Family Dog Grabs Baby By Its Diaper, Then Mom Sees the Surprising Reason Why


Deciding to adopt a rescue dog is a brave decision. One does not know how the dog will act as many rescues have previously been abused. Despite the horror stories, one family in Australia decided to take in a rescue Doberman. They hoped with lots of the love the dog could become a loyal companion. However, after only being in his new home for 4 days, the rescue dog began acting violently. The mother of the family panicked until she realized why.

Dog Meets Toddler

Catherine Svilicic and her family live in Australia. The family decided it was time to add a new addition to the family. They chose to adopt a rescue Doberman. Upon meeting the recuse dog, Catherine believed him to be extremely calm and loving. The first meeting between the dog and her daughter went well, as well as the days after. She never expected what soon transpired between her daughter and their new dog.

Unforeseen Behavior From The Rescue Dog

Catherine Svilicic was happy with her choice to bring home their new dog, which the family named Kahn. Of course, as a mother, she had her concerns about bringing a rescue dog around her young child. However, with love and affection, she knew the dog would transition into his new home smoothly. She did not imagine, that if treated right, the dog would ever act violently to them. Therefore, she didn’t ever expect what she saw.

Dobermans Can Be Dangerous

If treated improperly any dog can be dangerous. However, Dobermans are given a bad reputation as they are often used in settings such as police work and the military. Due to their intelligence and intimidating looks, they are the perfect dogs for these industries. However, like pit bulls, they can also be extremely loving and loyal companions.

Dog & Baby Will Grow Together

After having her daughter, Charlotte, Catherine knew she wanted to get a dog. A dog would be the perfect friend for her daughter to grow up with. Her daughter would learn about friendship and responsibility through her dog. Many families choose to go to breeders. However, the Svilicics decided it would be best to find a dog who really needed a home.

Adopt Don’t Shop

Many animal advocates preach for people looking for an animal to “adopt” and “not shop,” as there are so many animals that need homes. Catherine visited several shelters looking at the dogs available for adoption. One dog caught her eye. He was a larger breed, a Doberman. However, despite his size, Catherine knew there was something special about him. She adopted the dog and named him Kahn. She took him home to meet the rest of her family.

Kahn Meets The Young Girl, Charlotte

Catherine knew there was a risk bringing home any dog, rescue or not, to meet her tiny daughter, Charlotte. At the time Catherine brought Kahn home, Charlotte was only 17-months-old and completely defenseless. Due to the extreme abuse Kahn previously faced, no one could actually predict how he would act around the little girl. Kahn was actually scheduled to be euthanized. However, Catherine changed his fate.

A Normal Day With The Dog

The first three days of Kahn being in the house were great. He was well-behaved and remained gentle with little Charlotte. However, day 4 was different. On day 4, everything changed. Toddler Charlotte and her new friend, Kahn, were playing outside in the backyard. They appeared to be having fun, but a sad twist of fate changed that quickly.

Playtime Turned Ugly

Charlotte and Kahn were enjoying the nice weather outside. Walking around the backyard and playing in the grass together. Everything looked to be going extremely well. However, suddenly Kahn snapped and threw Charlotte across the yard. Charlotte was hurt. Catherine was close by and was stunned by the ordeal. In shock, she rushed to her little girl.

An Unprovoked Attack

Catherine was frantic. Kahn had bit Charlotte by the diaper and threw her across the lawn.What had just happened between her seemingly well-behaved dog and her daughter? When she ran to her daughter, she noticed Kahn still looked angry and was growling. She knew her little girl would not do anything to provoke such an attack. What was making Kahn so angry, why did he throw Charlotte?

Mom Saw Attack From Kitchen Window

Despite the first few days going so well with Kahn, Catherine knew she still had to keep an eye on him while playing with her daughter. She was washing dishes when the two went out to play. She saw the whole ordeal from the kitchen window. She saw the dog toss her defenseless baby girl. Mother’s instinct quickly kicked in, and she ran to check on her daughter for any bumps or bruises. Relief began to come over her as she thought the trouble was over. However, that was only the beginning.

Tossed Her Like A Rag Doll

Catherine was frightened by the whole situation. She had not seen this side of Kahn before. He showed his true aggression and strength as she watched her new dog bite Charlotte’s diaper and toss her like she was a rag doll. This act of brute strength alone scared Catherine. Little did Catherine know there was so much more to be scared of.

Kahn Suddenly Collapsed

In her frenzy, Catherine was angry at the dog and extremely confused about the whole thing. She said, “If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it.” Luckily, Charlotte was unharmed. Kahn kept growling and barking. He suddenly let out a great cry and collapsed to the ground. Catherine was perplexed and now worried.

Kahn Wasn’t Moving

Catherine felt very fortunate to discover her daughter unharmed. However, Kahn had just collapsed, and he wasn’t moving. Once she had calmed her daughter, her attention turned to Kahn. Something was seriously wrong, but what was it? Clearly, there was more happening than meets the eye. Catherine had a feeling that Kahn was not acting in aggression but rather protection. She rushed to her dog’s side, Kahn needed help.

Kahn Was Wounded

Catherine carefully approached Kahn. She noticed Kahn had a large wound on his leg and he was bleeding heavily. He was still not moving. Catherine’s thoughts were now confirmed. Kahn had been protecting little Charlotte and was wounded in the process. But, now he seemed lifeless. What could have caused this injury? She got a glance of the answer moving in the grass, but there was no time to ponder the question, Catherine knew she had to act quickly, or their new family member may not live much longer.

There Was No Time

Catherine had to be quick on her feet. This newly adopted dog had just saved her daughter, now it was her turn to save the dog. He was bleeding out and needed to be taken care of quickly. Catherine was not sure what exactly had happened, but she could see Kahn was in pain. Kahn had to be taken to the vet quickly.

His Fate Once Again Rested In Her Hands

Kahn had already been saved from death by Catherine once before, as before adoption, he was scheduled to be euthanized. She now was given the task again. She had to work quickly in order to save Kahn’s life. She inspected the scene. Kahn was not moving; she was worried she was too late. Luckily, she didn’t give up.

Whisked Him Away To The Vet

Dobermans are not small dogs, and Kahn was no exception. However, through adrenaline and determination to save Kahn, Catherine picked him up and brought him directly to the car. Her heart was pounding as she drove as quickly as she could to the vet. The longer she took, the less likely Kahn was to survive. She had to get to the vet, and she had to get there fast.

The Drive Of Her Life

Catherine thought back to what she had possibly seen in the grass before whisking Kahn away. If what she saw was true, Kahn was truly a hero. She would do anything it took to save him. She continued to drive, as quickly, but as carefully as she possibly could. Luckily, Kahn is a fighter.

Arrived At The Vet

Catherine was in a panic for the whole ride. Her dog was a hero and Catherine refused to let his life end that way. She pulled up to the vet and slammed on the brakes. She scopped up Kahn from the passenger seat and rushed him into the vet. She frantically called out for help. Doctors and nurses quickly ran to the poor dog’s side.

Reciprocated Love

At this point, it was clear to Catherine that Kahn had saved her daughter from something terrible. Looking back, she realizes that had she not been in a state of panic, she may not have been able to carry him. However, that immediate love she felt for Kahn when she realized his heroic act, was equally matched by Kahn’s love for Charlotte. He had protected her daughter in her time of need and now Catherine was going to do the same.

She Would Not Leave Him

Knowing that her daughter was safe brought relief to Catherine. However, if it weren’t for Kahn, Charlotte may have been the one at the doctor’s office. Catherine knew this and refused to leave his side. Kahn was a member of the family and deserved to be treated as so. As Kahn was moved into surgery, Catherine grew worried about the fate of her heroic dog.

Doctors Give Answers

Kahn was quickly taken into surgery soon after being brought to the vet. Upon initial inspection, the doctors knew exactly what happened to Kahn. He had been injected with venom. They quickly gave him a shot of anti-venom. Catherine was extremely worried. Anti-venom is not always 100% successful. Would her precious dog make it through the night?