Check Out The Stars Of Star Trek Today


Noa Tishby As Amanda

On Star Trek: Enterprise, Amanda was a human female who served for the Military Assault Command Operations. She was a soldier during the 22nd century that grew up knowing Commander Charles Tucker III. In fact, Amanda took a shine to him and wanted to have a relationship with him, but he was more interested in T’Pol and things didn’t work out for Amanda.

Noa Tishby Now

Noa hadn’t really had a big-time movie or TV role until her Star Trek appearances. It wasn’t a huge part, but she would go on to appear on shows like Las Vegas and CSI: New York. Other television roles includes Big Love and Ladonna. Noa was born in Israel and is the mother to a two-year-old son.

Sabrina Scharf As Miramanee

Way back in the third season of the original Star Trek series, Sabrina Scharf appeared as Miramanee. She caught the eye of Star Trek‘s producers after appearing in the movie Easy Rider. She also appeared in the pages of Playboy in the early 1960s. Many fans of the original series still remember her performance.

Sabrina Scharf Now

Sabrina grew up in a small Ohio town, but found herself in the limelight in the 1960s. However, she was more than happy to leave her dreams of show business behind after meeting and falling in love with Bob Schiller, a writer on I Love Lucy and All in the Family. She’s a practicing attorney now who has been active in political causes and as a lobbyist against pollution in the state.

Nancy Kovack As Nona

Nona was a character that appeared multiple times on Star Trek‘s original series. The character had a rather distinctive look and added more than a little sex appeal to a show that was often more about science fiction than beautiful girls. Nona was played by Nancy Kovack, an actress from Flint, Michigan, who was smart enough to graduate from the University of Michigan at just 19 years old.

Nancy Kovack Now

Nancy Kovack wasn’t just an actress, but also a model who won several beauty pageants before she appeared on Star Trek. Her other acting credits include appearances on I Dream of Jeannie, Get Smart, Batman, and Hawaii Five-O. However, many pop culture fanatics remember her est as the hostess of Beat the Clock. Her husband is Zubin Mehta, a noted conductor.

Barbara Bouchet As Kelinda

Kelinda only appeared on a single episode of the original Star Trek series, but she made quite an impression on many viewers at the time. Kelinda appeared on the episode “By Any Other Name” and was played by Barbara Bouchet, who became a model and actress after growing up in Germany and eventually moving to the United States to pursue her dreams.

Barbara Bouchet Now

Star Trek wasn’t the only highly successful property that benefited from the stunning looks of Barbara Bouchet. She also appeared as a Bond Girl in Casino Royale. In addition to several acting roles over the years, she appeared in the pages of Playboy two times. She was married to an Italian film producer for 32 years before the pair split up.

Marj Dusay As Kara

Marj Dusay was a beautiful actress who got her start acting alongside Elvis Presley in the film Clambake and went on to appear in Hawaii Five-O and Hogan’s Heroes. However, it was her role in Star Trek that has been near and dear to her. Although her character of Kara appeared in just one episode, she regularly meets with Star Trek fans at conventions.

Marj Dusay Now

Marj Dusay saw her acting career hit a new gear after her appearance on Star Trek was over. She went on to make a name for herself in several different soap operas, where she really found her niche. She starred in Capitol, Days of Our Lives, and All My Children, where she played villainess Vanessa Bennett. She earned a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for her performances on Guiding Light.

Jill Ireland As Leila Kalomi

Star Trek had more than its share of pretty women, and British actress Jill Ireland fit in perfectly. The blonde performer was the daughter of a wine importer and started her acting career in the 1950s. She got the attention of Star Trek‘s producers for her performances in Simon and Laura and Three Men in a Boat, earning a shot to play Laila Kalomi in Star Trek‘s inaugural season.

Jill Ireland Now

Although Jill Ireland never became a household name, you probably have heard of her husband, actor Charles Bronson. Jill and Charles met while filming The Great Escape. They were married for 22 years until Jill tragically died in 1990 due to complications arising from breast cancer. She was a spokesman for the American Cancer Society before her passing and had two daughters with her husband.

Ashley Judd As Robin Lefler

Ashley Judd played Robin Lefler on a two-part storyline on Star Trek: The Next Generation back in 1991. On the show, Robin was a Starfleet officer and engineer whose parents were plasma experts. Robin’s backstory included residency on several starbases. She was assigned to USS Enterprise-D on the show after graduating from Starfleet Academy.

Ashley Judd Now

Many people are surprised to learn that her role on Star Trek: The Next Generation was how she got her start in acting. Soon afterward, she earned a role on Sisters and then really hit jackpot with such movies as Kiss the Girls, Double Jeopardy, and Heat. More recently, she appeared in Divergent and the new Twin Peaks series.

Susan Denberg As Magda Kovas

Another in a long line of sultry femme fatales in the original series of Star Trek, the character of Magda Kovas was played by Austrian beauty Susan Denberg. Denberg caught the eye of many in the United States when she appeared in the August 1966 issue of Playboy. She was born in Germany under the name of Dietlinde Zechner.

Susan Denberg Now

Susan was able to play the role of Magda Kovas multiple times before moving on to roles such as a part in Frankenstein Created Woman. That film ended up being something of a cult hit and it was also filmed during the time when she met Anthony Scotti, who she married. The two had a pair of children and are still together, living happily as a family in Austria.

Michelle Forbes As Ro Laren

Ro Laren was a recurring character in Star Trek: The Next Generation during the shows fifth through seventh seasons. Ro was a Bajoran Starfleet member who was part of the USS Enterprise-D’s crew. She would later defect to the Maquis, however. As a child, Ro saw her father being killed and afterward, spent many years living in refugee camps.

Michelle Forbes Now

Michelle Forbes looks a lot different when not wearing Bajoran makeup! The pretty actress played the role of Julianna Cox in Homicide: Life on the Street. She also appeared on the hit show 24 and returned to the world of science fiction with Battlestar Galactica. Her most recent credit is for playing Valerie in Berlin Station.

Yvonne Craig As Marta

Avid Star Trek fans will instantly remember Marta as the Orion character that first appeared as a consort for Garth of Izar. When Captain Kirk was captured, Marta tried to seduce him while they were in a room together. She did not respond well to rejection, trying to stab Kirk. Ultimately, she met a deadly end at the hands of Garth, who threw her onto the toxic surface of the planet.

Yvonne Craig Now

Yvonne Craig’s roles weren’t limited to Star Trek during the 1960s and 70s. She also played Batgirl on the original Batman series. She even got a chance to star alongside Elvis Presley in Kissin’ Cousins. She continued to act all the way up until 2009, but sadly passed away in 2015 after a bout with breast cancer. She was married to Kenneth Aldrich at the time.

Teri Hatcher As B.G. Robinson

Before Teri Hatcher became a big star, she started off with a very brief role on Star Trek: The Next Generation for which she didn’t even receive credit. Hatcher played B.G. Robinson, a Starfleet officer who beamed people aboard the ship and checked them for weapons violations. It was a tiny role, but Teri would move on to bigger things in no time.

Teri Hatcher Now

Teri Hatcher’s career before her big break included not only her tiny Star Trek: The Next Generation role, but also time spent as an NFL cheerleader. Her first juicy role was that of Lois Lane on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. She would later not only get to be a Bond Girl, but also made guest appearances on Seinfeld and starred as Susan on Desperate Housewives.

Diana Muldaur As Ann Mulhall And Others

Diana Muldaur must have made quite an impression on Star Trek‘s producers. That’s why they brought her back to play not only Ann Mulhall, but two other roles, too. Ann was a human who thought mysterious beings were out to snatch the crew’s bodies. Diana also played Katherine Pulaski, who was part of a human rescue team on Tholian, and Miranda Jones, who was a telepath.

Diana Muldaur Now

Diana Muldaur was just getting started with her appearances on Star Trek. After her appearances, Diana played Rosalind on L.A. Law for years and eventually earned three Emmy nominations. Her other credits include The Lawyer and voiceover work on Batman: The Animated Series. Diana is now 79 and retired.

Nichelle Nichols As Uhara

Uhara was the communications officer for Captain Kirk’s crew in the original Star Trek series. Uhara was an important part of the show and was often seen making extremely vital decisions for the rest of the crew. Even more importantly, Uhara was a black character that really showed the emphasis on cultural diversity that made Star Trek special.

Nichelle Nichols Now

At one point, Nichelle Nichols didn’t want to do Star Trek and thought she’d be better off branching out into other roles. However, Martin Luther King Jr. himself urged her to stay on the show, noting that he was a big fan and her presence was a powerful statement for equality. She continued to act over the years and now lives in California and is in her mid-80s.

Marina Sirtis As Deanna Troi

The character of Deanna Troi needs no introduction. Deanna stole many a young fan’s heart on Star Trek: The Next Generation as a half-human, half-betazoid woman who could feel the emotions of others. As such, the character was a very important one on the show and was central to many storylines as a trusted consultant for Captain Picard.

Marina Sirtis Now

Since her time as Deanna Troi, Marina Sirtis has moved on to reprise the role on the big screen. Her other roles include playing Shereen in the hit film Crash and a variety of voice acting jobs. She has a number of films in production, including As Greek as It Gets, 5th Passenger, and Mythe: Night of the Gorgon. The Greek-British actress appears regularly at fan conventions and is an avid fan of the Tottenham Hotspur soccer team.

Jeri Ryan As Seven Of Nine

As Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager, Jeri Ryan played a character that wasn’t sure whether she was a cyborg or a human, but she still made young men’s pulses quicken whenever she was on screen. She had a large role on the show and often got to participate in episodes that discussed serious issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Jeri Ryan Now

Star Trek: Voyager was quite a springboard for Jeri’s career and she went on to star in Boston Public after Voyager concluded in 2001. Now, she is featured in Bosche, a TV drama. She continues to attend fan conventions regularly and has been married to chef Christophe Eme since 2007. She has two children as well, so she’s a busy woman!