‘The Facts Of Life’ Cast: Where Are They Now?


Kim Fields (Dorothy “Tootie” Ramsey)

Hailing from Washington, D.C., Tootie Ramsey was the youngest of the main female characters. Tootie, played by Kim Fields, is best remember for her love of rollerskating as well as her gossiping nature. Her gossip always led to some bad news and her catch phrase “We’re in trou-ble!” After “Facts of Life”, Fields played Regine Hunter on “Living Single”.  More recently, she has appeared on reality TV series such as “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Dancing with the Stars”.

kim fields

Lisa Whelchel (Blair Warner)

Blair Warner, played by Lisa Welchel, was always portrayed as a spoiled “Daddy’s Girl”. Despite being very vain, she was also very warm-hearted and loved the girls she lived with. Welchel took a hiatus from acting after “The Facts of Life”, but reprised her role of Blair in 2001’s “The Facts of Life Reunion”. She has since appeared in various films such as “A Madea Christmas” and most recently in 2016, “A Snow Capped Christmas”.


Marj Dusay (Monica Warner)

Marj Dusay portrayed, Monica Warner, Blair’s mother, on “The Facts of Life” from 1981-1987. Because her appearances were sporadic, she was simultaneously able to work on other productions such as “Bret Maverick” , “Dallas”, and “Capitol”. Marj’s last role was in 2009, as Alexandra Spaulding, on the TV series “Guiding Light”. She received an Emmy nomination for her portrayal of Alex.


Cloris Leachman (Beverly Ann Stickle)

The divorced sister of Edna was Beverly Ann Stickle. Stickle, played by Cloris Leachman, arrived on the show in Fall 1986, after Mrs. Garrett went to serve in the Peace Corps in Africa. Cloris Leachman’s career has existed over 10 decades, and she has over 270 acting credits to her name. Today, she is over 90-years-old and still has roles in films that have yet to be released.

cloris leachman

Mackenzie Astin (Andy Moffett)

Mackenzie Astin made his TV debut when he was only 9-years-old, in thee TV movie “Lois Gibbs and the Love Canal”. However, he is better remembered for his TV role of Andy Moffet, Beverly’s adopted son, in “The Facts of Life”. Astin appeared in several films and TV series. However, recent TV viewers may best know him as Richard from “The Magicians” or as Noah Baker in “Scandal”. You can expect to see Astin in several movies that will be released in the near future.


Felice Schachter (Nancy Olson)

Nancy Olson was one of the main characters during the first season of “The Facts of Life”. Nancy, played by Felice Schachter, was well-rounded and obsessed with her boyfriend. She would get very jealous if any girl made advances towards him. Felice reprised her role of Nancy on various episodes through the seasons. However, after her last appearance in 1986, she only has one acting credit to her name. She had a small role in the 2001 film “30 Years to Life”. Today, she works as a special education teacher.

Felice Schachter

George Clooney (George Burnett)

It may be hard to remember George Clooney as the Handyman, George Burnett. However, Clooney appeared on “The Facts of Life” as the handyman for 2 seasons. The show helped launch his career. Today, Clooney is one of the most loved actors in the entertainment industry. He has won 2 Oscars and has been nominated for several more. Since his twins were born, Clooney and his wife Amal remain have enjoyed some time away from the spotlight.


Molly Ringwald (Molly Parker)

Molly Parker, played by Molly Ringwald, was only on “The Facts of Life” for one season. Parker enjoyed playing the guitar and considered herself an activist. It was only a few years after the show that Ringwald received arguably her biggest roles ever. In 1984 she played Samantha in “Sixteen Candles”, and in 1985 she portrayed Claire Standish in “The Breakfast Club”. To this day, Molly is still considered an amazing actress with her most recent role in the hit TV series “Riverdale”.


Julia Anne Haddock (Cindy Webster)

Cindy Webster was a tomboy and very athletic. She was once made fun of my Blair for running for Harvest Queen. However, Cindy, played by Julie Anne Haddock, went on to prove Blair wrong and became a fashion model. Haddock decided to leave acting after “The Facts of Life”. Today, she lives in California with her husband and children and is actively involved in her church.

julie ann haddock

Sherrié Austin (Pippa McKenna)

Sherrié Austin joined “The Facts of Life” cast, as Pippa McKenna, for the last season of the show. Pippa was an Australian exchange student and helped Andy on his get rich quick schemes. Despite only have a few acting roles, after “The Facts of Life”, she still had a successful career as a singer. She has released 5 solo studio albums and has had several singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.


Geri Jewell (Geri Tyler)

Geri Jewell played Blaire’s cousin, Geri Tyler, from 1980-1984. Jewell was the first person with a visible disability to have a recurring role on a primetime TV series as well as the first actor with cerebral palsy to be featured on a TV series. After “The Facts of Life”, Jewell continued to have a success career as a stand up comic, as well as landed recurring roles on series such as “The Young and the Restless” and “Deadwood”. Her most recent role was in 2017’s “Fists of Faith”.


Mayim Bialik (Jennifer Cole)

One of Mayim Bialik’s first on camera roles was as Jennifer Cole in 2 of the final episodes of “The Facts of Life”. Those two episodes helped lay the foundation for a young Bialik’s career. Soon after appearing on the show, she landed recurring roles on “Webster”, “Molloy” and “Blossom”. Today, she is best known for her portrayal of Amy Farrah Fowler on the CBS series “The Big Bang Theory”.


Charlotte Rae (Edna Garrett)

Charlotte Rae portrayed Edna Garret in “Diff’rent Strokes” and “The Facts of Life”. For her role in “The Facts of Life”, in 1982, she received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. After “The Facts of Life”, Charlotte did not slow down. She had roles in hit productions such as “Don’t Mess With the Zohan”, “ER”, and “Pretty Little Liars”. Her most recent role was along side Meryl Streep, in 2015’s “Ricki and the Flash”.

charlotte rae

Roger Perry (Charles Parker)

Roger Perry played Charles Parker from 1981-1983. Parker was only in 10 episodes, however, he always made his presence felt while on screen. He had several memorable lines including “You know there are parents here whose names I’ve only seen on checks? And I’ve been getting angry phone calls from them all week. They are furious I allowed those books to be removed from the library. I mean Edna, they hate me.” After “The Facts of Life”, Perry appeared in various TV shows and films, including a recurring role on “Falcon Crest”. Today, he lives in California with his wife, Joyce Bulifant (pictured).

roger perry

Jami Gertz (Boots St. Clair)

Boots St. Clair, the snobby and rude friend of Blair, was played by Jami Gertz, from 1983-1984. It was her 3rd recurring role on a TV series, and her performance helped her begin landing roles in feature films. She appeared in movies such as “Sixteen Candles”, “The Lost Boys” and “Twister”. She continues her career acting in various TV shows. She most recently appeared on “This Is Us” and “Difficult People”.


Jenny O’Hara (Emily Mahoney)

Emily Mahoney, portrayed by Jenny O’Hara, was the history and science teacher at the Eastland Academy, during the first season of the show. She liked to assist Mrs. Garret and the two created a great comedic duo. Today, Jenny O’Hara is considered a TV star. She has had featured roles on shows such as “The King of Queens”, “Big Love”, “Transparent” and “The Mindy Project”. She has also appeared in several films like “Mystic River”, “Devil” and “Extract”.

jenny o'hara

Ryan Cassidy (Kevin Metcalf)

Ryan Cassidy, the younger brother of David Cassidy, played the role of Kevin Metcalf in 5 episodes of the 6th season. His role quickly made him become a “Hollywood heartthrob”. After “The Facts of Life”, Ryan decided to work behind the scenes rather than on camera. He succeeded in set design. He has worked on productions such as “The Secret World of Alex Mack”, “JAG”, and “The King of Queens”.



Pamela Adlon (Kelly Affinado)

Kelly Affinado was played by Pamela Adlon from 1983-1984. Affinado was first introduced when she was caught, by Jo, stealing from Edna’s Edibles. However, after reconciling with Mrs. Garret, she becomes good friends with all the girls (although Jo never fully trusted her). After “The Facts of Life” Pamela Adlon began a prestigious career as a voice actor. She even won an Emmy for her work as Bobby Hill on “King of The Hill”. However, she also does some on camera work. Most recently she starred in the FX series “Better Things”.


Robert Romanus (Snake Robinson)

Robert Romanus played the boyfriend of Natalie Green, Snake Robinson. After his last appearance on “The Facts of Life” in 1988, Romanus appeared in TV series such as “Fawlty Tower Oxnard” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”. His most recent role was in 2016’s “The Remake”. Despite all his new roles, he is still best remembered for a role he played even before “The Facts of Life”. His most memorable role was as Mike Damone in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”.

robert r.

John Lawlor (Steven Bradley)

John Lawlor played the headmaster of Eastland Academy, Steven Bradley, during the first season of the show. As he came from a public school background, Bradley relied a lot on Emily Mahoney for advice. After leaving the show in 1980, Lawlor went on to have a successful career playing a wide array of characters on TV series such as “T.J. Hooker”, “Knots Landing”, “L.A. Law”, “Cold Case”, “Breaking Bad”, and many more. His most recent role was alongside Matthew McConaughey in 2016’s “Gold”.


Scott Bryce (Rick Bonner)

Rick Bonner was the husband of Jo. The two got married amongst family and friends, during the final season. After his short time on “The Facts of Life”, Bryce went on to have recurring roles on series such as “Murphy Brown”, “L.A. Law”, “Popular”, “One Life To Live”, and “Deception”. His most recent role was as Rupert Lennox in “The Good Fight”, in 2017. He has also produced and directed several TV movies.

scott bryce

Juliette Lewis (Terry Rankin)

Juliette Lewis appeared as Terry Rankin on the final season of “The Facts of Life”. Her character was brought onto the show in order to create a plot for a potential spin-off series. However, the spin off never came to fruition. Since “The Facts of Life”, Juliette Lewis has been nominated for multiple awards, including an Oscar. She starred in films such as “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”, “Cape Fear” and “Natural Born Killers”.


Helen Hunt (Emily)

In 1980, famed actress Helen Hunt had the small role of Emily on “The Facts of Life”. By the time Helen appeared on the show, she had already experienced success in the TV industry, which continued after the show as well. She has since appeared in hit films such as “What Women Want”, “Twister” and “As Good as It Gets”, a role for which she won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role. She will appear in a film called “I Love You, Daddy” which is set to be released in November 2017.

helen hunt

Mindy Cohn (Natalie Green)

Best friends with Tootie, Natalie Green always had pride in who she was and where she came from. Despite her larger frame, she never had a negative self body image. Mindy went on to appear in several TV series such as “The Kids from Room 402”, “The Secret Life of an American Teenager” and “The Help”. However, her most significant role has been as the voice of Velma Dinkley in the Scooby Doo franchise movies and shows.

mindy cohn

Paul Provenza (Casey Clark)

From 1978-1988, Paul Provenza played Casey Clark on 5 episodes of “The Facts of Life”. After Blair got into a car accident, Casey was the one to convince her, that her scars were not ugly. She was beautiful no matter what and he still loved her. Since the show, Paul Provenza has become a jack of all trades, he is a screen and stage actor, TV show host, stand up comedian, and a filmmaker. Most recently, in 2017, he appeared in several documentaries such as “Batman & Jesus”, “Funny: The Documentary” and “Gilbert”.

paul p.

Nicolas Coster (David Warner)

Nicolas Coster, played Blair’s father, David Warner on various episodes from 1982-1988. He has since appeared in various TV shows and films. He has had recurring roles in “Santa Barbara”, “3rd Rock from the Sun” and most recently, “The Bay”. He was nominated for 4 Emmys for his role on “Santa Barbara” and recently won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting or Guest Actor in a Digital Daytime Drama Series for his role in “The Bay”.

nicolas coster

Seth Green (Adam Brinkerhoff)

Much like Mayim Bialik, Seth Green appeared on the last two episodes of “The Facts of Life” as Adam Brinkerhoff. Green was 14-years-old when he appeared on the show and already had several acting credits to his name. This continued after the show and landed career changing roles such as Richie Tozier in the TV mini-series “IT” and Scott Evil in “Austin Powers in Goldmember”.  Today, he focuses much of his time on his claymation series “Robot Chicken”.

seth green

Loren Lester (Roy)

Loren Lester played the role of the delivery boy, Roy, who was enamored with Jo on various episodes between 1981-1987. Lester went on to have a rather successful career in TV. He was the voice of Robin in “Batman: The Animated Series” and he has also had recurring roles on series such as “General Hospital”, “The Young and the Restless” and “Hung”.  He also does voice work for lots of Tv and radio commercials.

loren lester

Julie Piekarski (Sue Ann Weaver)

Sue Ann Weaver, played by Julie Piekarski, was a boy-crazy, yet intelligent girl. She only appeared as a main character during the first season of the show, and always seemed to be in competition with Blair (especially when it came to boys). She made various appearances beyond season 1 as well. After “The Facts of Life”, Piekarski landed a few more roles but ultimately left acting to become an entertainment reporter for a TV station in St. Louis.

Julie Piekarski


Nancy McKeon (Jo Polniaczek)

Nancy McKeon played bad girl, Jo Polniaczek, from 1980-1988. Despite landing roles in various TV series such as “Can’t Hurry Love”, “The Division” and “Sonny with a Chance”, Nancy KcKeon never saw the same success as she did during her days on “The Facts of Life”. Her last on screen role was in 2011 in the TV movie “Love Begins.”