The Untold Truth About “Gold Rush”

Since 2010, “Gold Rush” has given viewers across the world a look into the dangerous and competitive world of gold mining. The series features several different mining sites that include a wide array of people. Of course, as with any reality series, there is chaos and drama, not only amongst the different camps but also within each crew. However, so much more goes on when the cameras stop rolling. Keep reading discover what Schnabel, Hoffman, and others are like and what really happens when the cameras turn off.

Parker Used His College Fund To Start His Mining Business

Parker Schnabel’s grandfather, John, owned and ran the successful Big Nugget mine. Therefore, Parker had been around gold mining ever since he could remember. He could not picture himself doing anything else. Therefore, he believed a college education was not necessary. He used all the funds saved for his education and used it instead to start his own mining operation.

Series Was Sued By Locals

Although the show is widely popular, many of the locals are not happy with “Gold Rush.” During the 2017 filming season, the residents of a Colorado town, close to Hoffman’s mining site, formed an advocacy group called Save South Park. This group filed a lawsuit against the “Gold Rush” production team in hopes to prevent them filming another season in the area. The group claims that the mining is a nuisance and creates a lot of noise in residential areas. “Gold Rush” decided to pack up and leave Park County in February 2018.

The Biggest Nugget Parker Has Ever Found

Although he is young, Parker is considered an expert in gold mining. However, even for experts, it is very rare to find a large gold nugget. During a Q&A on Facebook live, Parker was recently asked about the largest nugget he ever found. His response: “maybe a quarter ounce? $400-$500.” Furthermore, he said that even his grandfather only found 3-4 nuggets throughout his whole career.

Who Is The Most Difficult Miner For Crew To Work With?

A number of production crew members and cameramen are hired each season to film the several camps featured on “Gold Rush.” However, for all crewmen, there is one miner who is much harder to work with than others. That miner is Parker, which is normally attributed to his young age. One crew member said Parker “has the least regard for the camera crew.” Furthermore, the crew added that he was challenging to work with in his teens years, but, he has gotten better with age.

Shots Fired

Todd Hoffman recently decided to try his luck at mining in Colorado near the town of Fairplay. The mayor of the town welcomed the “Gold Rush” crew with open arms. However, not all the residents were as welcoming. KUSA-TV reported “Members of the ‘Gold Rush’ crew told the Park County Sheriff’s Office that (Aaron) Borth flagged down their truck on County Road 14. They said Borth shouted obscenities and threats before pulling a handgun and firing four shots in the direction of their vehicles.”

Former Miner Says The Show Is Scripted

Jimmy Dorsey had been featured on “Gold Rush” until his relationship with some fellow workers turned sour. After leaving the show, he did an interview with Oregon Gold. He was asked if the show was scripted. Dorsey’s responded: “Sure… It is scripted from the beginning. They knew exactly what they wanted to see out of the program. Even me leaving was scripted, but in the way in which it happened was not.”

Gene Cheeseman & Parker’s Strained Relationship

Schnabel was blinded sided when his right-hand man, Gene Cheeseman, decided to leave his operation. Although he was angry and confused at the time, Parker has moved on. Parker said, “I see Gene a couple times a year normally. He doesn’t get out to our neck of the woods too often. But, when he does, he stops by now and then. When I go to see Tony, I stop in and talk to Gene usually. Gene and I are fine, I think. From my point of view, we are — you’d have to ask him on that. We get along fine. We talk. You know, I think we’ve both moved on, and we’re both doing fine from it.”

Parker’s Mom Didn’t Want Him To Mine

Since he was a child, Parker watched his grandfather excavate gold. Since he was a child, he aspired to be just like his grandfather. However, his mother had other things in mind. During an interview with Monsters & Critics, Parker said: “My mom has always pushed us NOT to go to work in the family business because there’s a whole world out there to see.” Contrary to what she said, she still 100% supports her son in his choice to be a miner.

Todd Owns An Airport

Unlike Parker and Monica, Todd did not grow up in the mining industry. Therefore, he had explored other career opportunities before becoming a mine boss. He owned and operated an airport in Oregon. However, as the small engine plane industry slowed, so did his business. He left running the airport to mine gold. However, the airport still stands, and it is still owned by Todd.

Monica Says Her Father Can Be Old-Fashioned

Monica Beets has been around the mining industry her whole life. Her father has always just told her to go explore and learn on her own, despite being a girl. However, his ideas of gender equality aren’t always progressive. “He doesn’t care what your gender is; if you’re sitting on a piece of equipment, girls can do it just as well as men can, sometimes even better,” Monica told Monsters & Critics. “But if it’s heavy lifting or shoveling or labor, doesn’t matter if you’ve got five girls, the one guy is going to be taken for that because ‘it’s not a girl’s job.’ If something needs to be cleaned, apparently that’s what we’re good for. He’s both. He’s old-fashioned, but…I don’t know.”

The Film Crew Bribes Parker With Food

As stated previously, the film crew already struggles to work with Parker. However, he is human, and the crew has, therefore, been able to find a way to make working with Parker easier. During an interview for Discovery, one crew member said, “He doesn’t always take time to feed himself. So, we give him a snack.” The food helps keep Parker still for a short time so they can film him.

The Cameras Add More Pressure To The Miners

Before the cameras even arrived at the mining camps, the owners of each operation held strong competitiveness against one another. However, the cameras add even more. During an interview with Discovery, Parker stated: “The cameras bring a big focus on, you know, how many ounces are you getting every week, so you know, it’s a lot of pressure, but, it is also a big motivator because everyone wants to impress.”

Tony Beets Charged After On-Camera Stunt

In 2015, during the episode “Viking Baptism,” a few of Beets’ miners were seen pouring gasoline into a dredge pond and then setting it on fire. Beets allowed the act. After the episode aired, both the worker who pour the gasoline as well as Beets were charged with pollution and fined. Beets was more specifically charged with depositing waste in a water management area and failing to report it to an inspector. Beets and the worker admitted to their wrong-doings and paid the fine.

“There Is Definitely A Lot Of Built Up Rage.”

All of the mining camps are in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, during the season, crew members get anxious, and lots of tension builds amongst each team as you have to live and work with people. Being around anyone 24/7 will cause problems. During an interview with Maxim, Parker said, “There is quite a bit of built up rage and working all those days and weeks without time off. And that rage can come out when alcohol gets mixed in. A few weeks ago, I had a party, and some of the guys started body slamming each other and started throwing potatoes at each other. If I didn’t intervene, it would have turned into complete chaos. There is definitely a lot of built up rage.”

Monica May Pursue Other Career Opportunities

Monica has helped her father mine since she was 12 years old. However, she has thought about pursuing other ventures. “I’ve taken a couple of EMR and EMS courses, like paramedics and that would be a really interesting job, I think,” Monica told Monsters & Critics. “But, as for right now, I’m just going to mine until it’s not worth it anymore and then see where life takes me.”

Parker Thinks He Is Very Different Than Todd & Tony

“Gold Rush” focuses on different mining camps to create diversity in the show (not to mention, it all adds drama). Although when it comes down to the basics, all of the mining bosses do the same thing. However, their perspectives on the gold mine industry are completely different. Parker told Monsters & Critics, “all three of us are very big personalities, and all three of us have — are completely opposite in the sense of how we conduct ourselves and how we run a business and how we prioritize things. And it’s pretty interesting,”

Other Interesting Finds In The Beets Mine

As the land the Beets family mine on is very old, it should come as no surprise that they find more than just gold while digging. However, there is one find that sticks out to Monica the most. In an interview with Monsters & Critics, in 2017, she said, “Last year we actually pulled out…dad spotted it…he thought it was a leather jacket in the cut, but it was some thousand-year-old carrier pack…It was actually linked on to an archeological website. It’s actually really cool.”

Their Salary Per Episode

All of the camps receive most of their money from the gold they mine. However, filming the reality series also adds a nice chunk of change to their pockets. It has been reported that for every episode Parker is paid approximately $25,000. Allegedly, Todd Hoffman also received $25,000. As for the crew, they are paid in respect to how much airtime they receive. Therefore, there have been rumors that crew members will cause a scene to be filmed more.

Meet Parker’s Girlfriend, Ashley

When Parker is not digging in the mine, he likes to spend his time traveling the world. During one of his recent vacations, he met the beautiful Australian, Ashley Youle. There was an instant connection between them. Therefore, Parker invited Ashley to his mine in the U.S. She happily accepted. After having a fun trip, they made it official. They are still happily dating.

Ashley The Law Breaker?

Ashley Youle is Parker’s beautiful girlfriend that he met while on vacation in Australia. She has since come to Canada on several occasions and worked in Parker’s camp. However, many people say, by doing this, she is breaking the law. Gold Rush News reported that citizens of the Yukon area are angry as Ashley is working illegally. She is visiting Canada on a tourist visa and can, therefore, not work.

Todd Creates Great Drama

Series producer Ronan Browne is in charge of the camera crews that film Hoffman’s camp. Therefore, it is also his job to find the best footage to keep viewers interested. However, Ronan says his job is not super hard in comparison to the other camps. “Luckily, I don’t have to worry as much as I know Todd is going to do something brilliant or outrageous,” he said in an interview with Discovery.

The Schnabel Camp Cook

Bailey Hinchliffe works as the chef at Schnabel’s operation. Bailey has an inside look at what life is like at the camp. She says the men eat “twice as much as normal people.” She wakes up early to be in the kitchen by 5 am and she doesn’t leave the kitchen until dinner is over around 9 pm. Bailey has been working in camps as a cook since she was 18 years old. Although she faces some challenges working for Parker, overall, she’s an expert and can handle anything.

How Did Gold Rush Become A Series?

The original executive producer of “Gold Rush” was Christo Doyle. Doyle hah created and worked on several other series for Discovery. At the time the show was conceived, the U.S. was recovering from an economic downturn. According to TV Overmind, “‘Gold Rush’ was something of an aspirational series in the sense that it reflected what a lot of viewers were wanting at the time. This resulted in a natural sympathy for the people featured on the series, which in turn, made it that much easier for it to build up a fan-base who wanted to see said individuals succeed. ”

How Does Parker Keep The Gold Safe?

If you are a fan of the show, you might have noticed many of the mine bosses keep their gold in mason jars, which is not necessarily the best way to keep something so valuable safe. However, Parker has other means than just the jar. In an interview, he said he has two things to protect his loot – a “big safe and a big shotgun.”

Why Did Todd Decide To Leave The Series?

In February 2018, Todd Hoffman announced that he will be leaving the series. To many, it came as a surprise. However, some fans have said its about time as he never really saw a ton of success in mining. However, it wasn’t the lack of gold that made Todd step down from his position on “Gold Rush.” According to Oregon Live, Todd stepped down because he had to spend so much time away from his family and, furthermore, it had “taken a toll” on his family life.

Todd Plans To Pursue Other Things

Although Todd has not made it 100% clear as to what he plans on doing, he made one thing clear. He would like to continue pursuing a singing career. In an interview with Monsters & Critics, Hoffman said, “I feel deep down… I’ll be singing in arenas some day. As ridiculous as some people may think, I think I got a shot at it. A real shot and I’d like to explore and see where it goes.”

Parker Has A Large Net Worth

Parker had watched his grandfather mine gold since he was a child and over the past few years, he has honed his skills as a mine boss. Therefore, one can call him an expert. He is so much an expert that he has mined millions and has become one of the most successful in the industry. Through his mining operation as well as the paycheck he receives from the show, he has amassed a net worth of $8 million.

Parkers Grandfather’s Final Advice To Him

Parker was very close to his grandfather, John, and Parker took it very hard when he passed. In the days leading to his death, Parker visited his grandfather as much as possible in the hospital. John gave his final advice to Parker in his last days. He said to him, “Parker, I wish you the best of everything. I don’t particularly wish you to have billions of dollars…but I do want you to have a wonderful feeling for someone who becomes a part of your life. That’s all that’s important. Good Luck.”

Todd’s Feud With Parker

In the very beginning of the series, Todd and Parker had a friendly relationship. However, it didn’t take long before things turned sour. But, why does Todd dislike Parker so much? Parker was asked this by Channel Guide magazine and if he has ever spoken to Todd directly about it. Parker responded: “I didn’t ask him, but it seems like a pretty extreme stance on his part, but that’s fine — to each his own, right?”


Parker’s Real Feelings On Todd

It is obvious in the series that Todd and Parker just don’t see eye-to-eye. However, during an interview with Discovery, Parker explained his real feelings on Todd. “I used to let Todd get to me,” he said. “You know, the typical preaching to me about how there’s more to all of this than all the gold, and us not having enough heart to find the gold… The one thing I saw from Todd early on is that I never want to run the colt-style management like he does.”