Switched At Birth, Mother Discovers The Horrifying Truth Of What Happened To Her Real Daughter


Giving birth can be one of the most joyous occasions in a mother’s life. Holding your child in your arms for the first time is an experience unlike any other. However, for one mother that experience was different. After raising her “daughter” for 30 years, she discovered her terrifying inkling in the hospital so many years ago was more than just a feeling.

Meet Zoya

Zoya Tuhanova lives in Russia. On January 29, 1987, Tuganova became a patient in the Chelyabinsk maternity ward. From the moment she entered the hospital, she felt the doctors had not treated her properly. However, she was still able to give birth to a baby girl via a cesarean. Shortly after being born, the little girl was whisked away by doctors.


Where’s My Baby?

The doctors soon returned with her newborn baby daughter. However, this baby was much darker skinned then they baby she had just given birth to not too long ago. There was no way this child was hers. Doctors allegedly threatened the new mother with psychiatric intervention if she did not stop this protest. So, in fear of her freedom, Zoya agreed the baby was her child and took the little girl home.


Meet Katya

Koya took home her baby girl, who she name Ekaterina (Katya for short). No matter her doubts, she treated Katya just like her own. Katya was a sickly child, but Zoya and her husband were able to afford all the treatments necessary to keep their daughter healthy. By the time she was 30-years-old, Katya was university educated and following in her mother’s footsteps working at the Russian Railway. As proud Zoya was of her daughter Katya, she could not forget the fair-headed baby she believed she gave birth to so many years ago.


The Search Begins

After all the doubt, Katya decided it was time to help her mother and hired a detective. Zoya had remembered another woman, in the hospital, who was a Bashkir villager, with darker coloring. Detectives were able to use that name and track down the lady and her family, specifically her daughter. The daughter’s name was Luciya Tuligenova, and the resemblance to Zoya was uncanny. Sadly, Luciya had grown up with a murderous father, an alcoholic mother, and spent most of her life in an orphanage.



Although it took 30 years, Zoya is very happy to be reunited with her long-lost daughter. Luciya is still dealing with the backlash of her childhood and lives in poverty with her children. However, Zoya is now helping her as much as she can. Although she is sad she was not able to raise Luciya, she is still so happy she got to raise her daughter Katya. It may have been fate, as Katya would most likely not have survived her childhood illness had she lived with in the circumstances of her biological family.