Meghan Markle’s Reason For Choosing To Breastfeed And Other Celebrity Opinions

When it comes to the love child between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, we can expect to see this newborn any day now. The world’s masses are collectively on the edge of their seats waiting with great anticipation to see this new baby. There is no end to the wonders on everyone’s mind. What will the baby look like? What will the name it? Is it a boy or a girl? And, of course, there is the big question concerning Meghan’s feeding method. Will, the new royal baby, be breastfed or will is be stuck with formula diet? We have the scoop when it comes to this question and today we’re revealing it.

The Buzz Surround Meghan

Seems that the world fell in love with Meghan Markle the minute they found out she was dating Prince Harry. This move eventually took the C list actress to the top of the popularity charts and soon the cameras were always on her at every minute and she was absolutely loving it. Just look at the way she embraces the camera with her eyes.

Soon after they began dating, the two became married and it wasn’t long after that Meghan and Harry announced that she was pregnant. Now the world is awaiting this baby. One question surrounding Meghan is whether she’ll formula feed or breastfeed the baby. We need to take a look at Meghan and the history of the Royal Family to truly learn the truth.

The Royal Family’s Stance

Right now, the Royal Family is more relaxed and let loose then it has ever been. Breastfeeding wouldn’t be such a huge issue today, but only one hundred years ago it would have been unheard of. Back in those days breastfeeding was something a royal family member would never take part in.

The act alone was seen as something of low class and unfitting for someone who was supposed to be an example for all of English society. Queen Victoria even went as far to deem the act as disgusting. No royal mother would want to feed her baby after giving birth. That said, the baby had to be fed by someone.

The Wet Nurse

For generations upon generations, the Royal Family had always employed a wet nurse to nurse the newest royal baby. This would allow the royal mothers to take care of their royal duties whilst their baby was tended to. In some cases, the baby was sent to live with the wet nurse for the first three years of their life.

There were a lot of risks when it came to the use of a wet nurse. There was a good chance that the baby would die whilst living with a wet nurse. One royal family member broke the mold and decided to not use a wet nurse. At the time this was a huge controversy.

The First To Breastfeed

Queen Elizabeth’s mother Queen Elizabeth The Mother Queen was the first person to breastfeed within the Royal Family. As you can imagine this caused quite a stir back in those days, especially if many people felt the same way about Breastfeeding as Queen Victoria.

Her daughter and the current Queen of England Queen Elizabeth decided to follow in her footsteps and breastfeed her children. This didn’t put wet nurses out of work as every other woman in the Royal Family was keen on not nursing their own babies. Even the Queen’s sister felt the act to be distasteful.

A Progressive Turn

If anyone shook up Buckingham Palace back in the 1980s, it was Princess Diana. She pretty much made her own rules but followed in the Queen’s footsteps when it came to feeding her children and breastfed both of her sons. She took things a step further by tending to them mostly on her own. The impact she’d have on them would change royalty forever.

Royal Family members don’t exactly have normal lives, but Princess Diana was bent on Harry and William living like everyone else. She would watch television with them, take them to McDonald’s and even take them to themes parks where they had to wait in line with the normal people.

Considered The First

When news broke that Princess Diana was breastfeeding her children, ABC News announced that such an act was unheard of within the Royal Family at that point. That, of course, wasn’t true, but I suppose research was harder to come by back in the 1980s.

At the time, Princess Diana was expected by most of the world to give up her children to a wet nurse and tend to all the royal duties, but she rejected the idea of a wet nurse and breastfed her babies so that she would be closer to them.

Kate Middleton And Breastfeeding

Kate Middleton took things to the next level with her children. Breastfeeding advocates pressured her to breastfeed her baby and to do it publically as a way of making the act more acceptable and respected in England. Kate Middleton was not going to advertise through her baby and decided to make her choice completely private.

Judging from her maturity clothing, it is safe to assume that she had breastfed all of her children. She has an extremely progressive stance with parenting. She and William even practice active listening and let their children fully express themselves.

Will Meghan Breastfeed?

When it comes to breaking new grounds in the Royal Family, Meghan Markle is taking things to a new level. She exactly isn’t moved by tradition. Whereas Princess Diana and Kate Middleton have had all of their births in the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital, Meghan has changed her mind and is now demanding a home birth in a pool setting.

Meghan is all in favor of natural things. She practices yoga and keeps fit, was a practicing vegan until her pregnancy and always aims at natural things. Can you imagine Meghan not breastfeeding her coming baby? I can’t, but as it turns out she has a few surprises in store for us.

Fighting To Normalize Public Breastfeeding

Whereas Kate Middleton wasn’t going to use her baby bonding time to please breastfeeding advocates, Meghan Markle doesn’t see this as a problem at all. Sources have said that she is going to breastfeed and that she’s going to do it publicly with a purpose.

Meghan Markle doesn’t only plan on breastfeeding, but she is going to do it amongst the masses so that she can normalize public breastfeeding. Think about how many cameras are on Meghan Markle and think about what this can result in.

What Meghan Can Do For Society

In England, breastfeeding is widely practiced but it isn’t often done publicly. That isn’t surprising when you take into consideration that some people will shame a woman for breastfeeding their baby out in public. The older generation can be especially critical of them.

If the world sees Meghan Markle, a Royal Family member openly breastfeeding, this will have a profound effect on little girls and expected mothers across the world. Who can question something that royalty does so openly and proudly?

Think Of The Children

Having such a bold public figure publically breastfeed can spark a massive change in our society and how we view breastfeeding. Most of us grew up in a time where it wasn’t common to see a woman breastfeed her baby openly. When we see it being done today, it immediately catches us off guard for a second.

In the future, breastfeeding can be as normal as someone sitting on a park bench. This is only possible if the adults today start being more open about their breastfeeding in public. Meghan is willing to sacrifice her comforts for a shot at that kind of future. We cannot help but admire her for such an act.

How Women Feel

Statistics have shown that a third of women still feel major embarrassment when it comes to public breastfeeding. This is something that needs to end as breastfeeding comes with an array of benefits for both mothers and the babies they are feeding.

Dr. Ann Hoskins is the deputy director of health and wellbeing for Public Health England and she has said the following, “Breastfeeding gives babies the best start in life and it comes with a whole host of benefits for the mother, too. Anxiety about breastfeeding in public certainly shouldn’t be a barrier to breastfeeding in general.”

The Sexualization Of Breast

One of the major problems with our society is that breasts have been overly sexualized by the public. With that, it becomes easy for someone to look at something like public breastfeeding and deem it as inappropriate or unfit to view.

One citizen breastfeeder has said what everyone else is afraid to say. She said, “Breasts are used to advertise anything from cars to burgers, but the second they’re used for what they’re there for, it’s considered “inappropriate.”

Women Shaming Women

Oddly enough, often times it is a woman that is shaming another woman for breastfeeding. One woman reacts to how bizarre this is. She said, “I understand if the women where in public full-on topless feeding the baby, but they weren’t and never are, you don’t feed a baby with both breasts hanging out.”

She further said, “In this scenario, the people are there to enjoy their meal not observe and focus on what other people are doing. To know WOMEN are the one’s getting upset makes no sense to me, honestly. Would you rather have a screaming, crying, hungry child or have it fed then fall asleep once it’s full? Also, I’d be happy to know that she’s feeding her baby when there are some mother’s who neglect their child.”

A Touchy Topic

Shaming someone for public breastfeeding is not acceptable and this woman is letting the world know. She commented, “Babies essentially sweat and get warm while eating, so in my area, no way am I covering up myself and my baby in 95-100° weather. My son would not eat properly when covered, he’d get distracted and pull at the cover which 90% of the time exposed us.

She went on saying, “I’ve breastfed very publicity and not once has anyone seen my nipple and if they have then I’d suggest to stop looking so closely. Here’s another fun fact if you see a woman breastfeeding her child and you’re uncomfortable, LOOK AWAY, Stop looking in that direction.”

Serena Williams And Breastfeeding

Meghan Markle is great friends with Serena Williams, one of the world’s greatest tennis players. Perhaps she can learn something from Serena’s experience with breastfeeding. I’m sure Meghan is contacting plenty of friends for advice. When it comes to Serena, she wasn’t shamed publicly whilst feeding her baby and she didn’t have any problems whilst feeding her baby either.

What happened was that her coach demanded that she stop breastfeeding or her career would suffer and her athletic body would never return. Many people will find a number of wrongs within that situation, but we’ll look take a further look at things.

Serena’s Surprise

For nearly the last twenty years, Serena Williams has owned the world of tennis. She’s been an absolute monster on the court throughout the years. Last year, things changed and we got to see a softer side of the athlete. That’s right, she announced that she was having a baby.

This led to an array of cute Instagram photos and interviews about motherhood. She stated before the world that she was going to breastfeed her baby for eight months. She had also heard that breastfeeding often helps the mother shed the baby weight.

Breastfeedings Affect On Serena

Her coach demanded that she put the game before everything else. He stated that if she wanted to be a success, she’d need to have to stop breastfeeding because it was ruining her body. Serena was interviewed about her weight gain due to pregnancy and she said the following,

“It was interesting because all these articles, over pop culture, you hear when you breastfeed you lose weight, you’re so thin,” Williams said. “That wasn’t happening to me.” Serena just continued to grow bigger and bigger it seemed.

Everyone Reacts Differently To Breastfeeding

Here is what she learned from breastfeeding, “What I’ve learned through the experience: Everybody is different, every person is different, every physical body is different. For my body, it didn’t work. No matter how much I worked out, no matter how much I did, it didn’t work for me.”

She further said, “Once I got to six months I felt good about it. Then it was just emotionally letting go,” Williams said. “I literally sat Olympia in my arms, I talked to her, we prayed about it. I told her, ‘Look, I’m going to stop. Mommy has to do this.’ I cried a little bit, not as much as I thought I was. She was fine. After that, like I literally lost 10 pounds in a week, I just kept dropping,”

Hurt Feelings

Serena admitted that she was angry with her coach. It hurt so much more coming from him since he was a man and couldn’t fully grasp how beautiful breastfeeding is. She said, “It’s absolutely hard to take from a guy. He’s not a woman, he doesn’t understand that connection, that the best time of the day for me was when I tried to feed her.”

She further said, “I’ve spent my whole life making everyone happy, just servicing it seems like everyone. And this is something I wanted to do. You have the power to sustain the life that God gave her. You have the power to make her happy, to calm her. At any other time in your life, you don’t have this magical superpower.”

Adele’s Stance On Breastfeeding

When it came to the pressures on mothers to breastfeed, Adele was taken back by the comments. She recently had to stop breastfeeding her daughter due to some issues she had with feeding and it made her feel pretty terrible and the comments all around the importance of breastfeeding didn’t help her.

She stated her concerns by saying, “It’s hard. Some of us can’t do it! I managed about nine weeks with my boobs (I mean I trip over them – I’ve got a very good push-up bra). Some of my mates got post-natal depression from the way those midwives were talking. Idiots.

Breast Feed If You Want

Adele actually expressed that she really missed breast feeding. She said, “Breastfeed if you can but don’t worry, [formula milk] Aptamil’s just as good. I mean, I loved it, all I wanted to do was breastfeed and then I couldn’t and then I felt like, ‘if I was in the jungle now back in the day, my kid would be dead because my milk’s gone.'”

When it comes to feeding babies, you have to do what is ultimately right for you. You cannot give in to the pressures of society. If you want formula feed, feel free. At the end of the day, you just need to be there for your baby.