44 Years After She Was Abandoned, Woman Discovers Her Startling Past


Jen Chervin grew up knowing she was abandoned on the hospital steps as baby and later adopted. However, she never knew who her biological parents were. Thanks to the internet and social media, she was able to uncover her shocking past.

Meet Jen

Jen Chervin was abandoned on December 18, 1971, outside of Fremont Hospital in Yuba, California. Her abandonment was quickly covered by local media and she was dubbed “Baby Jane.” She was eventually adopted, and lived a a happy life. She is currently a teacher. However, around the date of her abandonment (Christmastime), she always found herself wondering about her parents and where she came from.

baby jane

The Search Begins

Many decades after her abandonment, Jen decided it was time to search for her biological parents. She made a post about her journey on social media. The responses she received were overwhelming. One person suggested she do DNA testing to help connect to her parents, while another suggested a “Search Angel.” A search angels is a network of people who help others find answers about their birth. Jen decided to do both.


She Finds Relatives

To Jen’s surprise, the DNA testing worked wonders. She was quickly able to find several cousins whose DNA matched hers. Through the cousins, she was able to connect to her biological father. She made the hard call to her father, who began to tell her about her past. He told her who he believed her mother was, as well as that she was a product of a secret wartime affair. Jen was shocked!


Mother Denied Claims At First

The call to her mother was a rough one. During the original phone call, her biological mother denied her claims, stating she had no idea what she was talking about. However, once Jen expressed she was not there to bring ill-will on her family, but rather that she just wanted answers, the mother caved. Her biological mother cried over the phone and apologized for her abandonment. She explained her husband was deployed in Vietnam, and she had an affair. Jen was born in the mother’s house and dropped at the hospital only a few hours later.

jen chervin


Jen’s biological mother told Jen she could not be a part of her family, which Jen understood. However, Jen did learn her birthdate was the day she was dropped at the hospital, as well as her family medical history. She has not met face-to-face with her biological mother, however, she hopes one day she may do so. Jen told KOIN, “She sent me this necklace and she sent a note with it that says, “The cross is a reminder that you are always in my heart.”‘