An Inside Look At The Real Russia


Russia is the biggest country in the world and it is a goldmine of mystery. It homes cities that require permits to enter and roads that regular cars can’t access. Being as massive as it is, Russia differs from region to region. The deeper and further you get from Moscow, the odder it will become for a westerner. Today we’re going to shine a light on the unique culture that lies inside Russia. Prepare to feast your eyes of a Russia you never knew existed.

Miners In Russia

When it comes to producing mineral commodities, Russia is ranked number one over anywhere else in the world. Miners are looked up to in Russia and are known to have a lot of pride in their work. Look for yourself at how happy these miners are as they post in front of one of their many giant mining tools. This a Russian mega-tractor/drill and it serves as a dirt scooper and hole digger.

Norilsk: The World’s Northern City

The more North you go in this world, the colder and rougher the conditions get. Many people never travel so high and few countries dare establish cities in their Northern regions. This doesn’t stop Russia. The world’s most northern city, Norilsk is in Russia. It is a mining city and the produce mass amounts of copper, nickel, copper, cobalt, palladium, and platinum. The city is often covered in smog and experience acid rain.

Winter Or Summer

This picture most look insane for anyone who lives outside of Russia. That said, in Russia, people really care about their appearance. Their style of dress conveys a lot to their peers and they want to appear acceptable. While these girls may look crazy when compared to girls out here in the West, for them it is quite normal to head out into the snow in shorts and high heels.

Celebration Of Maslenitsa

In Russia, it isn’t rare to see a kid riding a horse to school. Most know that cars in Russia are few and far between. Just Kidding! This kid is on his way to the Nizhnevartovk city center. It is by the Ob River that the town’s people celebrate their annual Christmas festival of Maslenitsa. The origins of this festival can be found in Slavis mythology. The Maslenitsa sun-festival used to signal the end of winter. The new celebration doesn’t and often times people are partying in below zero temperatures.

Carpets Are Everything

Subway trains are always places where you can see the odd and bizarre. The subways in Moscow are no different, in fact, they are odd in the way that only Russia can be odd. People in Russia love carpets. Carpets help them survive in the winter and that’s why we see them place them on the wall. This guy takes put together his love for tracksuits and carpets and came out with this outfit.


Russia Is Not Without A Beach

Nobody is exactly picturing bikini-clad people, beaches, sun or reclining in the sun when they think about Russia. This isn’t California, this is a cold Northern land. Let me introduce you to Sochi-Adler, Russia’s tropical beach paradise away from Moscow. The country is big and the city of Sochi differs from the rest of the country. In the summer they get up to two million visiters to their beaches. The only thing bad about Sochi is the lack of sand. It is replaced by rocks.

Russian Villages

If you ever have an itch to step into the past, head to a Russian village. It is in there village you’ll feel like your in a place that time long abandoned. After the fall of the Soviet Union, all the collective farms and factories that were placed outside of these villages closed down. This resulted in many villagers fleeing to big cities. Today the villages are on their last legs and mostly filled with pensioners

Boat Weddings

Weddings are not taken lightly in Russia. Weddings in Russia are 100% partying and usually have a lifespan of two to five days. A ceremony usually kicks off all the fun festivities. Along with partying, the couple spends a good amount of time touring the city’s most historical locations. Some weddings take place on boats. That’s right, boat weddings are getting very popular in Russia. In this picture the coulpe in tying the knot on a boat that is float on the River Neva in St. Petersburg.

Babushka Vendors

No matter what part of the country you find yourself on, you can rest assured that you will always see Babushka Vendors. These elderly women aren’t just parading in the middle of the streets though, you’ll need to look at the nearest bus and train stations. It is there that these elderly women will be waiting to sell you fresh veggies for your dinner. They are playing no games. Look at the seriousness on their faces. Veggie selling is their lively hood.

Caught In The Rain

The rain falls pretty hard in Russia and in some small towns it is falling harder than ever. Take a look at this elderly woman using a bucket to guard herself against the water. Recently the government has forked over millions of dollars for a cloud dispersing machine. Its function is to keep cities like Moscow dry on holidays. All the while, the clouds are being pushed over smaller towns.

The Police Are Just Like Everyone Else

Russian police usually carry with them the bad reputation of being strict, tough and at sometimes even unfair. That said, under that uniform is a man/woman like anyone us. Here we have a picture of two Russian police officers just hanging out on a playground with a few children. This picture definitely shows that these cops have a soft side.

Parkour Rules All

One of the most popular sports in Russia is Parkour. Many may recall that the origins of the sport are in France. That said, Russia has taken things to the next level. The Moscow Parkour Academy is the best organization in the world to learn parkour and it is based in Moscow. You will learn all the needed discipline techniques from the top parkour experts. The academy is also full of military obstacles that will challenge even the best trainer.

An Interesting Way To Rebel

Russian school really stress that their students wear uniforms. The are given two choices. They can wear short sleeves in the summertime or wear long sleeve in the winter. Teenagers thrive on expressing themselves and standing out as individuals, so the girls are school decided to work around the dress codes and find a way to stand out. This has resulted in most school girls look like maids.

A Fountain Celebration

When most teenagers graduate from high school, they probably celebrate by throwing their backpacks in the garbage and hitting the local pubs. In Russia, students jump into fountains and splash around in the water, This is their moment of pure freedom and what better way is there to celebrate than to jump into the fountain.

In Russia The Snow Falls Harder

In Europe and America, snowfall is unfortunate and will keep you inside. In Russia, the snow will literally keep you inside. It will pile up along the walls so high that it will take a bulldozer to clear out three stories worth of snow. Citizens wake up in the morning and find themselves completely trapped. This means no work, no school and in the worst case, no help.

Siberian Shaman

Do not take this picture for granted finding and capturing a picture of Shaman at work is no simple task. The ancient religion of Shamanism originate is Siberia and today it is on its last legs there. It has a lot in common with Buddism and is amongst the world’s most peaceful religions. This picture was taken on Olkhon Island in Eastern Siberia.

Soccer is The Country’s Sport

Like in most countries that aren’t America, soccer is the most beloved sport in all of Russia. Witness here a guy playing in the middle of one of the country’s many squares. The World Cup will be hosted in Moscow this year, which is excited as we get to see what Russia will provide for the show. Given their love for the sport, it is bound to be a big surprise.

Russia Homes A Gigantic Military

Russia’s biggest pride is no doubt in their giant military. They are always ready for the worst situation and will put up one heck of a fight in they need to. They are equipped with both female and male soldiers who train for the most difficult of task. The females of Russian may look harmless and elegant but these girls can kick butt if they have to. This picture shows to Russian helicopters flying over a military parade.

Russia Is Very Diverse

Most people would travel to Russia and think to only see Russian, but this isn’t the case. The world’s largest nation is actually quite diverse. This photo right here is showing a large amount of Muslims praying on one of their holy holidays. Russia has living within it people from all colors and creeds. You’ll find Buddist, Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights showcase themselves in only a few locations in this world. They aren’t at all a common sight to behold. That said, you will find them with ease in the great nation of Russia. You’ll also get a good shot at possibly hearing the aurora sounds. The Northern Lights attract a fair amount of people in Russia.

High Heel Madness

If you’re a woman in Russia, you can forget about ever buy flat shoes. You always need to be wearing high heels at all times and for every circumstance. This is an unspoken rule between all the women in the country. It could a snowing or raining, but you’ll still need to be wearing those heels. Even at the gym, you will at least see some women in heels.

Don’t Smile In Russia

Around the world, the smile is a sign of warmness, welcome, and joy. Not is Russia! Kuba Krys of the Polish Academy of Sciences has revealed that in some countries and smile is viewed upon as being negative. In the great nation of Russia, a smile is viewed upon as being sneaky or the expression of a fool. You will only ever smile at people who you are truly close to.

Karaoke Is Everything

In the giant land of the North, karaoke is everything. If you are at a wedding or any big celebration, you can bet your life that a karaoke machine will be rolled out and the singing will begin. These karaoke sessions are not for the light-hearted. They intend on keeping the entertainment going until the sun comes up. These sessions leave for an interesting night as they get more comedic as the night goes on.

The Read Siberia

When the word Siberia pops up, everyone immediately things of snow and unforgiving climate. That isn’t entirely true. While the winters in Siberia are freezing, they do experience a rather warm summer. This is when the regions farming community comes out of their long hibernation. The region is home to many landscapes and cities. It is far from the icy desert you imagine it to be.

Russia Is Table Tennis Crazy

You can go to any park in the world and you will find old people strolling or playing chess, young kids skating and few people relaxing in the grass. In Russia things are different. You’ll find that the people there have a particular love for table tennis. The game is a sensation on a nationwide level. Look at all those tables in the picture. They go back a couple hundred feet.

BBQ In The Cold

There is nothing like a good summertime BBQ. In Russia, the citizens don’t wait for the summer, they BBQ without it. With snow melting around them, they dress in their warmest clothes and begin cooking the meat while throwing back a few drinks. Russian are strong enough for any weather and it will not determine how they will spend their day.

Harvesting Tea

This is a look at Russia at the dawn of the 20th century. A lot has changed for the nation in the past one hundred years, but that style is still around and thriving. That said, it just isn’t worn by young people anymore. This has become the look of the elderly. You will now find street veggie vendors rocking this style. One has to question how this style has remained so popular throughout the years.

Russians Love Dried Fish

Nobody here in the West is going nuts over dried fish. In Russia, dried fish is hugely popular. Ut rose to popularity almost completely by accident. Back in the days of the Soviet revolution, most people didn’t know when they’d get their next meal. That said, they’d find solace in dried and pickled fish. Dired fish remains to be eaten today, but not for the same exact reasons.

Waiting In The Food Lines

Back when Russia was still going by the Soviet Union, citizens couldn’t just get up and go to the supermarket. Once a week they’d have to walk up to the local food line and wait. These lines went around the block and if you didn’t get there early, there is a good chance that you’d return home empty-handed. This woman’s expression says it all as she waits in one of those lines. Hopefully, things took a better turn for her a few years later.

Russia is Full Of Innovation

Russians absolutely pride themselves on being a quick thinking and innovative people. While most people can put together something at last minute, Russians take innovation to the next level. This car is a testament to that truth. When this guys windshield wipers were stolen, he took this common broom and put it to good use. Russians definitely know how to make things work.