “I am the substitute treecher.” This is definitely a pun all can appreciate.


Happy Halloween

Science can be fun, especially chemistry. It is a nice break for students to be able to learn something hands-on, by doing an experiment, rather than just writing all day. However, for Halloween, this teacher goes above and beyond the normal experiment. This teacher lit a pumpkin on fire. It is definitely fun for her students; however, she seems a little spooked by the experience.

Reach For The Stars

Teachers always tell their students that they can accomplish anything they put their mind to. Just work hard, and your hard work will eventually pay off. However, sometimes teachers are more realistic (and funny). An astronomy teacher hung this up in the back of the classroom. The poster is a picture of the galaxy and reads “When you wish upon a star, you’re a few million lightyears late, that star is dead…just like your dreams.” A little harsh but still hilarious.

Mathmetician McKellar

Danica McKellar was a child star who became famous for portraying the girl-next-door, Winnie, in the hit coming-of-age series “The Wonder Years.” However, McKellar moved beyond Hollywood and decided to get her degree. She studied mathematics and is very good at it. She even helped create a new mathematical theorem that is named after her. McKellar is still helping solve the world’s hardest math problems and sometimes teaches. Could you imagine walking into your math class and finding Danica McKellar?!

Only Time Will Tell

Many kids dread going to school. Spending 8-9 hours in a classroom is not the ideal way most students would voluntarily choose to spend their day. Therefore, many are often found daydreaming and not paying attention. One activity many students do to pass the time is to continuously check the clock. How many more minutes do I have to sit in this class? One teacher took advantage of this and posted a sign around the clock that reads: “Time will pass, will you?”

No Walkens, Appointment Only

Many professors at universities are required to have office hours, or time, outside of class hours, students can sit down with the teacher to discuss any class material they may not understand. Some professors are lax and just post their hours online. A student can then just show up at any time during those hours. However, other teachers like to have a more strict schedule. The teacher who created this sign is definitely one of those, as walk-ins are not accepted.

Don’t Text In Class

Before the age of cell phones, students would have to pass notes in order to communicate. However, that was always frowned upon by the teacher. However, with this new age technology of cell phones, not only can a student talk to others in his or her class but also his or her friend down the hall or even in another school! Teachers, however, are not naive, and when he or she sees one of their students looking down at their laps, they know what’s really going on.

The Dog Ate My Homework

It’s very rare for a student to enjoy doing homework. After sitting in a classroom all day for many hours, the last thing a child wants to do is spend more time working on the information they just studied earlier that day. Therefore, it is very likely that students sometimes “forget” to do or “lose” their homework. One student lost his homework on several occasions, so one teacher decided to award him for it.

Holding Phones Hostage

We already discussed that teachers always know when a student is texting, no matter how stealthy a student may think he or she is being. However, some teachers don’t even want to take the chance of losing their students attention. This is one of those situations. The teacher created little slots for each of his or her students to put their phone. Therefore, no phones can be used to communicate especially when working on exams.

No Mercy On Tests

Teachers expect you always to be prepared for class. This means paying attention, completing your homework and studying for exams. Sadly, many times at least one, or all three, are not completed. This student may have failed to complete the third task, study. He or she most likely knew her tests answers were not correct. Therefore, he or she drew a fun comic for the teacher that says “Give me an A or the teddy bear gets it…” The teacher had no mercy and killed the teddy bear and gave the student a “C.”

Complete Your Work On Time

Meeting deadlines is vital in school. Teachers always give due dates for assignments. Normally each deadline is set according to the assignment. Teachers always give ample amount of time to complete an assignment. However, some students either forget or just choose not to complete the assignment on time. Many teachers do not have the patience for this. One teacher is very strict about his or her deadlines and any late assignments. He or she does not even want to see them. They only place he or she would like to see them is in the trash.

Failing Future

Being prepared in school is vital, or you will not succeed. This goes beyond just staying awake in class. One may stay awake but not actually pay attention to the lessons. If you don’t learn, you can’t excel. This student most likely falls into that category. On his or her test, his or her response to one of the questions was “#yolo,” which means “you only live once.” The teacher did not find this funny and responded with more hashtags: #minimumwage, #future, #McDonalds.

Open House Hustle

Open house (or many call it “Back to School Night”) is dreaded by not only students but also the teacher. It is extra preparation and many times parents are not the easiest people to deal with. Therefore, to make the process a little easier, and to also make a few dollars, this teacher created an “Open House Menu.” The teacher was willing to take bribes to make the students look better. This was most likely a joke, however, a clever idea. We wonder if any of his or her students actually tried to pay.

Homework Help

Homework can sometimes be hard for students. Therefore, a child may ask his or her parents for help. Elementary school work is always easy for parents, as it is basic knowledge. One teacher gave her students a list of scrambled words. One of the words was supposed to be unscrambled to “disappear.” However, this young child somehow found “appraised.” This is very advanced for a young child. Therefore, the teacher knew the parent helped.

Never Forget

The Battle of the Alamo was a fight between the Mexican Republic and the Republic of Texas in 1836. Texas lost, and the Mexicans were merciless. Texians would later use the battle cry of “Remember the Alamo!” in order to recall why they were fighting. The Texians ultimately won the revolution against Mexico and their battle cry was forever immortalized in history. A history teacher used this historical fact to create a funny sign for his bulletin board. The paper reads: “Things to remember…1. The Alamo.” Certainly a funny joke for any history buff.

Momma Math

As math teachers need to create their own exams, they sometimes have to get creative with the questions. Adding this little bit of creativity, not only makes it fun for the teacher but also helps ease a students’ anxiety while taking the test. “Yo Momma” jokes were huge in the 90s. However, they aren’t used so often today. This teacher is throwing it back while also throwing some shade at “yo momma” for his exam.

Homonyms Are Fun

Homonyms are a topic every kid learns in school. Almost all languages have a few words that sound the same but have different meanings. For example, cereal verse serial. Cereal is a form of breakfast grain whereas serial means repeatedly committing the same offense. Someone on their quiz wrote “cereal killer,” but the correct form is “serial killer.” His or her teacher drew a picture to help explain the difference.

Never Forget A Pen

At the beginning of every school year, teachers send a list of supplies needed for the entire school year. The list normally contains items such as notebooks, binders, highlighters, pencils, and pens. Teachers are not normally given the funds to buy many of these items for each of their students. Therefore, it is necessary for each student to have them their own. However, pens and pencils are easily lost. This student regretfully lost all his pens and pencils. This is the pen he received from the teacher when he asked to borrow one.

Grading Papers

Grading papers is just as fun for teachers as it is for students to take the tests. It normally takes many hours to grade a large number of tests. It takes even more time when grading essays. Therefore, teachers also get bored and sometimes frustrated when it comes to schoolwork. This teacher tried to spice things up a bit with her paper clips. Each one says “crap.” But most likely, it is not how the teacher actually feels; it is just a nice touch of comedic relief for the mundane task.


Before a student enters elementary school, normally he or she attends kindergarten and even pre-K. The teachers of these young children are there to help develop the base for the students’ future education. One day a teacher asked her young students, “Who gives us eggs?” One student replied “Mom!” The teacher was confused, thinking the student may not have understood, and rephrased the question” From where do we get eggs?” The same student replied, “From the fridge!”