Check Out One Of The Boldest Marriage Proposals We’ve Ever Seen

People are constantly trying to think up unique ways to propose to their significant others. From holding up signs while scuba diving to hiring “skywriter” pilots to spell out the big question with an airplane, we’ve seen some pretty unique proposals through the years. However, when one Denver-based tattoo artist popped the question a couple of years ago, it went down as one of the boldest marriage proposal moves we’d ever heard of. Here’s what he did.

Crazy Proposals

Crazy marriage proposals are nothing new. In fact, they’ve actually become a bit of a trend. Some people plan the event for months on end in an effort to raise a proverbial bar that just seems to be getting higher and higher with every story that goes viral on social media.


The subject of today’s article took proposing to a whole new level with one of the boldest and riskiest moves we’ve ever heard of. There was no intricate, behind-the-scenes cast of characters on this one. It was just him and his significant other.


Vinny Capaldo-Smith has a pretty cool job. He lives in Denver Colorado and spends his days working as a tattoo artist at a parlor called Tribe Tattoo. When he wasn’t spending time putting fresh ink on his clients, he would spend as much time as he could with his girlfriend.

At the time of the big proposal, Vinny had been dating his girlfriend, Brooke Wodark for about a year and a half. That was plenty of time for him to decide that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. So, in the summer of 2017, Vinny decided to pop the big question.

A Special Relationship

Vinny and Brooke had a pretty remarkable relationship. While they had been “officially” dating for a year and a half when they got engaged, Brook and Vinny had actually known each other for a much longer period. They had been friends for about five years.

But their relationship went beyond the normal boyfriend/girlfriend connection. Vinny was actually Brooke’s tattoo artist!  That creates a level of trust that goes beyond what many couples can experience. That’s part of the reason that his proposal was such a big deal.

A Big Gamble

Vinny wanted to make his proposal to Brooke something special, and when he finally landed on his master plan few people would be able to argue that he’d accomplished something seriously unique. Ultimately, he decided to combine his proposal with his love of body art.

He had a lot of confidence, but his method of proposing was also very risky. If Brooke turned him down it would be something that would likely crush him in the moment, but it would also be something he’d have to live with for the rest of his life.

Turning The Tables

When the big day arrived, Vinny decided that he would turn the tables a bit. So, he hopped up into his client chair and asked his girlfriend to take his chair. Then, he asked her to give him a tattoo of a heart just above his ankle.

Brooke was nervous because she had never given anyone a tattoo before. It certainly wasn’t something she expected to be doing. Her nervousness was understandable because if she made any kind of mistake it would be something that Vinny would have to live with for the rest of his life.


As Brooke prepared the work station it was pretty obvious that she was nervous about the whole ordeal. In fact, she was sweating just trying to get all of the equipment and tools laid out. She had no way of knowing it then, but she was about to get even more nervous.

There was no way that Brooke had any idea of what was about to happen. She knew that she was about to give her boyfriend a tattoo, but she had no idea of knowing just how important that tattoo would go on to be for both of them.

Getting To Work

With all of the equipment laid out, it was time to get to work. Brooke put on her gloves and starting giving herself a pep talk in preparation for the tattoo she was about to give Vinny. As it turned out, he had a much bigger surprise in store for her.

He propped his leg up on the chair and raised his shorts a little higher. He had a tattoo on his thigh. The tattoo was familiar to Brooke because it was a drawing she had made sometime before while the two were just hanging out. But that wasn’t the only thing that was special about this tattoo.

Going Old School

Many of us can likely recall passing notes in grade school that read something like “will you go out with me, check yes or no.”  The note would include a couple of boxes so that your recipient could reply with their intentions.

Vinny took it to a whole new level. As Brooke studied her drawing, she noticed that just below it, Vinny had tattooed the words “Will You Marry Me?”  Below that, there were two check boxes with “Yes” or “No.”  As Brooke tried to process what was happening, Vinny went on to pull an engagement ring out of his pocket.

Brooke’s Answer

Obviously, Vinny was looking for an answer. However, he needed more than just a verbal commitment, the real tattoo he wanted was a simple mark in the appropriate box. Luckily for him, Brooke accepted his proposal and agreed to marry him.

She was physically shaking when she went to check the appropriate box and actually messed the mark up a bit. But once she pulled herself together again, she was able to touch up the “X” in the yes box and gave Vinny the ultimate answer that he was looking for.

It Wasn’t A Total Surprise

Brooke was totally shocked by the proposal, but as it turns out, not everyone was entirely shocked by what had happened. Vinny had approached Brooke’s parents while attending a party for their 25th wedding anniversary. While at the party, Vinny pulled Brooke’s father aside and asked for permission to marry his daughter.

After some discussion, her father agreed and the plan was set in motion. Meanwhile, Brook’s mother could only wait in anticipation until the big day of the tattoo eventually arrived.   They were just as thrilled that their daughter chose the preferred answer.

A Ton Of Relief

When the dust of the epic proposal had settled, Vinny was obviously overjoyed, but he was also relieved. After all, the entire episode ran the risk of going in a totally different direction, which would have left Vinny with a major problem to sort out.

Can you imagine what would have happened if Brooke had said no?  He’d already taken the time to have the question permanently added to his flesh. If Brooke had said no, he’d have to look at a reminder of being rejected every time he looked down at his leg.


As you might have imagined, Vinny needed to go into the whole plan with a tremendous amount of confidence. He later gave an interview with a local news station and discussed the fact that he was pretty sure of what her answer would be before he committed to the tattoo.

Even if he was sure she would say yes, there have been plenty of people who have discussed what a crazy idea it was. Many commented on wondered what Vinny would do if Brooke had told him no. Thankfully, it will have to remain as nothing but speculation.

A Backup Plan?

As the news of Vinny’s incredibly unique proposal made it around and folks started to speculate what would have happened if Brooke had said no, Vinny addressed the question head-on and gave them an answer. He said that he simply would have laughed about it.

His entire body was covered in tattoos, so he said that he probably would have just left it and laughed about the whole situation. Luckily, he never had to put his backup plan into motion. Still, many people said that the only reason he was so confident is that Brooke said “yes.”

The Desired Outcome

People can speculate all they want because ultimately, Vinny didn’t have to worry about his backup plan. Brooke’s answer was a resounding yes. Furthermore, her reaction to the entire proposal was absolutely priceless. She was shocked when she saw the tattoo on Vinny’s leg.

Things had gone just how Vinny planned. Brooke would later say in an interview that not only was she shocked by the proposal, but that it took her a few hours to stop crying from the happiness she was feeling.

Showing The Proposal To The World

After they came down from the excitement of getting engaged, Brooke discovered that someone had recorded the entire event. So, she did the next logical thing and posted the entire event on YouTube. It didn’t take long for it to get plenty of attention.

As you might have imagined, the feedback on the post was mixed in terms of support. Most people have shown plenty of support and love for the unique way that Vinny proposed, but there have been plenty that have said that Vinny was crazy for taking such a big dice roll.

Plenty Of Support

After the video of the proposal was posted on YouTube, the support and comments started rolling in. One of the more notably supportive comments came from a user who said “This is so great, I am happy for you two!

There were plenty more words of encouragement and support for the happy couple. Another user wrote that they loved how happy the two were with their relationship and how sweet they thought the entire episode was. By and large, Vinny and Brooke had earned a lot of supporters overnight.

Support On Instagram

The words of encouragement were pouring in from more than just YouTube. As word of the couple’s unique proposal continued to spread, their Instagram accounts also started blowing up. It seemed that everyone was wanting to show their support. Folks were offering up congrats from all over the world.

They would comment about how awesome they thought the idea was and how cute of a couple Vinny and Brooke seemed to be. It looked like Vinny’s gamble was one that had paid off in more ways that he could have imagined.

They Even Converted A Few People

As it turns out, when it comes to tattoos, not everyone is supportive of the idea of “relationship” tattoos. But, despite the scornful feelings many followers have of this particular kind of body art, they still got some support. Many people who were against relationship tattoos started showing their support.

One YouTube user even commented that while she didn’t look “favorably” upon this type of tattoo, she had to admit that the whole idea and plan that Vinny had launched was “super cute.”  It seems that Vinny and Brooke may have converted a few people!

Won’t Be The Last

We’ve mentioned that the unique proposal that Vinny had laid out earned both support and criticism from those who read about it, but in the end, it really doesn’t matter. No matter what other folks were saying about the proposal, Brooke had said yes.

Furthermore, the couple told interviewers that the “Will You Marry Me” will not be the last joint tattoo that they both work on. The good news is that they now have the rest of their lives to think of as many future pieces as they want.

The Big Day

Vinny and Brooke took a while to set their wedding date after the big proposal. However, it’s expected that they were married sometime last fall. In retrospect, it really was a unique proposal and it was a gamble that Vinny certainly won.

Many still consider Vinny lucky that Brooke said yes. We think that he would probably agree!  No matter how you feel about the proposal, you have to admit one thing:  it was definitely one heck of a unique way to propose to your girlfriend!