Dog Was Told To ‘Stay’, 7 Days Later He Was Still Waiting


Dogs are definitely a man’s best friend. They are truly loyal and dedicated to his and her owner. When a dog is trained, he obeys his owners commands swiftly and correctly. Unfortunately, sometimes owners abuse this trust. Russian dog, Luke, tragically experienced that first hand.

It Began With A Car Ride

There is no better way to describe Luke, than a “very good dog.” His story begins in Moscow, Russia. Luke was taking a drive one day with his owner, an activity most dogs love. When the owner suddenly pulled over on the sidewalk. Luke did not see this act as weird or strange, he just followed his owner’s lead.



Luke was enjoying his day in the car with his owner. When suddenly, his owner pulled over on the side of the road, and told Luke to get out of the car. After which, the owner told him to “stay.” Luke did exactly what he was told, and he stayed, waiting for his owner to return back to him. Luke was a very loyal dog so he did the best he could, unfortunately, being a “good boy” worked against him.


He Stayed

There are many reasons people train their dogs, whether its safety, reliability or sociability, each owner has his or her own reasons. However, normally training is done with the dog’s best interests in mind. Sadly, Luke’s owner was not one of these people. When Luke was told to stay, he was so loyal that he stayed for many days!

He Waited

Luke was told to ‘stay’ and that is exactly what he did. He stayed and waited for his owner to return. He waited, and waited. Sadly, his owner never returned and Luke was left abandoned on the side of the road. However, he was so loyal he ended up sitting there for 7 whole days! Fortunately, one woman was able to change his mind about staying.


People Passed By

As Luke was left on the side of road, clearly people had passed by him. As he still looked in good shape, many people just drove past him. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Luke was becoming sad and lonely, as he loyally waited for his owner. It was reported that a few pedestrians approached him. However, he remained steadfast and did not budge.


People Tried To Help Him

Luke was also dropped off in front of a restaurant. Therefore, many people saw the tragic incident. “A woman who worked there saw it happen,” Meredith Andrew, told iHeartDogs. “She tried to get him to move, but he wouldn’t.” The woman at the restaurant kept him fed for the 7 days he remained waiting. Unfortunately, Luke was never able to trust the woman enough to make him move.


A Kind Woman

People approached Luke and tried to get him to move, unfortunately, his loyalty was his worst enemy. He remained in hopes that his owner would return. However, one woman, Elena Kniazeva, found a way to connect to Luke. He trusted her enough to move from his spot and go with her.


Brought To A Shelter

There was something about Elena that made Luke able to trust her. Although, he was at first apprehensive, he decided to go with her. Elena brought him to a nearby shelter. They gave him food and water. Luckily, Luke was still in overall good health. Although he was timid at first, after a few days he was able to begin making new friends.


A Haven For Many Dogs

As Luke was brought to a shelter, it was a home to many other dogs. Many of the other dogs, like Luke, had been abandoned or abused. Therefore, it is no surprise that Luke was able to connect to at least one of the other dogs. Maybe it was due to their similar pasts or maybe they just smelled interesting, but Luke made a very close friend at the shelter.

luke and dennis

Meet Dennis

Luke particularly connected with another dog named Dennis. Dennis had also come from a very unfortunate situation. Dennis, his mother, and his litter-mates were found on a construction site in Russia. The strangers who found them brought the doggy family food and water. Sadly, upon returning one day they found someone had cut off the mother’s ears and Dennis had been badly injured. Most tragic, one of his litter-mates had died.


Rushed To The Shelter

After finding Dennis and his family so badly injured, the people who found them knew they could not wait any longer. They rushed Dennis and his family to the a local shelter. Luckily, the veterinarian on staff was able to save Dennis and his mother. Once healed, Dennis, his mother, and his liter-mates were all put up for adoption.


Dennis Was Also Waiting

After being fully healed, Dennis and his family joined the other dogs in the shelter, who were all waiting to be adopted. His litter-mates as well as his mother were all adopted. So Dennis was left alone. Although he had other new doggy friends, he never found one he truly connected with, until Luke came along. Upon meeting each other, it was clear these two doggos were going to be best buds.

dennis and luke

Their Story Went Viral

The story of Dennis and Luke’s tragic past, as well as the bond they had newly formed went global. People all around the world were spreading the news of these two dogs and trying to help in any way they could. Luckily, a non-profit organization, thousands of miles away heard about the story and decided to take action.

luke and dennis

Cause 4 Paws Toronto

Enter “Cause 4 Paws Toronto”. According to their website, “the mission of Cause 4 Paws Toronto is to relieve animal suffering and distress by helping to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome companion animals. By doing this we reduce the number of stray, injured, abandoned, abused, and neglected animals.” The company works with local, national, and international groups to help save animals. After hearing Luke and Dennis’s stories, they decided to help.

Excited To Help

Once Cause 4 Paws was given the green light to help Dennis and Luke, they wrote on their Facebook page “When we found out that Luke had a best friend named Dennis we knew that we couldn’t leave him behind and decided to take him too. So we are thrilled that Luke and Dennis will have another chance at a happy life! Luke and Dennis will be available for adoption in May and we are currently accepting applications.”



Cause 4 Paws knew they could not separate the two new best friends. Therefore, they decided it would be best to bring both of the dogs over from Russia to Canada. In order to do so, they began a “GoFundMe” page, in March 2017, titled “Luke & Dennis – Bring Them Home!” The page also told the story of both Luke’s and Dennis’s past, as well as their friendship.

dennis and luke

Fundraising Goal Reached

Cause 4 Paws had a fundraising goal of $1,800 to cover all medical and transportation expenses of Luke and Dennis from Russia to Canada. On their “GoFundMe” page, the group wrote “Please helps us give them this opportunity to have a second chance at a happy life!” People across the globe heard their pleas and within 3 months Cause 4 Paws had raised even more than their goal with $2,001.

gofundme page

Trip To A New Home

Cause 4 Paws was elated to see their fundraising efforts have been completed so quickly. Soon after their goal was met, Luke and Dennis began their journey to their new home. In the end of May 2017, they traveled over 4,600 mile from Russia to Canada. Upon arrival the pair was placed in a foster-to-adopt program.

luke and dennis

So Happy To Have Them

Upon arrival to Canada, Cause 4 Paws took to their facebook. They posted “Thank you all who helped bring Dennis and Luke from Russia to Toronto. We are so happy for these boys. They had such tough times and deserve so much happiness. From the happy faces we think they are well on their way to a happily furever after.”

dennis and luke

Waiting Again

Luke and Dennis found themselves waiting again. This time they knew their wait wouldn’t be as long. Both Luke and Dennis knew they would soon find their furever homes through the Cause 4 Paws’ foster-to-adopt program. They were anxious to meet and play with potential new families.


Luke Gets Adpoted

Although Dennis and Luke loved playing together, they knew they would possibly be separated one day. That day came on June 22, 2017. Close to one month after arriving in Canada, Luke was adopted. Cause 4 Paws wrote on their facebook, “Happy adoption news: Luke has been adopted. We are so grateful to those who donated to bring Luke and his best friend Dennis from Russia to Toronto… We look forward to our doggie reunion in August when they and so many of our dogs and families can get together.”


More News On Luke

On describing Luke’s situation in his new home, Cause 4 Paws said “Luke is enjoying being the center of attention and getting all the love and comfort that he was missing and so deserves. We are grateful to his wonderful family. And we want to thank everyone who made this happy day possible.”


Dennis Gets Adopted

But do not worry, because Dennis was not left alone for long. Only 5 days later, on June 27, Cause 4 Paws announced that Dennis was also adopted! “Happy Adoption News: We posted Luke who was adopted from Russia. Now his best friend Dennis has been adopted too,” Cause 4 Paws wrote on their Facebook page. “His family is wonderful and he will live happily ever after. Thank you all!”


New Family, New Name

Dennis was overjoyed to be adopted by his new loving family. However, he is no longer called Dennis, but rather Henderson. No matter the name change, Henderson is now surrounded by a loving family who gives him all the cuddles he needs. However, they also gave him one extra special treat – playtime with Luke!


Luke & Henderson Had A Playdate

Shortly after their adoptions, Luke’s and Henderson’s (formerly Dennis) families knew exactly what they had to do, they had to get the two doggo best friends together for a playdate. Cause 4 Paws was able to get some pictures from the happy day and posted on their Facebook “The two families got together and the boys had the best time.”

luke and henderson

post_page_title]Furever Homes[/post_page_title] Although Luke and Henderson may have had some rough beginnings. They are both hapily living in their furever homes. From now on no one will abuse Henderson and no one will betray the trust of Luke. Although Luke may have “stayed” waiting patiently for one owner, he has learned that waiting for some things (like his new family) are worth the wait.


Many More Dogs Need Homes

Cause 4 Paws helps hundreds of dogs find a home each years. Although Luke and Henderson found their furever homes, Cause 4 Paws still has many waiting to be rescued and adopted. If you would like to donate to the organization, as well as see the animals they have up for adoption visit their website, .