The Most Hilarious Valentine’s Day Tweets

Valentine’s Day inspires love, closeness and even in cases the creation of the next generation. That said, this amazing holiday isn’t all grand romantic gestures and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. While half the world is out there celebrating, the other half is alone and bitter. While you’re out having your romantic dinner some folks are tweeting about the holiday in the most hilarious way you can imagine. Today, we’re going to look at some of the most hilarious Valentine’s Day tweets. Prepare to burst into a fit of laughter.

It’s Effective

While the idea of kids can sometimes be really cool and fun, there is a whole other side to it. You won’t believe what difference being around an actual family can do. Marl is probably doing some couples a gigantic favor by hitting those restaurants.

These young hotshot couples are going to get a load of the screaming baby, the fussy eater and the parents who can’t keep their kids in one space of a single second. Surely this will have to give couples something to think about whilst getting lost in the heat of the moment.

Two Sides To Every Coin

A “successful” Valentine’s dinner is all about setting the correct mood. While most couple would agree that dimming the lights is a great way to enhance the romance, this person clearly was still thinking practically. After all, the key to most people’s heart is their stomach.

If you can’t see the menu you can’t be positive you’re ordering the right item. That’s a recipe for disaster (no pun intended). Apparently, this tweeter was still focusing on food and not how sexy the ambiance in the restaurant was.

When You’ve Spent Way Too Long In School

Dates are supposed to be laid back and chill and certainly one can’t be too polite or official when out on a date. You want to see a bit of the real person and not some cover-up. This date kept raising her hand every time she wanted to speak. That was uncalled for.

While some might see it as charming and cute, others can be very put off by such behavior. That said, we think that this means for an amazingly funny tweet. I wonder what would happen if he ignored her raised hand. Would she just sit there with her hand up?  

Funny Or Psychotic?

Depending on the woman he’s dating, this will either make her laugh or completely freak her out. We’re hoping for the first. If this was their first meeting, this would definitely be taken as a caution sign for the woman.

She would have two options at that point. She could either cower in fear or take an onion ring and see what happens when he returns and realizes that one is missing. Hopefully, he does lose his mind when recounts them.

Pressed For Time

Valentine’s day can be extremely romantic, but it can also be a complete drag for some. There is no end to the amount of pressure that comes with such a day. You want to make a grand romantic gesture or spend lots of money for flowers, chocolate and reservation at some fancy joint.

That said, what if you just started dating this person at the end of January. There are so many things you don’t even know about your date and now you have to put up the biggest effort in the world for them. Things could go completely wrong here.

Love Is For The Birds

One thing that really sucks is being alone of Valentine’s Day. You know that as you sit home and watch Terminator 2, some couples are out there having an absolutely smashing night. You, your alone, but you don’t need to be.

Nobody likes being alone on Valentine’s Day. This tweet gives some great advice and shows just how easy it is to find plenty of company. All you need is a loaf of bread and probably some old shoes.

Just follow this amazing tweet and head to your local lake. You can feed the birds and they might make some eye contact and make a sound. Seeing those animals enjoying your bread will definitely give you a nice feeling inside.

That’s One Way To Look At It

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day has been over-commercialized by this point and not everyone is happy about it. This guy is clearly one of those very unhappy people. We agree with him to some extent, but this guy is definitely on the extreme side.

Gift cards are more popular than ever these days. It is an industry that is worth millions upon millions of dollars. Holidays like Valentine’s Day are when they are making the most. That thought alone can definitely make some people bitter.

Now That’s Love

One can totally get lost in the material and fancy dinners that Valentine’s Day is now being driven by these days. We should remind ourselves that such a day is about love. Love means have an understanding and acceptance of your partner.

This tweet shows us a couple that truly understands one another. Some girlfriends and boyfriends would completely freak out over such lackluster behavior. Whilst we don’t highly recommend this behavior, it seems to work for them.

Speaking Of Understanding…

While some couples are more like the ones mentioned above, some are very tired of lazy behavior. They want a mate who makes an effort. Not only about Valentine’s Day, but about basic things in general. This guy is definitely in trouble.

Most of us know how this goes as this is the perfect representation of what it means to be in a relationship and live in the same home as your significant other. This woman doesn’t want a fancy dinner, she just wants her man to put the dishes away.

Sort Of True

Valentine’s Day definitely isn’t the most important holiday of the year. It certainly isn’t a Christmas, New Years, Easter or 4th of July. Give the guys a break.

Open For Interpretation

We hope that she is crying tears of joy. Chances are, she might just feel torn apart inside and doesn’t know what to do with her life.

It’s The Thought That Counts

Walmart isn’t exactly selling the highest quality of clothing. We can’t even wrap our heads around the person who would buy lingerie there.

A Unique Date Night

While Walmart is harsh look into the tired eye of humanity, Target is often pleasant. The thing is, is that you often run into people you know there and often times try to avoid them.

Parenting 101

Certainly, Jenny has had better Valentine’s Days. One can’t deny your Valentine’s Day is a drag when you have to watch young love bloom over pizza whilst you wallow in loneliness.

Some Friendly Advice

While we think that this person is stating the obvious, it appears they have been on bumpy dating road in terms of dating and are becoming let down by it.

Way To Stay Positive

This is definitely a tweet that will resonate with the masses who have been let down.

Choose Wisely

While I suppose two is better than one. At least we have options.

A Solid Wish List

While most of us are planning fancy dinners, a spouse like this would not appreciate them. She just wants to be alone.

We Like That Math

Valentine’s Day is all about love and one of the most important kinds of love is self-love. That said, we fully support this man’s idea.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Plants coem in many types and if you’re thinking of buying someone a plant for Valentine’s Day don’t buy a cactus.

That’s One Way To Look At It

We totally get how it can be a little embarrassing to recieve flowers at your office, but we think that this woman should appreciate it.

What A Fun Game

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be boring if you’re single, you can always do what this woman does and possibly start some arguments.