Behind The Scenes Traits Of Your Favorite Celebrities

It goes without saying that most people would like to hang out with their favorite celebrity. One likely imagines going out on the town with the character that they play on a certain show or with the person that they see during the interview. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with one of these celebrities? While it isn’t so easy to make that happen, we can give you a little glimpse of some behind-the-scenes (and often strange) traits that many of the biggest celebrities have. Here’s some inside scoop on top celebrities, as told by members of their staff.

Britney The Junk Food Junkie

If there is one thing that the media has taught us it’s that Britney Spears is a fan of junk food. There have been plenty of tabloids that have managed to capture a not-so-flattering photo of her scarfing down any number of unhealthy food choices. But apparently, her obsession hasn’t been exaggerated all that much.

Junk Food Junkie

Former housekeepers for Spears have revealed that they’ve found leftover junk food in all sorts of places around her house. They’ve found half-eaten burgers and sweets under her bed and even between the sheets!  We’ve hoarded our fair share of junk food leftovers, but we usually keep ours in the fridge.

Miley’s Personal Petting Zoo

There is no shortage of celebrities who are pretty open about their love of animals. One such celebrity is Miley Cyrus. While she’s known for being very eccentric, she’s also a devout animal lover. Those who work with her closely have revealed that she’s almost constantly surrounded by animals.

Petting Zoo

She has several cats and dogs, as well as a pig. While that may seem adorable and not such a big deal, her employees have revealed that not many of the animals are house trained. While cuddling with cute animals is great, we imagine that whoever gets stuck with cleanup duty isn’t too happy about it.

Taylor Swift Is A Cat Lady

Speaking of animal lovers, another celebrity who has no problem sharing her love of furry friends is Taylor Swift. Her Instagram feed is crammed with posts about her love of cats, especially her two Sottish Folds. Her obsession goes beyond her own pets, though.

Cat Lady

Apparently, her house is filled with cat “trinkets.”  She has artwork, dishes, cat sweaters, and just about any other kind of item you can imagine adorned with images of cats. At the 2015 Grammy Awards, Taylor mentioned that she’d be “going home to her cats.”  After learning this tidbit, we can’t say we’re surprised that was her first thought.

Christian Is Crazy About Patrick

There are plenty of great method actors in Hollywood. One of the top stars who really gets into his characters is Christian Bale. He takes his roles extremely seriously and had been know to totally assume the identities of the characters he plays.

Crazy About Patrick

His personal assistant has revealed that his all-time favorite character is Patrick Bateman, from American Psycho. Bale loves the character so much that he apparently calls his friends from time to time and pretends to be the character, just to scare them. Is it creepy or just innocent fun?  You be the judge.

Jessica’s Constant Shedding

If you own certain breeds of dogs, you know that a big part of your life is going to be spent picking up hair that’s been shed all over your house. It would seem that the same holds true for Jessica Simpson’s housekeepers, but they aren’t picking up dog fur.

Constant Shedding

The actress is known for wearing hair extensions, and she even sells her own line of the hair accessories. But she also has a habit of leaving all of those extensions lying everywhere around her house, including the ones she personally wears. Her housekeepers have said that they’re constantly following her around and cleaning up human hair.

Reese Witherspoon Is An Amazing Boss

So far, we’ve been shining a slightly negative light on celebrities and only covering the kinds of traits that might make you cringe. Well, here’s one that’s just the opposite. Those who work closely with actress Reese Witherspoon say that she’s an absolute dream to work for.

Best Boss In The World?

Despite her busy career and role as a mom, she keeps her house in impeccable condition, so her housekeepers don’t have much work to do. She even gives her staff some of her clothes once she’s done with them so they can wear them. She’s clearly one actress who hasn’t let her fame and success go to her head.

Sandra Bullock’s Extremely Private

Being a celebrity isn’t without its challenges. As you might expect, one of the challenges that many A-listers constantly face is the bombardment and invasion of privacy that is often dished out by the paparazzi. Fan-favorite Sandra Bullock can certainly relate to this particular headache.

Embrace The Dark

As such, her staff has standing orders to ensure that all of the curtains stay closed in her home at all times. She has told them that under no circumstances does she want her adopted son being photographed by the media without her permission. This is one celebrity trait that we can appreciate.

Clooney And His Fun Habit

George Clooney and his drinking habits have frequently been the subject of jokes around Hollywood. He’s embracing the old-school, Sinatra image and tends to be a pretty good sport about the jokes. But there may be more truth to the stories than we realize.

Clooney Loves His Booze

While he acts pretty suave in front of cameras, his housekeepers have said that he isn’t always the nicest guy behind the scenes, especially when it comes to liquor. According to his staff, he’s been known to check the levels of the bottles in his liquor cabinet, just to make sure that none of his help is sneaking a sip when he isn’t looking.

Johnny Loves Costume Parties

We’ve already mentioned that some method actors tend to really fall in love with the characters they’ve played in the past. Another celebrity that’s famous for this particular trait is Johnny Depp. Sources close to the actors have said that he frequently likes to dig out old costumes from movies he’s worked on and dress up.

Frequent Costume Parties

It’s no secret that he’ll occasionally show up on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney dressed as Jack Sparrow, so we can’t say this one comes as much of a surprise. Plus, who wouldn’t appreciate an impromptu dress-up session with Johnny Depp?

Naomi Is Candle Obsessed

Most of us can appreciate the soothing aura that comes with lighting a pleasantly scented candle. It’s one characteristic that at least one famous celebrity shares with us. Naomi Campbell apparently loves candles so much that when she stays in a hotel, it’s mandatory that 25 lily-scented candles be lit in her room.

Candle In The Wind

But her obsession does not stop there. She’s also particular about how the candles are arranged. Her housekeepers and assistants have said that they have to be very careful when they move about so they don’t disrupt how she’s arranged them.

Jim Carrey Isn’t All Laughs

Jim Carrey will go down in history as one of the funniest actors of all times. But those close to him know that life isn’t always laughs for the actor and comedian. He frequently goes through bouts of depression and has been known to develop the occasional substance problem.

Life Isn’t All Laughs

His staff members have said that in the past, he’s suffered from severe mood swings so that they never really knew which “Jim” they’d be dealing with on any particular day. The good news is that in recent years he seems to be doing just fine, and we certainly hope that trend continues.

Ryan Loves Dark Humor

Ryan Gosling seems like the kind of guy that no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t get upset with. It’s probably true, but still, some of his staff has revealed that he has a bit of a twisted sense of humor that frequently tries their patience. He’s apparently also seen too many horror movies, as he’s constantly trying to scare them.

Dark Humor

One source said that he’s been known to come down the stairs in his house on all fours, like something out of a horror flick, just to try and scare the house staff. We can appreciate a creepy sense of humor, though, and still think that Ryan would be a total sweetheart to hang out with.

Selena Wrecks Hotels

There’s been no shortage of stories through the years about certain celebrities trashing hotel rooms and living like slobs. Most of the names associated with those traits tend to be rock bands that were simply “living the life.”

Celebrity Slob

It would seem that Selena Gomez also falls into that category. Staff members have said that the former Disney Channel star has doesn’t pick up after herself at all. They’re constantly cleaning up after her and she can absolutely destroy a hotel suite in less than a day.

Demi Moore Keeps The Lights Low

Oftentimes for celebrities, their looks are everything. At 56 years old, we certainly don’t think that Demi Moore has anything to worry about in the looks department, but she may not feel the same way. Those who are close to the actress have reported that she has a thing about bright lights.

No Harsh Lighting

In a nutshell, they aren’t allowed. Demi insists that the lighting in her house be as flattering as possible, so she insists that lighting in each room be dimmed. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, but we’d think that constantly living in gloomy lighting would take a toll after a while.

Kanye West Is The Jealous Type

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are no strangers to eccentric behavior and the media, so it probably comes as no surprise to learn that Kanye can apparently get a bit jealous at times. That’s especially true when it comes to other people talking to his wife.

Jealous Much?

Sources have said that once upon a time, one of their bodyguards was seen by Kanye talking to Kim. He immediately thought that the bodyguard was attempting to flirt with his wife so Kanye fired the man on the spot. There’s obviously a lot of details about the situation we don’t have, but it wouldn’t really surprise anyone if it was true, right?

Ariana’s Too Good To Walk?

While we’ve certainly seen some strange traits so far on this list, none of them have been too crazy, right?  That’s all about to change. Enter the popular musician, Ariana Grande. While she certainly has a reputation of being a Diva, some sources say that she even insists on being carried around from time to time!

Too Good To Walk?

Being pampered is one thing, but come on—demanding that a staff member carry you just because you don’t want to walk is pretty extreme. She has publicly denied the rumors, but there are a LOT of photos out there showing her being carried by boyfriends, bodyguards, friends, etc. that would tend to suggest otherwise.

Meghan Is Down To Earth

It’s time for another positive celebrity trait and this time we’re turning to actress Megan Fox for inspiration. She is the mother to three children that she has with fellow actor Brian Austin Green. While they’re both successful celebrities and could certainly afford to spoil their kids, Megan is way too down to earth.

Another Great Trait

She has a standing rule that when it comes to her children’s bedrooms, the maids don’t clean them—the kids do. She wants them to gain the values of picking up after themselves and doesn’t want anything done for them. You have to respect that kind of thinking from a super celebrity like Megan Fox.

Jamie’s Idle Hands

Jamie Dornan is best known for playing Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades films. While his character has some pretty “interesting” traits of his own, the actor has a few that the fictional character would likely never embrace.

Idle Hands

According to sources close to Dornan, one of those traits is his obsession with needlepoint. The actor apparently does needlepoint any chance he gets and his home is covered in needlepoint artwork. That’s certainly not something you’d expect from Christian Grey.

Kim K’s Messy Closet

As you might imagine, Kim Kardashian has amassed an insane amount of clothes, shoes, bags, and various other fashion accessories. You would think that when you have that much stuff, you’d want to keep it all organized and tidy so that you could make an epic fashion selection at a moment’s notice.

Kim K’s Messy Closet

It would seem that’s not the case, though. According to one of Kim’s employees, she refuses to hang anything up, instead choosing to just leave her clothes lying around everywhere. As soon as the staff cleans up her closet, it’s a total wreck again a day later.

Tom’s Strict Rules

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest stars on the planet, but he’s also known for having some strange ideals. Those apparently apply to his household rules, as well. Staff members have reported that he runs a pretty tight ship.

Strict Rules

He apparently wants fresh sheets on his bed every day, and he demands that his staff be on call to serve him at any hour of the day.  He also has certain parts of his house that are strictly off-limits to staff members. It’s been reported that when he was married to Katie Holmes that not even she was allowed to go into these “sacred” parts of the house.

Cindy Crawford Is All About Giving

Cindy Crawford is one of the most recognizable supermodels of all time. She’s still gorgeous today, but it would seem that she’s just as beautiful on the inside. While many celebrities are anything but kind to the staff that work for them, Cindy isn’t one of them.

Big Heart, Beautiful Skin

She was once given a car after she shot a commercial. Instead of keeping the vehicle for herself, she gave it to one of her housekeepers that needed a ride. That’s certainly the kind of celebrity behavior we can get behind.

Jason Momoa’s Kids Run Wild

Aquaman and Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa is on the biggest stars on the planet right now. He and his wife, actress Lisa Bonet, have two children together. The family is known for being free spirited, but staff members in their home have said that their spirits might be a little too free.

Letting The Kids Run Wild

Apparently, the kids can do pretty much whatever they want. They’re allowed to run all over the place and essentially go to bed at whatever time they want. It’s not the worst behavior a celebrity could exhibit, but you probably need to have some rules in place, right?

Beyounce’s Messiness

Many of Beyoncé’s staff members have said that the diva is pretty messy. Instead of getting upset about, Beyoncé actually agrees with them!  She’s admitted that she isn’t the tidiest person in the world and that it’s one of the traits that her husband, Jay Z, likes the least about her.

If You’re Messy And You Know It, Clap Your Hands

Still, when you live the kind of life Beyoncé does, full of touring and travel, we can only imagine how difficult it must be to not be a bit of a mess. We can all think of a time that our own lives got a bit busy and we let things go.

Christina Loves Costumes

It’s no secret that some couples like to “spice things up” with a bit of role playing from time to time. Apparently, Christina Aguilera is no exception. According to her housekeepers, when she was married to Jordan Bateman, they would frequently find nurse and maid uniforms lying around, among other interesting costumes.

Costumes And Champagne

She also likes her champagne. She has a standing order that staff members have a bottle of Dom Perignon chilled and on hand at any given time, just in case she feels the need for a glass of bubbly.

Tori Spelling Holds Nothing Back

Housekeepers who have worked for Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott, have reported that the couple has quite a robust love live. They also don’t mind who knows it, apparently. They’ve said that Dean often talks about his love life with staff members in WAY too much detail.

Too Much Information

We can’t imagine that being easy to take. That has to create an awkward work environment, doesn’t it?  Can you imagine trying to go about your duties and act professionally in front of your boss knowing the most intimate details about their love life?

Kristen’s Bad Habit

Cigarette smoking isn’t nearly as popular as it used to be, much to the joy of lungs everywhere. There do seem to be a few celebrities who still engage in the habit, though. One of those celebs is Twilight actress Kristen Stewart. Staff members that work for her say that she’s prone to leave used cigarette butts all over her house.

A Nasty Habit

They say that they have even found some in her refrigerator. That’s a part of this story we’d love to know more about!  At any rate, there’s no denying what an unhealthy habit smoking is anymore, so we hope for her sake (and her housekeepers) Kristen ditches it soon.

Martha’s Sole Searching

Christian Louboutin heels are famous for their bright red soles, and many celebrities have several pairs. One of those celebrities is Martha Stewart. According to staff members, though, Martha isn’t exactly a fan of the red soles. In fact, she has employees dye the bottoms of the shoes black.

Sole Searching

What’s more, the staff members have to use a black sharpie in order to color over the red. This is certainly a strange celebrity trait and it’s one that we just can’t seem to understand. After all, why wouldn’t you just buy a different shoe?  You know, one without red soles…

Madonna’s Strict Rituals

When it comes to odd traits and their relationship with hired help, Madonna might just take the cake. According to former housekeepers, the megastar singer refuses to have any televisions in her home. While that might not be that strange, the fact that she requires all of her help to be on strict macrobiotic diets is!

Full Of Odd Traits

She’s also been known to ask for water as many as half a dozen times a night. She also apparently pays her help much less than other celebrities. It makes you wonder how she manages to keep any staff members for any length of time.

Silverstone’s Odd Parenting Methods

We’re starting to get into uncharted territory here. This is another example of some truly strange behavior. Actress Alicia Silverstone no doubt cares for her kid, but when it comes to how she feeds them, it’s a bit gross.

Birds Of A Feather

According to inside sources, the actress will actually chew food for them and have them eat right out of her mouth, just like a bird. There are some arguments that this behavior boosts immunity. We say that an occasional cold is not worth going through this disgusting ritual.

Mariah’s Candy Room

Many parents today think that kids should be highly restricted when it comes to eating sweets and candy. Others feel that it’s a part of growing up. There’s no denying that candy is delicious, so it’s no wonder that kids love it. But we also know that too much candy can lead to everything from dental issues to diabetes.

Sweets To The Sweet

According to staff members, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon used to keep an entire room in their house stocked to the brim with candy and other sweets. While parents might cringe at this, we’re guessing that virtually every kid in the world would have loved hanging out at Mariah and Nick’s!

Paris Hilton Really Loves Her Dogs

Anyone who follows pop culture and the celebrity scene knows that Paris Hilton is a dog lover. We can all remember images of her on the red carpet with her Pomeranians in tow. It turns out that her dogs probably have nicer homes than we do.

Epic Doghouses

In fact, according to those close to the star, Paris had miniature mansions built for each of her dogs. The mansions are accurate replicas of Paris’s own home. We’d say it’s pretty safe to say that her dogs might just be the most pampered animals on the planet.

Nicolas Cage Loves Snakes

Nicolas Cage once starred in a film called Snake Eyes. In a strange case of irony, the film might just have influenced his preferences in pets. It’s probably no surprise to find Nicolas Cage on a list involving “strange celebrity” traits. While there’s a lot of material to work with, one of his strangest traits has to do with pets.

Snake Eyes

At one point, the actor apparently thought that he needed an octopus and two cobras as pets. Just to show that he wasn’t completely nuts, he also bought an antidote with the snakes in case he got bit. Thankfully, he didn’t keep the snakes long and eventually donated them to a zoo.

Lady Gaga Can’t Be Alone

Lady Gaga is another celebrity who is no stranger to eccentric behavior. It would seem that it isn’t all just for show, too. People who have worked for her have said that the celebrity can’t stand to be alone.

Cuddle Time

So much show that she has required her assistants to sleep in the same bed with her just so she didn’t have to sleep alone. Now, there are plenty of people who probably have no issues whatsoever if they were asked to sleep in the same bed as Lady Gaga, but getting a request like that from your boss is still pretty strange.

Chelsea Handler Let’s It Hang Out

Chelsea Handler has no problem speaking her mind, and she doesn’t really seem to be too concerned with other people’s opinions of her. According to former staff members, she’s also pretty comfortable in her own skin, as she’s apparently fond of walking around her house nude, even in front of her staff.

Pets Gone Wild

She also doesn’t like to pick up after her pets, according to some sources. If her dog pees on the floor, she simply waits for one of her maids to clean up the mess. What can we say, at some point, celebrities are just no longer capable of being “down to earth.”

J-Lo, Pay-Low

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most successful female celebrities in the world. For a long time now, she’s been known to be a bit of a diva. It would also seem that she doesn’t like to pay her staff very well.

J-Lo, Pay-Low

Despite her success, former housekeepers have said that she pays them like she’s still “Jenny from the block.”  In fact, some former employees have said that she only pays about half as much as other celebrities in her area. Some of her maids even gave her the secret nickname “Pay-Low.”

Clothing Is Optional For Jennifer

According to some of Jennifer Anniston’s housekeepers, the former Friends star is very comfortable in her own skin. She frequently walks through her house in nothing but underwear, and sometimes without anything at all. And she doesn’t seem to have a problem that other people see her.

Clothing Optional

While she’s in the privacy of her own home, some would argue that walking around naked in front of your employees is no big deal. Regardless of how you feel about it, you can’t say that Jennifer Anniston has anything she should feel ashamed about showing!