Check Out The Hottest Redheads In Hollywood


Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher began turning heads with her role as Mary Jane in the 2002 live-action film version of Scooby Doo (in which her appearance might have been its only redeeming quality). Since then, she’s been in films such as Wedding Crashers and The Great Gatsby.

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore has set a new standard for redheads in Hollywood during a successful acting career spanning multiple decades. She’s shown off not only her attractiveness, but also her acting skills in films such as Boogie Nights, The Big Lebowski and The Hours. She earned an Oscar for Still Alice in 2015.

Laura Prepon

New Jersey-born Laura Prepon first caught our eye as Donna Marie Pinciotti on That ’70s Show. She has only grown more beautiful since then, even when she’s wearing no makeup as in Orange is the New Black. This red-haired beauty comes from humble beginnings, as her mother was a high school teacher and her father a doctor.

Tilda Swinton

During the 1980s, Tilda was the prototypical redhead featured in such films as Caravaggio. She has obviously gotten older since, but she’s still one of the most accomplished redheads Hollywood has seen. You may have seen her in We Need to Talk About Kevin or more recently, the film version of Orlando.

Debra Messing

Debra Messing has been one of Hollywood’s most notable redheads since she attracted the world’s attention (though not Will’s, obviously) on Will and Grace. She had already been noticed by many on the show Ned & Stacy before that. She has also branched out into films, including The Mothman Prophecies, Along Came Polly, and The Women.

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams’ natural, effortless beauty helped her captivate audiences in the classic romance The Notebook and has made her a huge star ever since. She earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in Spotlight and was considered by BAFTA to be one of the top rising stars in Hollywood. She’s said to be dating director Jamie Linden.

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner is a talented actress who has already shown off an uncanny ability for playing powerful women with a dose of vulnerability. She was still in high school when she became Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones and she has since taken on the role of superhero Jean Grey in the X-Men series of films, with her next appearance coming in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain has an effortless ability to exude sex appeal, even though she doesn’t always take very sexy roles. She played a CIA agent in Zero Dark Thirty and also turned heads with her acting skills in The Help. She’s been one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood, with upcoming roles that include It: Chapter Two and Painkiller Jane in the works, among several other films.

Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard is the daughter of famous director Ron Howard, and she has definitely done her father proud with her performances in everything from The Village to The Help. She was also one of the few redeeming things about the Twilight series, as she’s one of the most beautiful redheads in Hollywood today.

Amy Adams

Not only is Amy Adams one of the most attractive women in Hollywood, but she’s also become one of the most respected for her talent. She has earned an incredible five Academy Award nominations for her roles in the films American Hustle, Junebug, The Master, The Fighter, and Doubt. Not bad for someone who got her start doing dinner theater in Colorado!

Maitland Ward

We first met Maitland Ward when she was part of the cast of Boy Meets World. Now, she is known for having a very active social media presence on Instagram and Snapchat, where she defended her provocative photos, saying “I think women should be able to express themselves however they want and the haters should go take a cold shower.”

Judy Greer

You may know this gorgeous actress as the quirky woman behind one of Arrested Development‘s best characters. Judy Greer is in her 40’s now but definitely looks as good as ever. She has been in films such as What Women Want, but is definitely better known as Kitty Sanchez. She became an author in 2014 with I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star.

Ellie Kemper

Ellie Kemper didn’t pursue acting as a career until she had already graduated from Princeton, but she grew up close to fame; she acted in a school play with Mad Men star Jon Hamm. Kemper charmed us all as the blissfully innocent Erin Hannon on The Office and now is seen on Netflix in the hit Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Amanda Righetti

Amanda Righetti got her start not as an actress, but a model. She won an international model search at just 15 years old while living in Las Vegas, and she’s been assured of stardom ever since. She transitioned into acting with The O.C. and North Shore before moving to the big screen with Return to the House on Haunted Hill. She’s also known for The Mentalist.

Kate Mara

Kate Mara may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth as the great-granddaughter of the founder of the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers, but she’s got the talent to earn her keep in Hollywood. She was wonderful in the Netflix series House of Cards and most recently played Patty Bowes on the series Pose.

Deborah Ann Woll

Fiery-haired beauty Deborah Ann Woll was seen in appearances on ER and CSI before she got better acquainted with HBO viewers on the series True Blood. She also appeared in the romantic comedy Ruby Sparks before landing perhaps her best role yet as Karen Page in the Netflix series Daredevil.

Christina Hendricks

Okay, you got us. Christina Hendricks isn’t a natural redhead, but she has worn red hair for most of her big roles, including her breakout role as a sultry secretary with surprising cunning in Mad Men. She tried the color first because of the book Anne of Green Gables. These days, Christina has been seen in a number of movies and the new series Good Girls.

Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan may have first gotten your attention as the good girl with a surprisingly naughty story about band camp in American Pie, but she has been acting since 4 years old, when she appeared in Oreos commercials. The Atlanta-raised actress also acted in My Stepmother Is An Alien and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in her younger years.

Sarah Snook

In 2012, Sarah Snook starred in the Australian film Not Suitable For Children before then moving on to American films including Steve Jobs and The Master Builder. She also starred in The Beautiful Lie, an ABC miniseries. She’s working on an HBO series that is executive produced by Will Ferrell.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman has been a household name for quite some time now. We all know about her marriage to Tom Cruise and her roles in such films as Dead Calm, in which she had her breakthrough role. You may be surprised to know that she was born in Hawaii, however. The mature, yet sexy redhead continues to mesmerize moviegoers to this day.

Molly Ringwald

California-born actress Molly Ringwald was raised by a chef mother and a jazz pianist father. She first dabbled in music, even releasing an album at just six years old! Of course, we know her from being the teen queen of the 80s in such films as The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, and Pretty in Pink. She’s sexier than ever now and recently appeared in the film King Cobra.

Lindsay Lohan

The first part of Lindsay Lohan’s career was when she established herself as a teen star in The Parent Trap and other Disney fare. She started to establish herself as a sex symbol with Mean Girls and other films before rumors of poor conduct on set and substance abuse brought her down. However, her star is starting to rise again with the new series Sick Note and upcoming film The Shadow Within.

Emma Stone

Our favorite look for Emma Stone has always been the red hair that she took on for the 2007 film Superbad, although she’s changed it up for a number of film roles since. She also starred in movies such as Easy A and The Amazing Spider-Man before winning the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in La La Land.

Lauren Ambrose

Lauren Ambrose was raised in Connecticut and started her acting career doing theater productions in New York before earning her way onto shows such as Law & Order. She really earned a following with her role in Can’t Hardly Wait and also appeared in Six Feet Under, but now she’s mostly interested in music. She has her own dixie jazz band, known as Lauren Ambrose and the Leisure Class.

Rose Leslie

If you don’t recognize this red-haired beauty from Downtown Abbey, you definitely should from all of the times she told Jon Snow that he knows nothing on Game of Thrones. The Scottish actress starred in The Last Witch Hunter in 2015 and joined the CBS series The Good Fight in 2017.

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson’s most famous role is that of Dana Scully on The X-Files, but when she’s gotten to get out of the straight-laced role, she’s shown that she’s one of the sexiest redheads in Hollywood. She recently appeared in Sex Education and The Spy Who Dumped Me and has aged amazingly well, to boot.

Heather Graham

Heather Graham has a natural strawberry blonde hair color but has gone red for a number of her film roles over the years. The ageless beauty has been in everything from Boogie Nights and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me to The Hangover and more recently, the TV series Bliss. She also stars in the upcoming drama The Rest of Us.

Ariana Grande

The youthful looking pop star and actress Ariana Grande is another honorary redhead that has gone with red locks for certain looks. She reached stardom in Victorious on Nickelodeon, but got her start on Broadway. After Sam & Cat concluded, she focused more on her musical career and has consistently had high-charting hit songs.

Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross got an early start in acting when she started acting in the soap opera The Edge of the Night in the 1980s. However, she really earned a reputation when she starred in the ABC hit drama Desperate Housewives. She earned a lot of fame as well as critical acclaim for her performance on the show. She recently played President Claire Haas on the series Quantico.

Shirley Manson

In the 1990s, this grunge queen was the cause of thousands of crushes as the lead singer of the alternative rock band Garbage. Like so many of the redheads on our list, she has aged amazingly well and in recent years has been quite busy. She’s acted in Love and Other Drugs, continued to front Garbage, and is working on a solo album, too.

Bella Thorne

Redhead Bella Thorne is only now 21 years old, but she has had quite a career already. She was on Entourage as a child actress and played a mean girl in The Duff, a high school comedy. She was also seen in the teen dance series Shake It Up. She’s popular on social media and is known for hitting the night spots with the likes of Tiffany Trump.

Connie Britton

Connie Britton is known to most as the hot mom in everything from Friday Night Lights to the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot and more recently, American Horror Story. She has also starred in the drama Nashville as a country star trying to cope with the fleeting nature of her passing fame. She’s earned multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for the role.

Elena Satine

Elena is a Georgian, but not from the southern United States. No, she hails from the country of Georgia. She was part of a pop group as a child and started acting after that. She started acting in the U.S. after a trip to New York with her mother. She’s been on everything from Smallville to Melrose Place since then, and her star seems to be on the rise.

Scarlett Pomers

Scarlett Pomers got her start in a Michael Jackson video, of all things. She was just three years old at the time. It wasn’t her last foray into the world of music, either: she released an album in 2010 and starred in country star Reba McEntire’s show Reba. She has since mostly decided to move on from acting to focus on music and photography.

India Menuez

India Menuez hails from New York and is talented in many areas. She’s an artist, model, and actress that you may have seen on Transparent, an Amazon Prime Video series. When it comes to movies, she has appeared in White Girl, Something in the Air, and Uncertain Terms. She’s the art curator of MoMa PS1 in New York.

Analeigh Tipton

It may be hard to believe, but actress Analeigh Tipton actually got her start as a synchronized skater who won multiple national championships. From there, she earned third place on America’s Next Top Model. She made her silver screen debut on The Green Hornet. Since then, you’ve seen her on The Big Bang Theory and Crazy, Stupid Love.

Alyssa Campanella

In 2011, New Jersey native Alyssa Campanella won the Miss USA pageant. The multi-talented Campanella was a student at the Institute of Culinary Education, but her future was actually in modeling. Though she’s naturally blonde, Alyssa knows she looks great as a redhead and continues to model while also running “The A List.”

Florence Welch

Of all the talented redheads in the public eye, Florence Welch has to be among the most talented. She’s the singer and namesake of the band Florence and the Machine, which has been successful both critically and commercially since their 2009 debut. Florence doesn’t like to show off her looks that much, but she’s definitely beautiful as well as vocally talented.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts may not be known mostly for the times she’s had red locks, but she sure looks good with them! Everyone knows the superstar’s resume, from Pretty Woman and Erin Brockovich to Closer. It’s hard to believe now, but Julia actually grew up thinking she would be a veterinarian. However, she ultimately decided to follow her parents’ footsteps and become an actress.

Sara Rue

If you were a fan of the comedic series Roseanne, you probably remember Sara Rue from her role as a young Roseanne. She also has appeared on sitcoms that include The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men. As far as films go, she’s known for playing the Attorney General in Idiocracy. There are certainly many big things to come for this redhead.

Hayley Williams

When it comes to music, few redheads have the fame and ability that Paramore singer Hayley Williams has. She has not only been the band’s lead singer, but songwriter. Each of Paramore’s albums have gone platinum, and though she just turned 30, Hayley has been in the music business since she was discovered by Atlantic Records at just 14 years old.

Angie Everhart

Angie Everhart started out as a famous fashion model, but to make it that far, she had to recover from a broken back after a 1988 horseback riding accident. She was then seen in everything from the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue to Last Action Hero. After a quiet few years, she has four films either in production or releasing in 2018.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet started earning her fame in show business in the 1990s and has since become the youngest performer to earn six Oscar nominations. Her breakout role was 1997’s Titanic, but she certainly didn’t stop there. From Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless Mind to The Reader, this redhead’s performances have stayed at a consistently high level over the years.

Reba McEntire

To many, Reba McEntire is the original redhead – in country music, at least. Sure, there were others before and since, but she has sold over 85 million albums since she started her professional music career as a 21-year-old. The talented red-haired singer started acting with Tremors in 1990 and continued with the show Reba, which ran for six years.

Trish Regan

Trish Regan is a staple in the television news business, blessing everything from The Today Show to NBC Nightly News with her beauty and professional presence. She has since gone from NBC and MSNBC to Fox News and Fox Business, but try not to judge her for that. Believe it or not, she was a contestant in the Miss America pageant in 1994 and a former Miss New Hampshire.

Simone Simons

As the lead singer of metal band Epica, Simone Simons may give new meaning to the term “fiery redhead.” She’s a classically trained singer that learned the flute as a youngster before learning to sing in a number of styles. Epica released its first album in 2003, and the band has released seven albums total to date. Simons isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Marilu Henner

If you watched classic TV shows such as Taxi, you’ll remember Marilu Henner as one of Hollywood’s original redhead stars. She played Elaine on the show and also starred in the original musical production of Grease. Nowadays, Henner is in her 60s but looks absolutely stunning! She continues to make guest appearances on TV series and was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, too.

Holland Roden

Holland Roden, like many of the redheads on our list, has a pretty interesting story. She has appeared on everything from Lost and 12 Miles of Bad Road to the TV series Teen Wolf, but the Texan started out planning to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. She’s smart as well as beautiful, having majored in molecular biology and women’s studies.

Teyana Taylor

Like so many stars, Teyana Taylor started in a pretty humble manner, writing songs for Usher, Chris Brown, and others while appearing in music videos such as Kanye West’s “Fade.” She also worked as a model. However, she has since started her career as a recording artist herself. In addition, she has appeared on the reality show Teyana and Iman with husband, NBA player Iman Shumpert.

Emma Roberts

In 2001, Emma Roberts first appeared on the big screen in the movie Blow. After that came the Nickelodeon show Unfabulous. Now, she’s all grown up, having appeared in all manner of kids’ movies for Nickelodeon. She has since appeared in the film Adult World. She’s also the star of Scream Queens on Fox.

Debby Ryan

Like Lindsay Lohan before her, Debby Ryan is attempting to make a transition between lighter kids’ fare and a career as a serious adult actress. Of course, she’s doing it without all of the unnecessary drama. She starred on shows such as The Wizards of Waverly Place and Jessie, then focused on music with her band “The Never Ending.” She can now be seen on the Netflix series Insatiable.

Karen Gillan

Scottish actress Karen Gillan first became famous by playing Amy Pond on Doctor Who. She has also appeared in such films as We’ll Take Manhattan and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. She’s in the recent film The Circle and recently directed Tupperware Party, showing that she has talent in multiple areas.

Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow was a regular on CBS’ long running soap opera Guiding Light before being cast on American Dreams, a series that earned her a trio of Teen Choice Awards. Brittany is also a talented singer who you’ve definitely seen in the Pitch Perfect films. The redhead is an advocate for anti-bullying campaigns in her spare time.

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale really worked hard to get where she is, having performed in over 100 commercials as a child before getting the attention of Disney, which cast her in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. After the High School Musical series, she released a pair of studio albums and even started her own makeup brand, so she’s a triple-threat.

Poppy Montgomery

Poppy Montgomery is one of TV’s most notable redheads and the star of the CBS drama Unforgettable. She got her big break playing the iconic Marilyn Monroe in the miniseries Blonde before moving on to appear as Samantha Spade on Without a Trace for seven seasons. It’s hard to believe, but the Australian singer is actually a high school dropout.

Jayma Mays

Tennessee-raised Jayma Mays got acquainted with American TV audiences in Joey in 2004. She then went on to star in Epic Movie in 2007. She met future husband Adam Campbell on the set, then moved on to play Emma Pillsbury on Glee. She’s recently focused on TV series, appearing in Drunk History and Trial & Error while doing voice work on The Adventures of Puss in Boots.

Alexandra Breckenridge

Alexandra Breckenridge turned the heads of teen viewers in Freaks and Geeks at just 15 years old before going on to appear in a wide variety of shows, such as CSI, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Dawson’s Creek. Today, she’s more known for American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, and most recently, This Is Us.

Molly Quinn

Molly Quinn played Alexis Castle on Castle and was also in the film We’re The Millers. The 24-year-old actress started acting by appearing in local theater productions as a youngster, and then she realized that she wanted to become an actress. She is certainly one of the young redheads to watch in Hollywood today.

Anneliese van der Pol

Dutch singer and actress Anneliese van der Pol played Chelsea Daniels on That’s So Raven, but has since focused most of her efforts on Broadway, where she has starred as Belle in the production of Beauty and the Beast. She reprised her role as Chelsea in Raven’s Home and has completed a role in the upcoming film 5 Weddings.

Tina Louise

Most of our article has focused on today’s hottest redheads, but come on…you can’t have a list of beautiful redheads without Tina Louise, who played Ginger Grant on Gilligan’s Island. Many people don’t realize that though she became a respected actress, she started her career off as a model that often posed for pretty racy pictures.

Kathy Griffin

While Kathy Griffin may not be the most conventionally attractive redhead, she’s got that certain spark to her and a great sense of humor, to boot. In The Unborn, she made her film debut and used stand-up comedy in the 1990s to build a name for herself as a comedienne. She has since become something of a pop culture expert and appeared on the show My Life on the D-List.

Rachelle Lefevre

Rachelle Lefevre is a gorgeous redhead who hails from Canada. Her acting resume includes everything from Twilight to Boston Legal and Big Wolf on Campus. You also may recognize her beautiful red curls from Under the Dome and Off the Map. In Under the Dome, she starred with fellow redhead Mackenzie Lintz.

Mackenzie Lintz

Mackenzie Lintz was Norrie Calvert-Hill on Under the Dome, an adaptation of a Stephen King project. She was nominated for a Saturn Award for her performance. The 21-year-old also appeared as a tribute girl in The Hunger Games. Recently, she filmed a role in Love, Simon and will appear in the upcoming film Flying Cars.


Rihanna is also not a conventional redhead, but she’s gone red with her hair so many times (and looked so beautiful doing so), that we had to sneak her into this list. Of course, she requires no real introduction, having won eight Grammy Awards and sold over 230 million albums. She is constantly changing up her look, but we hope she goes red more often!