The Funniest Ever Photos Captured At Disney Theme Parks

From marriage proposals to naughty characters, or screaming kids to cleverly-staged family photos, the Disney theme parks have seen their share of memorable moments, though they might not all be for the right reasons. We’ve put together a primer of some of these moments for viewing pleasure. But be warned:  some of these might make you question whether “the house of the mouse” is indeed the happiest place on earth. You won’t believe how simply amazing and unique these pictures are. prepare yourself for some laugh out loud moments.

The Law Bends For No Mouse

Sometimes we all get caught up in the suspension of disbelief that we forget that it’s actual people dressed up as your favorite Disney Characters. They are often hot, bothered and are in a state of panic under that costume. They are capable of cracking at any time.

Snow White might be a loving, friendly Princess, but who knows what’s going on in the personal life of the woman who portrayed her. The same goes for Mickey. We’re sure there were plenty of parents who had some serious explaining to do this day.

Protecting His Own

Birds of a feather flock together, as they say. That’s what appears to be happening in this photo. We’re not quite sure if Donald is shooing is pals along, afraid they’ll steal his spotlight (he can be a bit grumpy at times, after all), or if he’s trying to get them out of harm’s way.

Either way, kudos to the photographer for capturing this adorable moment in Disney Park history. What are really the chanced that a family of ducks would land so close to Donald Duck. Looks like Goofy isn’t so impressed over there.

The Happiest Place On Earth

Some people still have a tough time being happy at “the happiest place on Earth.”  That isn’t true for everyone apparently. We’re not exactly sure what happened before this woman got on Splash Mountain, but we’re guessing she wasn’t very pleased with it.

We only hope that she had a chance later in the day to grab a photo with Grumpy, her favorite of the Seven Dwarfs. We’re sure she can’t wait to go back to the darkness of her bedroom where she can sit down and just stare at the walls.

Never Too Old To Clown Around

Most people that Disneyland is all for the kids but make no mistake, adults can have just as much fun at the Disney Parks as the kids. In this case, the dad seems to be having a “blast” (pun FULLY intended). This is an absolutely amazing picture.

We’re not sure if the kids are playing along or if they’re generally appalled at Pop’s behavior. Visiting the Disney Parks is all about building memories—this one is sure to last! There is greatness to be found at every corner when you are at Disneyland.

Well Hello There

It’s hard to tell what’s going on this photo. Mickey may be flashing a sultry look at someone who is definitely not Minnie Mouse!  what else might explain the look on Mickey’s face. If he made a beeline for the snack cart after this then something was definitely up!

We wonder how much luck Micky is going to have once this girl gets a load of his extremely high pitch voice. We wonder if the old man next to him is his father Walt. We can’t help but hope that one day Micky Mouse finds some love someday.

Not A Fan Of Sleeping Beauty

There’s a large assortment of characters you can meet when visiting a Disney park, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get to see your favorite. There are a lot of people in Dinseyland and only so many characters. You also have to consider the size of the park.

Clearly, that was the case with this young lady, who seems far more interested in finishing her snack than meeting Princess Aurora. Maybe Sleeping Beauty should have stayed in bed on this particular day. Not seeing your favorite character can be heartbreaking.

No One Duck Faces Like Gaston

No one is as full of himself as Gaston. Belle turned him down time and time again but clearly, that doesn’t stop the big guy from pursuing other damsels. It would assume that he isn’t having any better luck with this young lady.

You gotta give the guy props for trying, though. We wonder if she’d be making the same face in a photo with The Beast? I’m certain she is unbelievably charmed by this man in the costume and is only acting for the camera.

Everyone Loves Disney Princesses

If you’re a parent you better get your head right before visiting a Disney theme park. You’re going to be walking around for HOURS, chasing your kids as they hop from one ride to another. It can be quite the exhausting time for some.

Along the way, they’ll want to meet their favorite Disney characters. You know you have a secret favorite princess, so you might as well get in the spirit and take advantage of meet and greets, too! We know that we’d be excited to meet Snow White.

Even Celebrity Kids Have A Hard Time Occasionally

Sometimes kids just have a hard time being happy at the happiest place on Earth. It’s practically a guarantee that you’ll see at least one child having a complete nuclear meltdown at some point during the day while visiting Disney.

As you can see in this photo, even Drew Barrymore’s kid isn’t exempt from the Tantrum bug. If it happens to you, do like Drew and pretend you don’t see it. Take that tantrum and turn it into an amazing picture. It can be very fun.

So, We Meet Again

If you want to get some extra attention from the characters when visiting a Disney park, wear a shirt depicting their arch nemesis. While it would appear that Ariel is still not a fan of the sea witch, Ursula, you can find plenty of other options:

Peter Pan and Captain Hook, Gaston and The Beast, Pluto and any shirt with a cat on it—you get the idea. These characters in the park aren’t just people in suits running around, they have to actually play the part and be convincing.

Wow. Just. Wow.

While wearing a t-shirt depicting a character’s arch nemesis can have mixed results, wearing one promoting the death of what is arguably the most iconic and powerful mascot on the planet is never a good idea. This guy has surely gotten the hint.

While deadmou5 is a fine musical artist, we’re guessing that Mickey and Minnie aren’t the biggest fans. They are the main rodents when it comes to the world of entertainment. You’d be much better off with a Ratt t-shirt.

Marriage Proposals Are A Big Deal At Disney Parks

The happiest place on Earth is a great place to pop the big question. It would appear, though, that this lad isn’t going to get the answer he’s looking for from Gaston. After all, we’ve established that Gaston is much more of a ladies’ man, as in, all of them.

He can’t be pleased with this adoring fans marriage proposal. He’d probably much prefer the girl who he was with in the early photo. On the bright side, Gaston knows what it feels like to be turned down, so he can probably offer some recovery tips.

Ssshhh, The Adults Are Talking

It’s not very clear as to what is actually going on in this photo. Is Tigger trying to stifle these children’s screams (screams of joy of course)? Perhaps he is trying to kidnap them or something. He definitely has a menacing look in his eyes.

Is there something horrible going on behind the photographer and Tigger is simply trying to protect these young, impressionable eyes?  Is helping the kids judge a breath-holding contest? We may never know, but one thing is for sure and its that we don’t trust this Tiger.

Safe And Sound

It should be pretty clear by now that photo opportunities are just about everywhere throughout a Disney park. The more creative types will come up with all sorts of new ways to use props for clever photographs. This is definitely one of the creative ones.

Luckily this particular item appears to be in the shade because, take it from us, you don’t want to stick your face on a sunny sidewalk during a Florida or California summer. You can definitely boil an egg on that sidewalk.

Who’s More Surprised?

We’ve already established that marriage proposals are pretty much a daily occurrence at Disney, but that doesn’t make it any less surprising when your partner drops to one knee and pops the big question. This woman is surely shocked by his proposal.

Looks like the woman in the green is even more surprised. However, it might be a little less surprising than having someone else do it right in front of you. We’re assuming she said “yes,” but if she declined he could always ask Gaston.

Aaaand I’m Done

Make no mistake, a full day at Disney will wear you out. Need proof?  Just check out the photo above. It’s pretty clear that this kid has had all she can handle, but Mom and Dad clearly have enough left for at least one more photo together.

The good news is that there plenty of places just like this where the kids can catch some Zzzzs all over the park! That said, this sound can just be having a tantrum like Drew Berrymore’s daughter. If so, this picture is absolutely golden.

At Disney, Everyone Is Royalty

It’s not uncommon to see parents joining in on their kids’ efforts to fulfill their dream of being a real-life Disney princess. Clearly, this Dad is absolutely OWNING it!  As the old saying goes, “If you’re gonna do it, do it big!”

We’re sure that this little girl will remember this particular day at Disney with her dad for a long time. He is obviously dressed like the genie from Aladdin. No doubt, he is the greatest character in the history of all the Disney characters.

Kids Aren’t The Only Ones Who Catch Zzzzs At The Park

In the movie Toy Story, the stuffed animals only come to life whenever their kid, Andy, isn’t around. In this photo, either someone shouted “Andy’s coming!” or this was one very hot day at the park! God those actors in the rubber heads have to be suffering.

One thing is for sure:  this is proof positive that the characters at Disney theme parks are good sports, and they’ll do just about anything to help you get that perfect photo! No doubt, this part of their contract and they might actually be so unhappy under there.

Thanks A Lot, Buddy

The most important moment of their lives. Does it get any more romantic than a proposal at Disney?  This poor guy probably planned the event all day, waiting for that perfect moment to drop to a knee and pop the big question.

He was even ready to get everything on film. However, not even the prospect of holy matrimony can stop a determined man from one of those Mickey-shaped ice cream bars. This guy is a legend the way he has stolen the spotlight from this couple.

Tastes Like Chicken

Goofy is never really portrayed as being the smartest guy in the room, but this photo takes his lunacy to new heights.  Is he giving the lad a kiss or is the Goofster trying to eat the poor thing?  Seeing as he is some sort of wolf, we imagine he’s going to eat the kid.

This one is a dice roll because the kid will either think it’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened or his folks will be paying for therapy bills for years to come.  Sure, this kid will likely never forget the moment he was almost swallowed by a Disney character.


One trend that has really blown up over the past decade or so is trying to come up with the most elaborate poses possible on rides like Splash Mountain, capturing the moment with the ride photo. This family clearly takes the game to a whole new level!

Of course, we may be wrong and they might just be a family on vacation that simply couldn’t wait to get out of their hotel and into the park. Perhaps they were just getting a shower in. Splash Mountain isn’t a horrible place for this.

Can We Get A Picture With The Star Wars Guys Yet?

Everyone loves getting a picture with a Disney princess, right?  The two guys on the end here would surely disagree with that sentiment. They definitely don’t want to have a princess picture lodged into their family photo album.

While Dad and the ladies seem thrilled to be meeting Belle, we’re guessing the brothers here would be much happier if they were in a photo op with some stormtroopers or…well, just about anyone else. Even someone like Micky would be a better choice.

No Relationship Is Sacred

We see it happen all the time. Seemingly perfect Hollywood couples suddenly shock the world with announcements that they’re calling it quits. We can expect that in Hollywood, but who on earth can ever see that happening to Disney characters.

While nothing has officially been announced by Mickey and Minnie, this photo suggests that maybe she has eyes for someone other than him. But with Mickey’s power, we wouldn’t be surprised if Goofy turns up missing…

Can You Blame Him?

After all, the guy just saw his girl strolling off with his best friend so it’s no surprise that he might need a stress break. On a serious note, this is something you’ll actually see in a Disney park. Nobody would have expect this to be the face behind Micky.

The actors have strict rules that they must stay in character in all areas of the park where they could encounter a guest. Talk about traumatizing your kids. Think about it parents, this is the guy who is hugging and kissing all your kids.

You’re Doing It Wrong

As we’ve already determined, adults like to have just as much fun at the Disney parks as the kids. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see guys like this taking pictures with the princesses. They care about their Disney characters just as much as any kid.

Although, we really can’t say for sure what was going on this picture. She’s making some sort of fishy face and the guy is attempting to duplicate it and failing. Is it really that hard? He must be just a big man child himself.

We Told You, EVERYONE Loves Getting Pictures With Characters

From the looks of this picture, this kid isn’t very happy to be at Disneyland or maybe just bee with that queen. What could be so scary about a Queen whose favorite pastime is lopping the heads off of those who live in her kingdom?  Everything, apparently.

She’s admittedly not as cordial looking at some of the other Disney princesses, but this little guy is completely losing his mind over getting a picture with the Queen of Hearts. Mom’s having a great time, though!

Wasn’t One Kid Enough?!?

Goofy’s got some issues and its time that he face them. Maybe the Disney character should gather around him for an intervention. Apparently, eating one kid wasn’t good enough for Goofy so he decided to do a quick wardrobe change and come back for seconds.

Of course, we’re kidding—that overbite of his makes it looks like he’s eating kids every time they come in for a hug, but you know there’re thousands of photos floating around out there that look just like this! Just check on Google for more.

You Had One Job

Few locations provide better backdrops for a perfect family photo than Disney. These kids are probably trying to put together a sweet Christmas card for their parents but Bobby had to go and mess everything up as usual. Just look at that face.

Way to go, Bobby. Of course, it could just be a really epic photobomb, in which case we say “way to go, Bobby!” He knows exactly when to bombard someone’s photo. This was obviously the perfect opportunity for the kid.

Genius Costuming

Each year, Disney plays host to a number of marathons and other races. Runners are encouraged to dress as their favorite Disney characters when participating in the races. It looks like maybe he was the only one who decided to follow this rule.

This guy took the challenge to a whole new level and dressed as Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove, who runs around in the film with the evil advisor, Yzma, on his back. At the end of the day, we have to say that this actually looks like a very easy costume to have.

This Is Not For Little Eyes

Apparently, the Disney characters get a kick out of covering up kids’ faces in photos. We hope that this family was given a second chance for a more serious picture, but would you really question The Beast’s motives?  After all, just look at the size of that guy…

They must have put Andre The Giant in that thing, because the person in that suit is pretty gigantic. Perhaps the costume is for two people and we have two sweating bodies on top of each other trying to make the suit function.