These Photos Show How Crazy Las Vegas Can Get


Let’s take a look at some classic photos that show just how crazy Las Vegas can get. This will give you a taste of the kinds of personalities and crazy activities you may become accustomed to when you make a trip to Sin City.

Monkey Business

They say that monkeys are very similar to humans when it comes to intelligence, and well, behavior. That would seem to be the case, judging by this particular monkey, who’s getting a little too comfortable with a visitor to Las Vegas in this photo. The woman is definitely taken aback as she didn’t expect this kind of monkeying around during her trip.

Bridal Shower

Usually, you might see bachelorette parties in Las Vegas, and on occasion, you’ll see honeymooners there, too. But seeing a woman in Vegas with a full wedding gown and veil on? Well, that’s a little less likely. Perhaps she just got done getting married at one of those 24-hour wedding chapels and is trying her luck at the local casino?

Best Possible Choice

Think of all the bad decisions that you can make while in Las Vegas. You can gamble all of your money away, get married to a total stranger while on a bender, get arrested for all manner of things, and get a terrible tattoo- all in one night! So when you think about it like that, having one of your friends write “I Love Vegas” in goofy block letters on your back isn’t that big of a mistake.

Somebody’s Watching Me

As if guys didn’t already have enough to worry about when some weirdo walks past several open urinals to take the one right next to them, now they have to have the feeling of a beautiful woman watching them pee, too! You have to hand it to this bar; this is a pretty clever way to add a little personality to the restroom. People probably go there just to snag a photo of this setup.

The “Free Drinks” Look

When you look just like Zach Galifianakis’ character in the classic Las Vegas-based comedy The Hangover, you never have to buy yourself a drink in Vegas. And there are other perks to looking that way, too, as you can tell by this photo. Other average looking dudes surely don’t have groups of beautiful girls approaching them all night long for photos.

Funny Hat Day

There are all kinds of cool places to check out in Las Vegas. This one is a restaurant where the staff will give you a paper hat that has something funny written on it. While the girl in the photo is taking it all with a good sense of humor, you can tell that her boyfriend is perhaps not so enthused by what’s written on his.

What’s Going On Here?

This is a pretty strange photo, even for Las Vegas. Either they are expecting the tower they’re on to fall and they’re bracing for impact, or the guy on the far left has decided that he’s had enough partying and decided to pass out right where he is, allowing his friends to take a pretty funny photo with him. We’re going to go with the latter of the two possibilities.

Anger Management

Well friends, this is how you go about losing all of your money and getting arrested in Las Vegas all in one fell swoop. This guy obviously couldn’t afford to gamble away his money and did it anyway, and he thinks he can take out his anger on the machine. Sorry to say, Bill, but machines don’t have feelings and now you’ll just be paying a fine and paying for repairs.

It’s All Good

Las Vegas has plenty of competition for tourist dollars, so every company tries to do something to stand out. This particular taxi driver is obviously set on making a fun atmosphere in his cab while riffing on the usual signs you see that list everything that isn’t permitted in a specific location. As you can see, the usual rules don’t apply in Vegas, baby!

Bigfoot Sold Out

How on Earth is Bigfoot himself just sitting and playing poker with a bunch of regular folks at a casino? Well, it appears that Bigfoot has not only appeared in beef jerky commercials but now is making public appearances for them, too. What a sellout. First, you couldn’t get a clear photo of him for decades, now he’s playing poker in Vegas. He must have some gambling debts to pay.

Super Mario Booze

Mario and Luigi are usually hard at work stomping Koopas, breaking bricks, and rescuing princesses. However, even these famous brothers need a break once in a while. It looks like they may have partied a little too hard on this particular occasion, though. That’s what Las Vegas does to you, though. You end up waking up wondering why you have a headache and where all your money went.

Compare And Contrast

As mentioned earlier, Las Vegas businesses try really hard to earn the entertainment dollars of the tourists there. This is a clever ad that may redirect some tourists to the owner’s liquor store while making a funny point. Sure, therapy may have more long-term benefits than drink intake, but who makes long-term decisions while in Las Vegas?

He’s Sleeping In

How in the world did this guy pull off this arrangement? I don’t know what’s more unusual: seeing a casino that’s actually closed in Las Vegas or seeing a half-naked man sleeping behind a row of slot machines. Was this the result of a prank or is this guy really thinking this is a good place to get some rest for the night? So many questions!


I know art when I see it, and that balloon stripper hat is the work of a true artist. This particular individual said no to all of your typical balloon animals and made a hat for the gentleman in the photo, complete with a pole and all. It’s hard to say if his girlfriend is as impressed by the hat as he is, but he definitely looks happy with it.

What’s His Deal?

Where do you even start with this guy? What possessed him to put on a fanny pack, a pair of Crocs and dress up like a bachelorette on the streets of Las Vegas? Is he asking for tips, as his fan indicates? And what are people supposed to be tipping him for? For being extremely pale and providing them with some nightmare fuel on their way to the hotel?

Conked Out

Hey, don’t judge these guys. When you’re in Las Vegas partying hard, there isn’t always time for a whole lot of sleep. You have to snag a nap when you can. Although you can tell they’re at a coffee shop, so maybe there just wasn’t enough caffeine in their drinks to stave off their need for sleep? It’s hard to say, but you can bet these guys will be up and ready to party again in no time.

Tattoos To Regret

It seems like people go to Las Vegas for two reasons: to have fun and make poor choices. You can guess which category this awful tattoo goes into. Everything here is bad: the quote is wrong, it’s got terrible punctuation, the text looks like the handwritten scrawl of an 11-year-old, and the musician’s name is Jon Bon Jovi, not “Jon Bovi.”

Photo Op

Imagine how upset this guy will be when he wakes up and someone tells him that he had three hot girls posing around him for a photo while he dozed off. This was the most exciting part of his entire night and he wasn’t even conscious for it! Oh, well. Kudos to the ladies for taking a sleeping gambler and making a fun photo opportunity out of it.

Cat Nap

Sure, poker tournaments can be quite long, but Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps! You can’t just doze off with a bunch of chips sitting on the table and expect to wake up and play again when you feel like it. Maybe she just decided to sit out a couple of hands and take a cat nap. Perhaps this is just part of her winning strategy.

What Happens In Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. When you go to this city, many people give themselves permission to get extra wild. The city lit by lights can be a really fun and even strange place. There is excitement and suspense around every corner and you can never quite know how things are going to go. A woman as innocent looking as this blonde girl can be anyone in Las Vegas.

Family Friendly

Las Vegas has tried to brand itself as a family-friendly city during the last several years, but that’s kind of a hard sell when even Disney characters are getting plastered and passing out on the street there. Can you imagine what a 7-year-old will think when he walks by and sees Minnie Mouse passed out after a night of debauchery?

Forgiveness Is Free

This baptist church may have the best deal in all of Las Vegas: free forgiveness! Sure, they can’t replace all the money that you lost at the casino the night before or keep your wife from leaving you when she sees the photos of what you did during your trip, but a little forgiveness is always a good thing, right?

Not You Again

And if you didn’t get enough of him the first time, here’s the “bachelorette” guy we saw in an earlier photo. He seems to have taken the plunge and finally gotten married, however. You have to wonder where his spouse is, though? Surely there’s no one that would be ashamed to be seen in public with this handsome gentleman, right?

Call It A Night

If you go to Las Vegas and party all night, but manage to actually make it back to your own bed under your own power at the end of the evening, you’re doing better than a lot of people. Take this woman, for instance, who try as she did, couldn’t make it to the bathroom and just decided it was a cozy enough place to lay down and take a nap.

Public Service Announcement

While the stories of your adventures may stay in Las Vegas, STDs do not stay there…they come home with you. This is pretty smart marketing and a helpful public service announcement all in one. So take care when you go out and party, because it may be hard to explain where that chlamydia came from when you get home.

Spelling Bee

Before you judge this Starbucks employee for their awful spelling, remember that even baristas need to let loose once in a while, so this employee may have had a late night out in Las Vegas. On second thought…no. Even being terribly hung over is no excuse for spelling “Courtney” as “Court Knee.” Although, who knows? Maybe some weirdo actually spells it that way.

A Winner Is You

If this guy went to a costume party on this particular night, we hope he was rewarded for his efforts. Sure, the concept is a little bit corny, but it’s a pun. What do you want from him? And that couldn’t be a very fun costume to wear in a crowded bar for very long, either. The level of detail here is definitely pretty impressive.

Give Me Some Cheddar

This is Rebecca and her cat, Cheddar. Cheddar’s shirt says he’s a pimp, but he’s actually the one getting pimped out by her owner for some free tips. Unfortunately for Rebecca, a new law that keeps owners from panhandling while using their pets for profit meant that Cheddar’s career as a model were over. Guess she’ll have to team up with the “bachelorette” guy and make the best of it.

This Guy Loves Vegas

Well, there’s no doubt that this guy really loves Las Vegas..and America, too. Hopefully, he’s getting a little money from the city’s tourism committee for his efforts, because that’s quite a hairdo he’s rocking here. Even without the airbrushing, it’d be a pretty impressive mohawk, but the art really takes it over the top.

How Old Is She?

I’m sure this lady gets to hear all kinds of quirky age jokes, but she doesn’t seem all that tired with it. If someone comes up with a clever quip like the one on her hat, she’ll give some props. Just like the couple from earlier, her hat comes from Dick’s Last Resort, where they like to make you wear an embarrassing paper hat that ruins your hair for the rest of the night.

Calculated Move

At first glance, this looks very sweet, but it’s actually a calculated move. I mean, there’s no chance whatsoever that your girlfriend turns your proposal down with Britney Spears right there. The couple actually met at a Britney Spears concert, if you can believe that. Yep, a straight guy was actually at a Britney concert…by choice!

Eating Her Feelings

Although gambling, drinking, and partying might be the top vices of Las Vegas, they aren’t the only ones. There’s plenty of gorging on food to be done in Vegas, too, as anyone who has visited one of the all-night buffets can tell you. This young lady decided to stay in for the night and order all the pizza, and she looks exhausted as a result.

Care To Play Roulette?

Okay, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if you go to a costume party dressed as a roulette table complete with functioning roulette wheel, you’re probably going to leave the winner. This cute girl went all out for her costume and though she’ll need a little room to get through hallways and such, it’s probably worth it for all of the attention she’s going to get.

Party Like A Baller

Timofey Mozgov of the Cleveland Cavaliers is no stranger to the party lifestyle, so he’s also no stranger to Las Vegas. Sure, it’s a little weird that he’s wearing his own jersey for a night out, but these girls don’t seem to mind. Certainly they’re into him for his winning bank accou–, er, personality, anyway. Right, ladies?

Trouble In Paradise

Even in Las Vegas, not everyone is always all that chipper. That’s pretty clear to see in this photo, in any case. Whether these two were dragged out on the dance floor against their will or the happy friend is just trying to lighten the mood after an argument, it’s clear that only one of the three in this photo are having a good time. Awkward!

Duck Tales

This photo could have been so much better. These five lovely ladies are in Las Vegas, they’re all made up and ready for a night on the town, and when it’s time to take a photo in front of the sign, they all do…duck faces. Why did these girls think that was a good choice? Furthermore, why do only two of them have their eyes open (and one of the two is looking in the wrong direction)?

Brace For Impact

This mechanical bull is kind of a good metaphor for an evening in Las Vegas. You think it looks fun, and you think you can handle it, but sometimes you’re wrong and you end up lying on the ground, wondering how it all happened. If you’re out for a night in Vegas, you’ve been having a few drinks, and see a mechanical bull, do yourself a favor and just laugh at the other participants instead of trying it yourself.

Stop Looking At Me, Swan

This guy apparently doled out the dough for a fancy Las Vegas suite and decided that he was going to enjoy all the amenities – gigantic tub included – whether or not he had someone special to share it all with. Hey, after a bubble bath and a glass of champagne, he’ll probably be more than ready for a night on the town. Maybe he’ll even find someone to share his room with.

Not False Advertising

Some restaurants try to exaggerate what they have to offer to gain customers. I mean, really, how many places can actually have the best tenderloin west of the Mississippi? One place that isn’t exaggerating is the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. As you can see by this burger and how the servers and customers wear nurse outfits and gowns, they aren’t playing around.

Someone Call Security

You know, I’ve seen just about everything that can happen in Las Vegas, from the outrageous, to the shocking, to the downright vile…but this, this is unacceptable. Listen lady, nobody wants to see you planking, and you’re about a moment’s slip away from a broken hip as it is. This woman single-handedly brought the silly planking trend to its end.

Now That’s A Party Bus

Party buses are always a good time, but if you haven’t been on a Las Vegas party bus, you’re missing out. This one comes complete with party lighting and yes, a pole for you to embarrass yourself on in front of your friends. This guy, however, seems like he’s actually doing a pretty good job up there. Does that mean he’s done this kind of thing before? Hmmm.

Just Look Away

Sometimes when you’re on the Las Vegas Strip, even in broad daylight, you see something that you instantly wish you hadn’t. The camera seems to have found these two gentlemen in the midst of a rather strange moment. Maybe he’s just a tourist trying to get a funny photo, but it seems like he might have walked into something worse than he was prepared for.

Very Subtle

Subtlety is not a big thing in Las Vegas, a city with blinking neon everywhere you look and plenty of dings, bells, and noises to go with it all. Therefore, it’s not all that surprising that you’d see a hotel room like this there. From the heart-shaped bed to the creepy Cupids on the wall and of course, heart-shaped ceiling mirror, this room is not afraid to be cheesy.

Stop Me Before I Plank Again

Even fast food workers are not safe from the shenanigans of visitors to Las Vegas. Fortunately, the manager and worker in this photo seem to be having a good time with this guy’s little plank prank, which is good. You’d probably have to have a good sense of humor to see the kind of crazy stuff these two see every day from their customers.

All Dressed Up

A number of places in Las Vegas have dress codes, so you can’t step out looking like you’re headed to your local Walmart for a gallon of milk. This pooch understands that and is rocking quite the look with the little hat, striped shirt and hanky. Judging by the jeans his owner is wearing, the dog is probably more fashionable than the master in this case.

Should I Tell Her?

Static cling is the least this young lady probably has to worry about, judging by how she has her hood pulled over her head after what was probably an epic night of partying. Still, you have to wonder if the person behind her wondered whether he should tell her that her panties were stuck to the back of her shirt before snapping the pic. Hopefully, he at least told her afterward.

Serious Business

In Las Vegas, most everybody is out to have a good time. Unfortunately, the police take themselves just as seriously there as they do everywhere else. In this photo, you can see a police officer who is acting as if the guy is holding a bomb, not a drink. Sure, public consumption may be against the law, but relax,’s Vegas!

What A Night

Batman and his enemies Bane and The Joker had to get away from the pressures of Gotham City for a little while, so why not head to Las Vegas? It’s probably the only city where you might run into three people dressed like this at 4 a.m. at a fast food joint with outdoor seating. Glad to see these guys set their differences aside for now.

Role Reversal

If you’re going to have a quickie wedding in Las Vegas with an Elvis impersonator as your official, at least make sure the Elvis looks more like the late superstar than you do! In this case, the groom is a more convincing Elvis than the official, who looks more like Prince. Still, the couple seems happy and they’ve tied the knot, so let’s wish them the best.

Spooky Time

Pranks are one of the many ways to pass the time while you’re in Vegas. Even when you’re getting ready for a night out, why not mess with your friends for a quick laugh like this guy’s friends did? Don’t worry, Shower Dude…there’s no way they can possibly know everything that you did. After all, a weekend’s a really long time!

What A Mess

Hey, this guy seems to be pretty happy in his sequined blue dress with matching tights, sunglasses, socks, and flower on his head. It’s not the look we would choose for a concert, but you have to be yourself. What’s even funnier is that these folks have seen it all and they’re not even really interested in the guy in the front row.

Making It Clear

If we’ve learned anything about the partiers of Las Vegas, it’s that they’ll get away with whatever you let them do, so when you’re making the rules, you have to be clear. This hotel wants its guests to know that “no smoking” means “no smoking anything.” If only their rules were as lenient as that taxi cab from earlier!