Pictures That Show The Funny Side Of Jealousy

Sometimes though jealousy isn’t all that serious. It can be something like a little kid watching his friend eat an ice cream cone while he is stuck with absolutely nothing at all. It can be even funnier. Sometimes jealousy involves pets. Dogs love their owners very much and when they see their owner giving attention to another human or animal, things can get ugly and funny. Today we’re going to present some amazingly funny pictures that show how funny such a sad emotion can truly be. Come with us on this journey and be prepared to laugh as you see that jealousy isn’t always as serious as it sounds. We have kids, pets, celebs and just regular men and women all caught up in the one emotion we know and hate.

Forever In The Zone

There is no worst place to be than in the friend zone. You get to live on your days as the non-threatening man in the girlfriends/boyfriends role as the girl or guy you’re head over heels for is going back with someone else.

Some see this relationship taking form and decided to stubbornly push on in misery while others move on and set their aim for someone who actually likes them. This guy has taken to life in the friend zone and is clearly miserable and at the lowest point possible.

Covering Up The Jealousy

This lone woman in the stand has two things to be jealous about. Firstly, she is probably scowling underneath to umbrella that looks much smaller then the red and she is forced to stand by and watch as this happy couple cuddles up close together.

She probably can’t remember the last time someone had their arm wrapped around her. She’s probably also jealous of the food their sharing. Although the portion is a bit small for her, something is definitely better than nothing.

No Longer The Youngest

Talk about a day of loss for the middle child. Being the youngest comes with a ton of benefits. You get the most attention, everyone is taking care of you and everybody always expects more from the oldest and less from you.

This toddler obviously is feeling the loss as she is now in the middle position. One can brag about being the oldest or youngest, but what can a middle child say? They are in the middle and have to serve the eldest child in one way and taken care of the youngest.

Living In The Baby’s Shadow

The little toddler to the left was riding high. He was the cute one, the one that was taken care of by his older brother and treasured by his parents. Now that his baby brother is born, things are going to start changing.

Already his older brother is looking down at his new baby brother with such admiration and pride. His special place has officially slipped away. You can see him daydreaming about his new role as the middle child.

Forever Alone

Are we looking at another sad love triangle? One friend got the girl while the other sadly melts away in jealousy but still hangs out as the third wheel so that he could try to be cool and possibly win her heart. It’s something that is only seen in movies, to be honest.

It would be even worse if he is her friend that is desperately in love with her and he tries to impress her by hanging around with her and her boyfriend. This picture has disaster written all over it. The poor guy looks like he is truly in a state of absolute misery.

Jealous Doggy

Kids get pets and easily forget them the moment they get the newest pet. This dog was very beloved before this little girl was gifted a little kitten. Now, this kitty is getting all the attention and this dog will likely live the rest of his life in the shadows of this kitten.

You can truly see the hurt on this dogs face. He remembers when he used to make her happy, but now he’s been replaced and will spend many nights in the backyard. We haven’t see a dog look so hurt and abandoned since seeing those ASPCA commercials on TV.

Need Some Ice Cream

These two kids are living everyone momentary dream. They are enjoying two delicious servings of ice cream on a hot summer day. It couldn’t possibly get any better than that. You can believe that they are sitting in an air-conditioned room.

Meanwhile, you have this sad kid stuck in the summer sun and completely without any of that tasty ice cream. Is that jealousy on that kid’s face or complete and utter shock. Some needs to get him an ice cream right away.

Puppy Gets All The Attention

The cat was having the time of her life. She’d strut around and her owner would beg her for some attention and the cat felt like it, she’d give. Then her owner got a puppy and he doesn’t play hard to get like she does. He’s always in the mood for a cuddle session.

Since the white little puppy came into the picture, the cat has been feeling more and more neglected. Right now she is looking on wondering if she’ll ever get held again. Just look at that expression on her face as she looks into the camera with begging eyes.

Forever Alone

He’s been trying to get a girlfriend for years, but it seems they always jump right over him and go for his more cool friends. He isn’t so hurt by this and doesn’t even look very jealous, to be honest about it. Looks like he is just looking at the matter with complete logic.

Despite his string of bad luck and the feeling of being completely left out, this young man knows that someday he’ll find his love. He is still young and hopefully. Either way, this got to be one of the worst positions to be in.

Another Jealous Brother

This kid had it made for half a decade. He was an only child and getting all the attention in the household. If he wanted a huge, he got it and the same went treats and toys. Now, this little baby comes along and suddenly his party is all over.

He’s out there helping his parents run the house, getting ignored and has to watch his new brother while his parents are away on date nights. He went from being the prince of the house to the servant. He also isn’t the biggest hit with his parents anymore.

What’d He Do For A Bite

The craving for a nice cheeseburger is still alive and well, but sadly this baby is still being subjected baby formula. All he could do is sit back and wonder what makes his sister glow as she does. Her eyes aren’t smiling for another as she bites into that burger.

Don’t worry kid, in a couple of years you’ll meet and learn to love the burger, but for now, you’ll need to dream and be jealous. Just look at how the cheese stretches with every bite and how it clings to the meat and bread. This isn’t a meal for babies.

Second Place

This athlete trained for hours and he thought for sure he’d be taking home the gold at the end of these Olympic games. Sadly, his competition trained just a little harder and ended up winning. While that other guy is smiling through the blur, he obviously jealous.

Sadly, the loser couldn’t help but feel jaded and he wasn’t being a good sport about his loss. Just look at all the anger and hatred in his stare. He feels he was robbed of his moment. It not like he’ll be able to just sign up for next years competition either. He’ll need to wait another four years.

Popsicles Suck

While nobody will complain about having a popsicle on a hot summer day, this block of colorful ice will never compare to an ice cream cone. Not even on its best day. Ice cream is something that is to be treasured and handled with extreme love and care.

Popsicles are something you eat when you have no other options. Heck, you can just eat one for the same of being bored. This kid is feeling pretty bad as he watches his sister suck down that ice cream. He could likely barely enjoy his treat.

Jealous Sofia Loren

Sofia Lorens stepped onto the scene in the 1950s and instantly became one of the biggest acts in Hollywood. She held that title for almost twenty years, but she eventually fell out from the spotlight and became merely a legend of a time gone by.

That said, here’s a picture of Sofia in her prime and she’s looking at the newest Hollywood bombshell Jayne Mansfield with a very jealous eye. Even famous people have reason to feel jealous, especially if they feel outshined and we’d say that Jayne is definitely outshining her.

The Third Wheel

They used to be the best of friends. They’d go on countless adventures together and he’d always get treats and head rubs and then she came along. He no longer felt like his master’s best friend. While they still take him on adventures, he is often the third wheel.

If he stopped to take a rest, they’d probably keep walking and forget he was ever there. Look at this dog’s face, he obviously isn’t at all happy with this new situation. She better not turn her back on him for too long or he might take a nip at her.

Jealous Girlfriend

What you are seeing in this picture is absolutely nothing new. A pretty girl walks in front of a young couple and the jealous girlfriend covers up his eyes with her clammy and moist hand. He smiles but he’s definitely annoyed with such a gesture.

While she isn’t showing any bitterness on her face at that moment, she obviously has some major jealousy issues. There will likely be an argument later. One day the two will go there separate ways and in the end, she will only be able to blame the split on her jealousy.

Jealous Actress 20th Century

This photo is almost an exact copy of the Sofia Loren picture from the 1950s. We see a much older actress who was probably in the height of her fame twenty years ago and right next to her is the latest big name. She can feel not a single eye on her.

Hollywood’s bombshell of the decade. Perhaps she is feeling jealousy having finally come to terms that she is a has been. Merely a walking tribute to yesteryear. The cameras that are so happily flashing on this new actress must be making her so sad.

Jealous Of The Dog

This man came up with the master plan of buying a dog to get the attention of many beautiful young ladies. His friend didn’t believe him. He thought that the little dog would only serve in making him look extremely awkward.

After all, seeing a big man with a tiny dog is always kind of a funny sight. The plan totally worked and now his friend is truly feeling the pain of jealousy. Next thing you know, he’s going to go to the pet store and get himself a much cooler dog.

Fake Friends

Sometimes you think that you have amazing friends, but once your eyes are off them they are giving you the jealous looks. Look at the smug expressions that these girls are feeding their unaware friend who is talking into the camera.

At some point, their true colors will shine right through them and they won’t be able to cover their jealousy with smiles. Seems that the two jealous girls have two minds that work alike. There eyes are both going to the exact same spot. We wonder why.

Who’s Jealous?

This picture is quite hard to figure out. Whilst the baby is the one looking jealous, he is also the one who is getting the kiss. The husband is the one who looks like he is expecting the kiss, although he isn’t getting it. This definitely a form of mind tricks.

So perhaps the baby doesn’t want the kiss and he is jealous that his father isn’t getting one. This jealousy angle could fly in so many different directions. Perhaps the baby feels like the kiss is not a legitimate kiss as his mother and father are both looking at each other.

Jealous Prom Queen

Her two friends are leaving her out of the picture on purpose and she isn’t having it. Her friend in black isn’t even dressed for the dance, yet her friend wants to take a picture with her and completely leave the blue dress out of the picture.

This is no good. She looks like she is in a fighting mood so you can believe that something happened after this picture was taken. Her short temper is no doubt reason to want to keep her away. I’m sure once high school ends they will never see her again.

Small Catch

What are the chances that you catch such a huge fish when out in the sea? A bunch of medium sized ones are no surprise, but a huge one is something special. This is a fish that can feed at least six hungry people. His friend caught a fish that couldn’t even manage to feed a hungry cat.

He has to be feeling pretty jealous of his friend’s impressive catch. This is surely going to be a fishing trip that they’ll be talking about for years and years. It isn’t every day that you catch one of the most amazing fishes in the sea.

All Eyes On Her

Some of us are born with great minds while others have nice bodies or a good sense of fashion. Some have all three and other just have jealousy. Jealousy is clearly being displayed by the young woman in all black who decided to dress completely matched in black.

It is only common sense that someone would show up looking better than the girl who decided to dress all in one color and not wear any makeup. She basically set herself up for jealously. The club is using pictures of the other girl promotional use.

Left Out To Dry

When an average makeup artist is working with a Hollywood socialite like Kim Kardashian, she is definitely always going to play the backseat driver. As you can see, both of these guys are both going nuts over the married celebrity and leaving the available and still pretty girl in the dust.

The look on her face says it all. There is true dread in the moment and she just can’t wait for the night end. She isn’t going to get to have any girl talk with Kim, because these guys are going to be waiting on her all night.

Lady Without A Date

We all know how that is and she is finding out for the first time right then and there. She is at this party all alone while her friend has found a guy. There is no mistaking it that this girl is in heaven with her new lover, but her friend is not.

She clearly has nowhere to go. Most of us in this situation would go to the other side of the room and begin chatting and trying to meet new people, but she just stays in her corner and lets the rage and loneliness build up inside of her.

Too Late For Love

He had been fascinated by Kimberly for years and today he was going to make his big move. He had been invited to her birthday party and was ready to make some sparks fly. He brought with him the nicest pair of balloons and was feeling confident.

All that confidence died quickly as he walked in and saw her kissing another guy. He wasn’t going to breakdown and weep on the dance floor so he just kept that smile on his face and waited to present the balloons. We feel for him and his red shirt.

No More Time For Baby

Children can be extremely jealous, especially when it comes to the attention of their beloved parents. This little girl was fed up with how much attention her little brother was getting. she marched right down the stairs and smack a paper towel right onto his face.

No doubt, this was a move that garnered a lot of attention, but she probably wasn’t hugged or kisses. She was likely sent to her room on a timeout. Hopefully, the matter is resolved and she doesn’t grow up with an array of jealousy issues.

Friend Zone 1945

While the friend zone seems more like something that had come into play just within the past 10 years or so.  This just isn’t true. The friend zone is something that has been going on for so, so long and this is proof of it.

This picture is living proof that our grandparents were struggling with concepts like the friend zone and jealous way back even before they had the internet to make those terms and memes. Everyone in the picture looks overjoyed, but not the guy holding up the woman.

Jealousy In Animals

Nothing is worse than feeling unloved by someone. This dog is feeling horrific at the moment as his owner is happily petting away at the dog. He’s probably wondering why he isn’t getting that same love and affection.

Is he not as cute as the little black dog. Surely this is a moment and feeling that will stay with him throughout the years. Next thing you know, this owner will buy a cat or a bird and even take more attention away from this nice brown dog.

Celebrity Jealously

If you can think back about eight years ago, people were saying that Rihanna was a legend. She had done some amazingly edgy songs at the time with famous singers like Britney Spears and was living in the 24/7 spotlight.

Sadly, fame fades to lower levels when something new and hot comes along and that new and hot act was Nicki Minaj. She was less pop and ten times as edgy. The arenas immediately filled up for her and Rihanna was considered yesterday’s news. She’s feeling it in this picture.

In Taylor’s Shadow

Kim Kardashian is looking mighty small and not so glamorous when she is standing next to Taylor Swift in this photo. Swifty is definitely sporting the dominant role as she has her hand of Kardashian’s shoulder. The socialite almost looks like a little kid here.

As you can imagine, Kim wasn’t so used to playing the role of the short admirer as she is often the center of attention at these functions, but in this photo, that is exactly what she is doing. There has never been quite a funny picture of Kim if you ask me.

Past Meets Future

This picture was no doubt taken about ten years ago, but it is still really iconic today. At the time Paris Hilton was at the top of her game but slowly becoming old news and the cameras had stopped flashing upon her as they once did.

Kim Kardashian was the new fresh face at the time and nobody saw her becoming as big as she would become, but she was still of major interest at the time. That said, you can see that Paris Hilton looks jealous and tired when compared to Kim Kardashian.