Forget What You’ve Heard: This Is The True Story Of Macaulay Culkin


Macaulay Culkin was a child star best known for his roles in movies such as “Home Alone” and “My Girl.” As he grew up in the limelight, many scrutinized his life decisions. However, there is so much more to Culkin than what you have read about in the tabloids and heard on the news.

He Was 1 Of 7 Children

Macaulay Carson Culkin was born in New York City, on August 26, 1980. He was the third child (eventually of 7) to Kit Culkin and Patricia Brentrup. His father was a former stage and child star, and his mother was a phone operator. Culkin attended St. Joseph’s School of Yorkville for 5 years before moving to the the Professional Children’s School (a school targeted towards young actors and dancers). He also studied ballet at the School of American Ballet.


Entered Showbiz At Age 4

Macaulay Culkin took to the stage at the young age of 4. His first roles were in a string of Off-Broadway shows. However, by the time he was 8-years-old, he began landing movie roles. His first film, Rocket Gibraltar, premiered in 1988, which was followed by See You in the Morning, in 1989. He received critical acclaim in newspapers such as The New Yorker and The New York Times.


Acting Felt Like Freedom

During an interview with New York Magazine, Culkin described his feelings during his first movie (Rocket Gibraltar) shoot. He said it felt like freedom, “My God. You get to play on the beach and ride a bike all day,” Culkin said. “On the first take of my very first film, all we were supposed to do was just ride, you know. So I’m riding, I’m riding, I’m riding, and the director yells, ‘Cut!’ and I kept on riding. I just kept going. Finally the director had to run me down.”


Director Of ‘Home Alone’ Was Skeptical Of Him

Writer John Hughes wrote the script for Home Alone with Macaulay in mind for the lead. When the script was given to the director, Chris Columbus, he was skeptical of this decisions. Culkin was the first boy he auditioned for the role of Kevin McCallister. Colombus went on to audition many of other boys but none came close to Culkin’s abilities. The movie went on to gross more than $285 million in the U.S.

Home Alone (1990)

First Kiss Was On Screen

By the time Culkin landed the role of Thomas J. Sennett in 1991’s “My Girl”, he was also a seasoned actor. However, despite his fame and money, Culkin still had not had his first kiss. However, that changed when he had to kiss the female lead of Vada (played by Anna Chlumsky) in the film. Therefore, millions of people across the country got to witness Culkin’s first kiss.


Highest Paid Child Star

After Home Alone, the roles just kept rolling in. He starred in the tear-jerker, My Girl, which was followed by Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and The Good Son. In 1994, at 14-years-old, Culkin continued to appear in multiple movies such as The Pagemaster, Getting Even with Dad, and Ri¢hie Ri¢h. For the latter 2 films, Culkin was paid $8 million, making him the highest paid child star at the time.

richie rich

Godfather Of Michael Jackson’s Children

Michael Jackson and Macaulay met in the 1990s, right around the time “Home Alone” was released. The two became close and built a tight friendship. They were so close that Michael even named Macaulay as the godfather to his children, Prince Michael Jr. and Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson. During the allegations towards Michael, Macaulay remained steadfast in support of his friend. However, Culkin’s father kept him from truly voicing his opinion.

culkin and jackson

Michael Was His Best Friend

Despite their age difference, Culkin has said Michael Jackson was his best friend, as they had so many similarities. “We had very similar experiences in childhood,” Culkin said in an interview with New York Magazine. “It’s not like I can just bump into people on the street and say, Oh! You too! It doesn’t happen that often. Michael’s still a kid. I’m still a kid. We’re both going to be about 8 years old forever in some place because we never had a chance to be 8 when we actually were. That’s kind of the beautiful and the cursed part of our lives.”


He Could Be Himself On The Neverland Ranch

Culkin and Jackson spent a lot of time together on Jackson’s estate, the Neverland Ranch. In an interview with New York Magazine, Culkin described his experience there, “You know there’s not going to be a photographer in the bushes. You can walk around and no one will stare at you and you can be normal. Neverland is still the only place on earth where I feel absolutely, 100 percent comfortable.”


Youngest Host Of ‘SNL’

When Culkin was 11-years-old, he was at the peak of his fame. He was offered the role of hosting Saturday Night Live, an offer only the most popular celebrities receive. He became one of the youngest actors to ever host the show. There was only one other actor who was younger – Drew Barrymore. Coming of the fame of “E.T”, Barrymore hosted the show when she was only 7-years-old.


Father Was Not The Best Manager

Media has reported many times about how Kit Culkin abused his power as Macaulay’s manager. Macaulay once said “My father was overbearing. Very controlling. He was always the way he is, even before my success. He’d play mind games to make sure I knew my place.” It was also reported that Kit would take some of Macaulay’s money and spend it on things he wanted for himself.

Hollywood’s Most Hated Stage Mom

Kit Culkin took his job as Macaulay’s manager very seriously and wbecame known as Hollywood’s most hated “stage mom”. Macaulay’s lawyer, Ken Weinrib said “I knew Kit very, very, very well. I made every deal he ever had, and a lot of the difficulties were not about money; that’s the reason it would get so difficult and toxic. Because it wasn’t about money. It was about power.”


Legal Troubles With His Parents

When Culkin was 15-years-old, he got caught in the middle of a nasty custody battle between his parents. Both parents were seeking full custody over Macaulay and his finances. According to The Sun, “Macaulay’s lawyer filed a motion to remove both parents as legal guardians and allow him to manage his $11 million (£8.4 million) fortune himself.” This led to a big strain in Macaulay’s and his father’s relationship. They rarely spoke after the trial.


Refused To Sit In A Chair In School

Culkin, by the time he reached his senior year in high school, only went for social reasons. He said school was too easy and he goofed off frequently with friends. During the year, he refused to sit the desks and chairs given to every student. He actually carried around a stool with him to all his classes. He told New York Magazine, “Eventually, they called me in and said, ‘We think you’re trying to tell us something with that stool.’ ”

Macaulay Culkin

Family Apartment Burned Down

In 1998, Culkin was involved in a horrific accident. Two days before Christmas, his family apartment was destroyed by a fire. His whole family made it out safely. But, sadly, 4 others in the building lost their lives. His family had to stand outside in the snow until they were able to take refuge in a downtown hotel. He recalls to “TIME” that all he wanted after the event were “dry socks”.


Came Out Of Retirement For Stage Acting

After a many year hiatus from acting, Culkin returned. However, he returned not on camera but rather to the stage. He played the role of a 16-year-old boy who had been seduced by his Parisian teacher. The show premiered in October 2000 on the West End Stage in London. Culkin received high praise for his return after the 6 year break.


Has Agoraphobia

In 2004, Culkin sat down for an interview with Larry King. In the interview, he admitted that he is a self-diagnosed agoraphobiac (fear of open spaces). He said it is due to the thousands of photographers that invade his privacy daily. He self-medicated in order to deal with the issue. However, he also said he got a dog in order to force himself out the house as the dog must be walked.

culkin and dog

First Credit Card Purchase

Culkin had over a $10 million fortune by the time his was 15-years-old. He had more money than he knew what to do with. However, when he got his first credit card he made a $600 purchase – an ebony cane with a sterling-silver tip. He told New York Magazine, he bought it “because I could”. He continued “I feel like some little kid worked really, really hard and I got his money.”


Grew Up Poor

Money was not something Culkin always had access to. Billy Hopkins, the casting director who gave Culkin his very first acting job said “They were so poor I had to use my own money to make sure that he got to and from rehearsal. Macaulay would crawl under the bleachers at the theater to look for change that had fallen out of people’s pockets.”

culkin family

Picky About His Films

Macaulay Culkin disappeared from the Hollywood scene between 1994-2002. He says it was to concentrate on family issues. However, he has also said it was because he wasn’t receiving movie offers he particularly liked. Therefore, it wasn’t until he was approached by “Party Monster” creators that he came back into the limelight. He said “Most of the offers I get from Hollywood are for teen comedies. My manager thinks I’m crazy for turning down all that money, but I’m very picky. I’d made enough money by the time I was 12 to never have to work again, so it’s not about a big check with me. It’s about finding unique, one-of-a-kind films that I would want to see myself. I think Party Monster (2003) is one of those.”


Married Young

Over the years, Culkin has been romantically linked to many beautiful women. His first relationship was with Rachel Miner. The two met in high school and dated on and off for several years before they decided to get married. Culkin married the actress in 1998, but the couple officially divorced in 2002. Today, Rachel is best known for her role of Meg Masters in the TV series “Supernatural”.


Linked To Beautiful Women

Over the years, Culkin has been romantically linked to many beautiful women. He married actress Rachel Miner in 1998, but the couple officially divorced in 2002. Then, for many years he was linked to actress Mila Kunis. They began dating in 2002 and did not officially split until 2011. They couple was living on opposite sides of the country so there was a strain on a relationship. However, the split was amicable and they still remain friends. Since November 2013, Culkin has been dating actress Jordan Lane Price.


Filmed A Movie Just On An Iphone

After his split with Mila Kunis, many said Culkin’s artistic tastes became mor eeccentric. In 2011, he participated in a movie that was filmed all on an iPhone. The movie titled “The Wrong Ferrari” and followed the life of a man named Greenster. The movie is series of sketches with Dadaist dialogue, and does not follow a continuous plot. It was released online as free download.

the wrong ferrari

Was A Member Of A Rock Comedy Band

Culkin was once part of a comedy rock band called “Pizza Underground”. In 2013, Culkin uploaded a video of himself which was titled “Macaulay Culkin Eating a Slice of Pizza” (the movie title is also the description). The video was a spoof on Andy Warhol eating a Whopper in “66 Scenes from America” and was actually created to promote his band. They toured the U.S. in 2014 but announced their split in 2016.


2017 Makeover

Macaulay Culkin recently caused a media frenzy after he appeared in public with a whole new look. He recently gave up his long luscious golden locks for a shorter more edgier look. He looked on trend, with his wardrobe of a chambray shirt, graphic tee, black jeans a boots. Many believe this new look may be for his role in Changeland (an upcoming film with Seth Green and Brenda Song).

Macaulay Culkin