Reasons Why Studios Don’t Want To Work With These Mega-Stars


Today we’re going to look at some of your favorite actors from the past and give up all the juicy news as to why they’ve stopped making movies. While some of them dropped out of Hollywood for very conventional reasons, others left with a trailblazing behind them. They said things they shouldn’t have said or have had one outburst too many. Yup, some of your favorite stars have delved into a world of controversy and that is why they were no longer called on to make movies.

Shia Labeouf

Following the right of passage of children who grew up in the limelight, Shia Labeouf has entered adulthood creating quite the troublesome reputation for himself both on and off screen. While part of this questionable behavior may be due to his choice of method acting.


This method calls upon the actor to “become” his character during his everyday life in order to truly prepare for a role, Labeouf has become known for his mischief and antics. This means subjecting his cast and crew to a certain level of unpleasantness on a regular basis.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez may sing about being the same girl who grew up in the Bronx, but her reputation implies otherwise. Lopez has rubbed one too many Hollywood professionals the wrong way, going from a famous pop singer to an infamous diva.

Jennifer Lopez

Companies are simply not interested in collaborating with. Some even went far enough to state that she had an unreasonably long list of demands, which made her impossible to please, and ultimately led to members of the cast and crew turning a cold shoulder.

Katherine Heigl

Despite her on-screen appearance as Hollywood’s hilarious sweetheart, Katherine Heigl has created a bad name for herself in the entertainment industry itself. It has been reported that the starlet is considered one of the most dreaded actresses to endure onset by her costars and production team.


It turns out she is notorious for being rather demanding on film sets, while also rendered an unpleasant snob by other cast members and even her devoted fans. Nobody wants to deal with this when creating an art project.

Isaiah Washington

Widely known as Dr. Burke from his role in the first three seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy”, Isaiah Washington played the character until he was ultimately written off the show and has since become less popular. As it turns out, being written off was not the actual reason why he has left the show.

His departure was due to homophobic commentary he made about one of his co-stars in the show. Once the executives of “Grey’s Anatomy” discovered the inappropriate behavior, they took immediate action in firing Washington.

Lindsay Lohan

Another example of a young, promising Disney star cracking under pressure, Lindsay Lohan has all but taken the crown for scandal and diva-like behavior in Hollywood. Her middle name is trouble, and her impossible attitude on sets has driven studios to avoid hiring her.

Lindsay Lohan

This is done as an effort to prevent future conflicts. Her co-star in the film ‘Canyons’ has referred to the actress as a “child lashing out”, and her behavior on the set of the movie ‘Georgia Rule’ has been described as unprofessional.

Chevy Chase

When it comes to problematic actors, Chevy Chase has acquired the reputation of one of the most difficult actors to work with in Hollywood. After his debut on SNL, Chase proved to elicit discomfort on the set of a TV show.


He physically harmed a co-star during a rehearsal, slapping her. Luckily, Will Ferrell immediately reported Chase’s angry behavior toward Cheri Oteri to the show’s producers. As a result, the actor has since been banned from the television show.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Another previous A-lister, Gwyneth Paltrow once had Hollywood eating out of the palm of her hand. Since then, her difficult diva reputation has spread throughout the years, making her less welcome on movie sets. Things went bad when producing the second “Iron Man” film.


it was said that the star’s attitude was unpleasant and made the cast and crew feel at odds. Reports were popping up that she opted to completely disregard one of her female co-stars on set for the movie, Scarlett Johansson, which made things rather awkward on set.

Mike Myers

Hollywood’s biggest on screen goofball, Mike Myers, lives a double life handing out orders on set to his cast and crew. Turns out, while busy cracking the jokes for hit “Austin Powers” movie series, he was an unbearable, controlling actor obsessed with getting his way.


Tired of having to get approval from Myers, production companies and key industry players think twice before working with the Canadian actor. The comedian and actor has since primarily stuck with voice acting, staying behind the scenes.

Mischa Barton

Remember the good old days of “The O.C.”? Mischa Barton’s big break was during 2003 when she won over fans as the show’s leading lady. It seems the spotlight was a bit too bright for the actress, allowing her to act out on set, getting negative attention from her co-stars.


Tate Donovan, who starred alongside Barton in the TV hit series, referred to her as the “the biggest diva on set”. It’s no wonder she wasn’t able to land any roles after that one, letting the fame get the best of her and displaying her new diva attitude.

Bruce Willis

The rumors are true, everyone should fear Bruce Willis because well, he’s Bruce Willis. It turns out he’s a bad boy in real life too, intimidating everyone onset and giving off the vibe that he is practically unapproachable. Allegedly Willis is so focused on himself and his character.


This attitude prevents his cast or crew members from even speaking to him. One of the directors he worked with in the past, Kevin Smith, called Willis “Soul Crushing” on record when filming the movie “Cop Out”.

Hugh Grant

Charming the pants off of every 90’s girl or woman, Hugh Grant was the British face of romantic comedies from the 90’s to the early millennium, launching him into Hollywood’s A-list and a successful acting career. Sadly, Grant has been seen less and less since then.


Apparently, the actor became excessively picky about accepting roles, selecting very few films to appear in. This process left him acting in movies that didn’t make it, or were so poorly rated none of us bothered to watch.

Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin made her early debut as young star in the Award-winning film “The Piano”, alongside Holly Hunter. She went on in the path to fame, acting in movies such as “Almost Famous” and the “X-Men” series.


Paquin then disappeared from the big screen, leaving behind some deleted scenes, only to be resurrected as Sookie in the HBO television series “True Blood”. The actress allegedly decided to dedicate herself to a career in television while she raises a family.

Christian Bale

The all too serious famous Welsh star Christian Bale has earned quite the reputation as a professional actor. Based on several media sources, he takes his profession a little too seriously at times causing conflict on set.


During the production of “Terminator Salvation”, crew members walked in on Bale yelling at the film’s director of photography (DOP). Apparently, Bale was furious with the movie’s DOP for ruining a scene, so he threatened to abandon the set if he interfered with his process again.

Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert got her claim to fame from the lead roles in the “Girl Next Door” and “House of Wax” back in the early 2000s. This Canadian actress seemed to have a promising career ahead of her, until her films rated poorly at the box office.


This deterred future productions from giving her another chance. It seemed luck had deserted Cuthbert, causing her to vanish after her minuscule entry to the entertainment industry, not helped by her link to Paris Hilton further tarnishing her name in Hollywood.

Alec Baldwin

Another Hollywood Big Name suffering from “the grumps”, Alec Baldwin is infamous in the entertainment industry for his anger issues, spread through a variety of problematic instances that took place due to his affliction. One such incident was when he sent a disrespectful voicemail to his daughter.


This voicemail would later went viral. If that wasn’t enough, reportedly the actor is difficult to work with. Back in 2013, the actor shouted profanity at a photographer, causing him to be fired by MSNBC on account of the homophobic demeanor.

Gary Oldman

When someone as established and celebrated in Hollywood as Gary Oldman, it can be rather shocking when they are suddenly shunned by the industry. Oldman had oddly specific types of incidents on set, where he had sudden “misogynic outbursts” and offensive remarks against Nancy Pelosi.

Despite his tenure and impressive list of blockbusters including his role in ‘The Dark Night Rises’, his actions and the defense of Mel Gibson’s offensive behavior rendered him less than desirable on set.

Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty is notorious from being kicked out of sets for diva-like behavior. Her insufferable behavior started on the set of ‘Beverly Hills 90210’, a 90’s hit series and continued onto her next lead role in the series ‘Charmed’ once she was fired.


Doherty continued engaging in her rude, intolerable demeanor on the set of ‘Charmed’ and was unable to get along with the cast and crew. Eventually, after a continuous dispute, the actress was written off the show and fired once again.

Jessica Alba

You many know her from her role in ‘Honey’, ‘The Fantastic Four’ or ‘Sin City’, but Jessica Alba was a promising young star back in the early 2000s. After being one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses for some time, Alba began to grow frustrated with the types of roles she was being considered for.


She was dissatisfied with her typecast of a hot bombshell and decided to shift her career path to become a businesswoman. She eventually opted to put her career in acting on hold and focus on a booming cosmetics business and spending time with her family.

Lacey Chabert

Another victim to the dangers of typecasting, Lacey Chabert who caught her big break back in the 90’s portraying Claudia Salinger in “Party of Five”, was later introduced to Hollywood as Gretchen Wieners from the hit comedy ‘Mean Girls’ and has been unable to shake the iconic role ever since.


Despite her heightened success as a result of acting alongside names such as Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams in the 2004 movie, Chabert has only acted in a few low-budget films since and has chosen to stay out of the spotlight for now.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has had difficulties staying in the industry as a result of his many racist and anti-semitic remarks, which were covered by nothing short of every news crew on the planet. The Australian actor’s career took a serious hit as a result of his disgusting remarks.

Mel Gibson

He was never quite able to recover due to his additional temperamental issues his productions are forced to endure. Like so many other Hollywood stars, Gibson is also known to suffer from severe anger issues.

Cybill Shepherd

Although many people became suspicious as to why Cybill Shepherd disappeared from the big screen, it appears the decision was made by the actress rather than opposing forces. Shepherd was well known for her offstage shenanigans on the set of her show.

Cybill Shepherd

Her reputation became so widespread that a different show picked up her behavior as an influence for a character based off of the actress. How fitting that as Shepherd disappeared, the character in CSI that was based on her also ended up dying toward the end.


A true icon and diva of her own right, Madonna was one of the greatest pop artists of the last century. Her attitude may have pushed her to rise as a solo musician and fulfill her great potential, but it was less appreciated when working on a set in Hollywood.


Hollywood did not look kindly upon her behavior on movie sets, nor did the movie industry tolerate her tasteless disregard for instruction by her directors. Her films were not very successful to put it mildly, possibly due to her performance and lack of cooperation.

Russell Crowe

Another Australian actor known for his horrid temper is Russell Crowe, a highly successful performer who loses his cool like a pro both on and off the screen. His flourishing career was not enough, so the vain actor found it necessary to brag about his skills.


He claimed he of turned bad films such as “Gladiator” into top hits, simply by gracing them with his presence. Crowe’s ego got in the way of multiple lead parts, and his reputation interfered with his career overtime, as he got cast out by the directors in the industry.

Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland comes from a famous and talented family, so it was no surprise when he peaked as a world-famous actor when playing his role on the hit television series “24”. However, Freddie Prinze Jr., who acted alongside Sutherland, complained that he would show up on set intoxicated.


His onset intoxication was no one time thing ever, but it was stated that he’d show up in such a condition quite often. This caused delays for the entire cast and crew who would then have to wait for him to take a nap until he was sober.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone had a promising career ahead of her as one of the hottest female stars of the 80’s and 90’s, she appeared in hits such as “Casino” and “Total Recall” launching her into Hollywood. She eventually turned increasingly selective after her impressive roles.

sharon stone

She started to turn down many of the parts offered to her by casting directors. Stone realized that her turning down roles thinking she could do better cost her precious opportunities that could have made her career. This is an ultimate shame.

Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel was known as a leading man type in Hollywood, including his role in “All My Children”. Unfortunately, word of Duhamel’s aggressive behavior and anger management issues got out and became intolerable for industry professionals to have on set.

josh d

In line with his temper in productions, rumor has it that the actor is obsessively jealous and possessive of the Black Eyed Peas’ lead singer Fergie, his wife. We wonder if his career will ever pick up again or if he’ll continue residing in the shadows of Hollywood.

Tom Cruise

While Tom Cruise is still a mega-star with a full blown career in the entertainment industry, you may have noticed that his career is not as vibrant as it was back in the day. It appears the actor is another victim of typecasting in Hollywood, where he is typecast based on his recent roles.


Due to his extensive list of action films, studios rarely consider him for any other type of role. Cruise also gives off controlling vibes both in character and out of character, possibly intimidating directors from working with him.

Jude Law

Jude Law entered our lives in the 1990’s and acted in a number of films throughout the 2000’s. While the British actor’s movies were relatively successful, he never really got that one big break he needed to make it big. In recent years his movies suffered some major flops.


That said, Law decided to go back to his beloved world at the theater, while pursuing the life of an activist. After a respected career on camera, the actor became a UN ambassador, protesting for civil rights in Belarus.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth has appeared in many hit films. However, he has recently slowed down in his career. However, this Hollywood heartthrob is not blacklisted because of behavior problems. When he began playing Thor, he signed a long-term contract with Marvel.


Due to the contract, he has had to turn down several projects. He also decided to move back and forth from Australia to Hollywood making him less accessible. This definitely has not helped him expand his career.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch may be best known for his title role on BBC’s “Sherlock”. He has also appeared on other blockbuster films such as “Dr. Strange” and “The Imitation Game”. He has a face that is very well known by the masses.


Despite his large success, many directors are reluctant to work with him. It has been reported that Cumberbatch is very hard to work with and even has a feud with his co-star Martin Freeman. Wor dspreads quick in show business.

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan is known for playing the high-class, good-looking action star. This typecast is most likely from his role as James Bond, which he played in 4 installments of the franchise. However, he was replaced by Daniel Craig.


Unfortunately, as he no longer was playing in a high profile role, casting directors soon forgot about Brosnan. However, he doesn’t mind, as he now has much more time to spend with his wife and children.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston rose to international fame playing Rachel on the hit sitcom “Friends”. Although her career is in the limelight, Aniston actually likes to live a very private life. Tell me the last time you heard about her in the news?

On the sets of TV shows and movies, Aniston would often retreat to her private trailer, avoiding contact with the other cast members. Despite that this is her own personal decision to keep her privacy, many directors see it as smug.

Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman has retired from acting. However, before he decided to leave the industry, he did create quite the reputation. It was reported that many other actors were actually afraid to work with Hackman due to his unstable behavior.


While filming “The Royal Tenenbaums”,  Hackman allegedly yelled and cursed at the screenwriter, causing every other cast member to keep their distance from him. We totally understand why they would feel the need to avoid the guy.

John Malkovich

John Malkovich has been known for having a rather eccentric personality – most likely due to the movies he directs and the roles he chooses to play. You are always going to see something strange when going to one of his movies.


Because he has chosen such strange roles in the past, it is hard to casting directors to see him in any other light. He also reportedly has quite a temper that erratically sparks on and off the set.

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal is best remembered for his roles in action films such as “Under Seige” and “Above the Law”. Seagal, unfortunately, is very much like the characters he plays – intimidating and strong. Off camera, Segal has been known to be arrogant and very self-centered. Steven-Seagal

Ultimately this has lead to outrageous demands. In 1991, Seagal was invited to host “Saturday Night Live”, like countless other celebrities. However, unlike most, he was completely banned from the show.

Edward Norton

Edward Norton has quite an impressive resume. He appeared in box office hits such as “Fight Club”, “American History X” and “The Illusionist”. Despite his accolades, off screen he does not receive the same reviews.


Norton apparently has very poor etiquette and is not the nicest to work with. He even went on report saying he did not trust the director of “American History X” and demanded he decided the final cut of the film.

John Travolta

John Travolta landed his breakthrough roles in “Grease” and “Saturday Night Fever”, in the late 1970s. However, after making a few bad career choices, many directors stay far away from Travolta despite his often positive and nice attitude.


Despite appearing in some hit films, many of the films he chose to work in were also flops. Call it superstition, but many directors stay away from him in fear their movie will not well at the box office. This is very sad news.

Sean Young

Sean Young was a popular actress in the 80’s when her career was still young and modest. After a few successful roles and her triumphant casting in the film “Wall Street” in 1987, she was practically banished from the set.

sean young

Young terrorized the cast and crew and allegedly behaved in a monstrous way while on set. After that horrendous ordeal, her prior appearances in “Blade Runner” and “Dune” did not help her much, her career died out slowly and painfully throughout the 90s.

Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer achieved large success in the 80’s and 90’s with his popular movie roles. Since then he has all but disappeared, after starring in hits such as “Top Gun”, “Heat” and “The Doors” and “Batman Forever”, back in the Blockbuster days.

val kilmer

It appears the actor suffered from severe anger management issues, making a steady career which requires cooperation with other artists on set impossible. The movie industry has since cast him out, claiming he is difficult to work with due to his troublesome temper.

Jim Carrey

In the 90s, Jim Carrey was considered one of the top comedic actors in Hollywood. Unfortunately, the funny man is no longer wanted by industry executives. Many of Carrey’s most recent movies were flops in the box office.


As many studios can not afford a flop, casting directors are staying far away from Carrey. However, as Carrey has also recently dealt with personal issues, he has no problem staying away from the limelight.

Cote De Pablo

It has been a couple of years since we’ve seen Cote De Pablo act in anything. Many wonder what has become of the actress who once stole our hearts playing Ziva David on NCIS for almost ten years.

In truth, the world knew her more as Ziva David rather than Cote De Pablo. Getting that extremely associated with a character can do an actor a lot of harm once they try to break through into other roles. This could very well be the case with Cote.

Angus T. Jones

The world doesn’t hear from Angus T. Jones much anymore and this really should shock anybody. The guy had one big break when he was a kid on Two And A Half Men. As he grew, the young actor lost those childhood charms that made him a child star.

Today he is studying in University and embarking on a career in multimedia. Perhaps he’ll come back to television again someday.