All Was Lost During Hurricane Katrina, Until They Found One Thing


Many people were not prepared for the devastation Hurricane Katrina would cause. Therefore, many places were not ready to handle the trauma that would soon head their way. Memorial Medical Center was one of those places. When it was hit, emergency nurses and doctors, as well as the average joe jumped in to help. Two of those people there to help were Allison and Bryan.

Hurricane Hits

After the levees broke in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina was able to release her full wrath on the city, causing power outages, flood, and overall devastation. The storm was not bias and hit all areas of the cities including hospitals. One hospital affected by the storm was Memorial Medical Center (now called Oschner medical).

hurricane katrina

Helping Hand

Soon after the eye of the storm hit the city, Memorial Medical center started filling with murky waters and lost power. Floors were flooded and people began to panic. There are special nurses and doctors that work at the hospital that are labeled as the natural disaster first responders squad.When the emergency power died, this team kicked it into high gear. Two children of the team of nurses were also there to help out.

A New Friend

Bryan and Allison were children of two of the first response nurses. Allison was a freshman in college, and Bryan was a senior in high school when the storm hit. However despite their age, they quickly jumped into action to help their mothers during the peak of the storm. Soon, the two helpers found each other. “He stuck with me to make sure I was never by myself,” Allison told People. “As every day passed, the situation got more and more dire, and he made sure nothing happened to me.”


They Need To Escape

The longer the storm went on, the more dangerous it became to stay in the hospital. With limited food and water supply, as well as the risk of being attacked by looters, people began searching for a way out. Bryan and his family found a moment to sneak out a window and were picked up by the National Guard. Allison had to stay behind as her mother was still in the hospital. Bryan reached out to Allison only a few days later.


Thankful To Katrina

From the initial reconnection, the couple talked every day for the next 6 years. They fell in love and were married. Ironically enough, the couple even had their first child at the very hospital where they met. “I honestly think that all of this – my wife, my baby – wouldn’t be here now if it weren’t for Katrina,” Bryan told People. “I lost my senior year of high school, my house was flooded, I lost everything, but in hindsight, Katrina is the reason why I am alive, why I am here now with my son and my wife.”