Brothers May Have Cracked The 220-Year-Old Oak Island Mystery


Origins Of The Oak Island Mystery

Legend has it that a man named “McGinnis”, one of the first settlers of the Oak Island, discovered a depression in the ground, in 1799, while scouting for a farm. McGinnis had heard a story from other settlers that said a sailor named Captain William Kidd and his crew buried millions of pounds of treasure somewhere on the island. McGinnis believed he may have found the spot where that treasure was buried. With the assistance of two men, McGinnis began excavating the ground. Although there are conflicting reports of what exactly they found, many agree that the trio mysteriously abandoned their dig due to “superstitious dread”.


Discovery Of Clues To Treasure

Only a few short years after the McGinnis dig, the Onslow Company went to the Nova Scotian island to continue the excavation. They continued to dig approximately 90 feet below the ground’s surface. After lots of digging, they found a long tablet that bore a mysterious inscription of symbols. After the pit flooded, the group once again abandoned the excavation. However, researchers began trying to decipher what they tablet said. One researcher claimed that tablet says “Forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried.” The search for buried treasure was quickly reignited.

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What Could The Treasure Be?

As the true treasure remains an enigma, many have theorized what the Oak Island treasure could actually be or where it really came from. Some believe that the true writer of William Shakespeare’s literature, Francis Bacon, dug a pit and hid his work and his earnings there. While others believe, it is the jewels on the infamous Marie Antionette. These believers say Marie’s maids fled France to Oak Island where they enlisted the French Navy to bury Marie’s most prized possessions.

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A Cursed Treasure

Many different companies and people came to Oak Island in search of the unknown buried treasure. However, many say that treasure is actually cursed. Since the discovery of possible treasure, 7 people have died during the search. Despite the tragic deaths, more and more people would come on a search for riches. Many ignored the possible curse that lay buried with the treasure, including the Lagina brothers.


Brothers’ Fascination Begins

Rick Lagina was only 11-years-old when he first heard about the mysterious Oak Island treasure. In 1965, Rick was reading an issue of Reader’s Digest magazine, when he stumbled upon an article about the curse and the treasure. It was from that moment, that Rick knew it was his destiny to one day search for and, hopefully, find that buried treasure.

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Rick & Marty Invest In Oak Island

After several years of fascination and watching multiple excavations from afar, Rick and Marty Lagina decided it was time to get involved. Oak Island had been owned by several different people and companies since it was first settled. In 2005, the Laginas decided to invest in 50% stake of Oak Island Tours Inc., which owned most of the island at the time. With now part ownership of the island, the brothers wasted no time and got to work on the finding the treasure.

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New Technology, New TV Show

The Lagina Brothers were now searching for the treasure with access to more technology than any other treasure hunter before them. This means the brothers could search uncharted territories and work at a much quicker rate. The story of their hunt was discovered by executives at the History Channel. The brothers were approached by the executives and “The Curse Of Oak Island” reality TV series was born. With the new technology, income from the TV show and growing fame, the brothers had the means more than ever to continue their hunt.

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New Discoveries

Although the excavation process was long, it didn’t take long before the brothers began finding some significant artifacts. One of the first things they found was a 17th Century Spanish copper coin. The discoveries continued with amazing artifacts such as Portuguese carvings, a Roman sword, and even evidence that the Aztecs had once visited the island. The brothers kept making more intriguing discoveries, slowly making their way towards the true buried treasure.

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A New Map Creates New Hope

During the 4th season of the Lagina’s brother show, they were given a map of the island that was created in 1647. The map, which was written in French, labeled several things that the brothers had not seen before. The map, researchers claim, show evidence that some of the buried treasure may have come from Africa. Could this map be the final step in cracking the Oak Island mystery?


The Search Continues

Last viewers saw of the Lagina brother’s excavation, the two had discovered some interesting items such as a Barrotte spike of Spanish galleon ship. Unfortunately, the brothers have not found the “2 million pound” treasure yet. However, their search is continuing on the history channel in November 2017. With the newly discovered maps and artifacts, the Lagina brothers are hopefully they will find the real treasure soon.