This Bride Made Some Dress Code Requests Of Her Wedding Guests And The Response Caused A Social Media Uproar


By now, most people know how to dress when it comes to attending a wedding. Usually, it’s formal wear—a suit and tie for the guys and cocktail or a formal gown for the ladies. If it’s a beach wedding or some other outdoor venue the dress code might be a little more relaxed. Occasionally the bride and groom will include additional guidelines in the invitation. For one woman, though, the guidelines were so outrageous that it created a social media frenzy. Here’s a closer look at the full story.

Specific Guidelines

As we mentioned, some weddings require some pretty specific guidelines when it comes to the dress code. It can be for a variety of reasons, from overall comfort level to a theme that the bride and groom are shooting for on their special day.

There’s a wedding scheduled to take place in Hawaii this year, and for the guests invited to attend, the bride has requested some insanely strange wardrobe requirements. As a result, someone took to social media with her bizarre demands and the response created an uproar.

Planning Early

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows just how much work goes into organizing and executing the big day. By the time all of the catering details, invitations, travel arrangements, venue selection, etc. has been made, it’s a wonder that the bride and groom aren’t completely exhausted by the time they finally exchange their vows.

Maybe that’s why wedding planners are such a good idea! Many couples also expect their guests to do a little work on their end before participating in the bride and groom’s big day. For one bride, she took the planning and subsequent requests of her guests to the extreme.

Social Media Requests

For the bride in question, she elected to not include her wardrobe requests in the invitation itself, which would have been the traditional way of making such requests. Instead, she made a lengthy Facebook post addressed to the guests who would be attending her wedding in Hawaii in 2019.

The post specifically dealt with the dress code for her guests. However, after reading her bizarre posts, many of her guests were shocked and confused by what she had written. As it turned out, it was only the first example of just how strange the relationship between the bride and her guests would get.

Trying To Convey Excitement

The Bride was hoping to get everyone excited about her big day, even though at the time the wedding was still a long way off. She was just wanting to give everyone plenty of notice regarding the dress code. The more people had time to plan, the more likely they were to show up dressed the way she wanted.

She wrote: “Hey everyone! Who’s ready for Hawaii 2019? In anticipation of the wedding, and believe me, I know it’s a long way away, but I would still like to announce the dress code! I am giving you a long notice of a year and a half so that you will have time to… pick out something nice.”

A Larger Purpose

As it turns out, the bride’s strange requests were part of a bigger plan. She apparently wants to achieve some sort of visual effect with the wedding photos and in order to accomplish the task, she needs all of her guests to dress in a specific way. Some would argue that it is a lot to ask of guests.

At the same time, by giving guests plenty of notice and trying to explain why the requests are being made, one could argue that the bride wasn’t doing anything too crazy. However, a closer look at some of the specific guidelines showed that the requests were anything but normal.

Going Too Far

At first, the bride’s explanation of the requests didn’t seem too insane. After all, a bride’s wedding is one of the most important days of their lives. It’s understandable that they would want the day to be perfect. If that means that the guests need to put in a little effort to participate in an overall theme, it’s not exactly outrageous.

However, as guests read the specifics of her guidelines, they realized that she was basing her recommendations on how much her prospective guests weighed. Weight is one of those things that society says we should approach cautiously, and asking someone to dress a specific way based on their weight was perceived as going too far by many.

Categorizing Guests

The bride had created categories for her guests. She’d grouped them into five categories, to be specific. That’s not necessarily anything strange, but what guests found offensive was that four of the five categories the bride had laid out was based entirely on the weight of the guests who would be attending.

That’s certainly not something you expect to see. The fifth category had to do with the children that were invited to her wedding. While segregating children and other guests by weight is strange enough, the actual specifics of the dress code were equally as bizarre.

Very Specific Guidelines

Depending on which weight category a guest fell under, they were giving very specific items of clothing that they were expected to wear. For example, women weighing between 100 and 160 pounds were expected to wear suede pants in a particular shade of orange, as well as a green sweater and a specific kind of heeled shoe.

Plus, they were expected to wear a Burberry brand scarf. Most of the guests had never been lumped into weight categories or given such specific orders in terms of what they should wear to a wedding. They’re guests, after all, not members of the party.

Requirements For The Guys

It wasn’t just the female guests who had strange guidelines. The guys had some pretty bizarre criteria too. As for weight categories, fellas weighing between 100 and 200 pounds fell into one category. Like the women, they had specific clothing requests, too.

They were asked by the bride to come to the wedding dressed in white pants, a purple jacket, and a soda hat. In addition, the male guests in this weight category were asked to wear glow sticks, but they needed to plain in color. The requests for the remaining guests would only get more and more bizarre from there.

The Bigger The Guest, The Odder The Request

As the weight categories increased, the strangeness of the wardrobe requests also increased. For the women, if they weighed more than 160 pounds, they were asked to dress in all black. They were asked to wear a black sweater and pants, but the bride gave them the option of picking the material.

They were also asked to wear plain black high heeled shoes. It’s no surprise that many of the potential guests were starting to get offended as they read the post. While that may seem strange, the guys who weighed more than 200 pounds had an equally strange set of guidelines to follow.

The Bigger Men

So far, the requests made by the bride of her female guests were somewhat strange, to say the least. But the dress code still could be considered in the “dressy” category that most people expect to wear when they attend a wedding. The men who weighed more than 200 pounds were in for something different.

They were asked to dress in all camouflage clothing and wear black sneakers. What exactly was the bride trying to accomplish?  The fifth category of guest encompassed the children. They were asked to wear all red—from head to toe. The bride went on to explain this particular request.


According to the lengthy post that the bride had made, the kids needed to dress head to toe in red for a specific reason. Apparently, it went back to the overall purpose, which had something to do with a photo opportunity.

The bride wanted to place the children in the shape of a heart, so they needed to be dressed in red. However, she went on to specify that it needed to be “true” red. She specifically said not “Blood orange or some bull@#$!”  The bizarre requests didn’t stop there, though. The other guidelines would hit the guests’ pocketbooks a little harder.

Formal Attire

As we’ve mentioned, most people expect to wear some kind of fancy attire when attending a wedding. Initially, the bride’s wardrobe requests suggested that she was moving away from that standard. Apparently, part of her wanted to remain traditional.

She also requested that the guests bring a change of clothes so that they could don something more formal after the dancing ended. She reminded her guests that the wedding venue was “extremely upscale.”  She wanted her guests to be looking at their “absolute best.”  From there, she crossed the line that most guests would agree is going too far.

Superficial And Offensive?

From there, the bride went on to write something that many of her guests found extremely offensive. She said, “if you look like trash, so will we.”  We weren’t even invited to the wedding and we’re frustrated by that comment!  Furthermore, the bride asked that her guests “invest” in an outfit that was worth at least $1,000.

She specified that the dollar amount should encompass all elements of the wardrobe, including clothing, jewelry, makeup, hair, and accessories. She labeled her wedding as “24K” and wanted it to look that way. She reminded guests that they had “a year and a half to get working. No excuses!”

Pushing Someone Too Far

Many of us who have read the story after the fact will certainly agree that the bride to be was taking things too far. Her demands are certainly a little much, and frankly, pretty offensive. But the question is, what would we actually do about it?  Would we still attend the wedding?

One of her potential guests was so upset by the bride’s Facebook post that she decided to share it on Reddit. She copied the bride’s post and posted it to the Reddit site. She wanted others to see just how insane she thought the bride’s dress code demands actually were.

Going Viral

The guest posted the bride’s crazy demands on Reddit last month. In that time, the post has gone completely viral. Most of the people who have read the post about the bride who is demanding her guests to wear a minimum of $1,000 are shocked. They have no problem openly sharing their opinions!

Most of those opinions are far from supportive of the presumptuous bride and her requests. There are just so many things to take offense to and be critical of that it’s not really any wonder that so many people have commented and shared. Most brides would love it if their wedding became a viral topic, but not necessarily for these reasons!

Harsh Feedback

The feedback from the readers on Reddit was pretty harsh. Plenty of people were reading about the bride’s crazy demands, too. In almost no time at all, the post had been upvoted more than 10,000 times. It had also earned more than 1,000 comments.

Most of those comments were anything but supportive!  Most of the people who commented on the post were extremely harsh. Some were shocked and confused by the bride and her outlandish demands, but most were outraged by how presumptuous and rude her demands really were.

Confusion And Sarcasm

Many of the comments blended the overall sense of confusion and sarcastic responses that most Reddit users were expressing. One user said that regardless of what the bride was trying to achieve, the color scheme was “horrendous.”

She went on to say that if the venue was so classy, why would the bride want to dress people in camo?  Not only did the user not know where one could even think about finding a camo outfit worth $1,000, she had no idea why anyone would want to!

Stay Home!

One Reddit user happens to be from Hawaii, and her comments regarding the bride’s post were far from supportive!  She wrote that as a native Hawaiian, no one from her home state would want the bride and her crazy plans anywhere among the islands.

She said that she had been to a similar wedding, where another bride also asked guests wear specific colors. The Reddit user didn’t stop there. She would go on to offer up a few more opinions of the bride’s requests from the point of view of a native of the Hawaiian Islands.

A Plea

The native Hawaiian Reddit user went on to say that she felt the bride’s requests were not only rude but a completely ridiculous thing to ask of someone’s wedding guests. She went on to make a request of her own of the bride to be. She asked that the bride “please not come to Hawaii.

Please go to some other island paradise to spew your lack of aloha!”  that’s certainly a harsh response. As it turns out, it’s a response that most of the Reddit users who saw the post shared. As you might expect, the criticism of the bride and her dress code requirements didn’t’ stop with the Hawaiian native.

More Criticism

The criticism poured in. Another user was focusing on the color scheme the bride was asking for, as well as the mention of the dance that would proceed the more formal part of the reception. The user asked if the bride was “planning a Bollywood production or a wedding?”  They went on to say that they thought the colors and fabrics were ridiculous.

Then they asked what the dance was supposed to be. They wanted to know if guests were expected to memorize a special dance. Finally, they reiterated just how crazy they thought the whole idea was and suggested to the user who originally posted the story that they refuse the invitation.

The Weight Classes

Another Reddit user focused on a different part of the bride’s crazy demands. She had plenty of questions and comments that revolved around the aspect of the weight classes. The bride had asked that women and men wear a certain outfit depending on whether they weighed more or less than 160 or 200 pounds, respectively.

In the Reddit user’s case, she wrote that her own weight fluctuated between 150 and 160, so if she were invited her requirements could change. However, she went on to say that no matter what, she’d be wearing all black because “hell no to that color scheme.”

The Money Issue

The same Reddit user had some pretty harsh opinions regarding the money issue, too. She said that not only would her outfit be all black, regardless of what her weight was, but that it would only cost around $100. She said that $100 was as much as she was willing to pay for “fancy” clothes.

She even joked about the bride asking for clothes receipts or requiring that she step on a scale at the wedding!  It’s just another example of how the masses really felt about the crazy bride’s decisions regarding her dress code.

The Discovery

Reddit users were having a field day tearing down the bride and her ridiculous dress code demands. Eventually, the bride found out that her Facebook post had been shared on Reddit. She had already shown that she was a bit on the eccentric side by posting the demands online in the first place.

When she found out that people were writing all sorts of harsh criticism about her choices, she felt compelled to respond. As you might have expected, her response was just as crazy as her original post. Guests at a wedding are normally valued and appreciated, but the guests who were invited to this particular wedding were about to be put through the wringer!

Another Lengthy Post

The bride found out that someone had shared her post. So, she went back to Facebook and made another lengthy post of her own. She cordially greeted her invitees once more, then went on to tell the guests in her Facebook group that she had another important update.

She said that someone had taken a screenshot of her dress code requirements and shared the private information on Reddit. Then she said that other readers had taken the details “wildly out of context.”  The post had gone “semi-viral” and she wasn’t happy about it. At this point, the bride was remaining pretty calm, but that was all about to change.

Taking The Gloves Off

In her second post, the bride started out by simply conveying everything that had happened. But then, she took the gloves off and started on another eccentric rant. She told the people in her group that she was not only sad, but “crushed” and “betrayed.”

She said that one of the worst feelings she could experience is knowing that someone went behind her back and “made fun” of her. Many would argue that she had it coming. However, the bride wasn’t just letting readers know how she felt. She went on to say that whoever shared the information would “be paying.”

Another Insane Invitation

To this point, the bride had started the ball rolling by demanding questionable wardrobe requirements for her guests. Then someone shared the story. The bride, in turn, became upset when she found out. At this point, you can almost understand why she was upset.

After all, most people would say that anyone who would make those kinds of demands in the first place would probably be emotionally unstable after reading her post on Reddit. However, the bride took things a step further when she invited her guests to another party. Specifically, she invited them to a “polygraph party.”

Was It A Joke?

At first glance, many might think the bride was joking. But she’d already established how eccentric she could be. However, she went on to specifically tell her guests that she was not kidding. In fact, she said that she had really gone out and purchased a polygraph test on Amazon.

She intended to find out who the “snitch” was who shared her original post on social media. At this point, the eccentricity was getting so great that it was almost comical. But the bride had no intentions of stopping with the polygraph test.

More Demands

At this point, many people might have read this and elected to sever ties with the bride altogether. But the bride was actually demanding that everyone in the group attend the polygraph party. She went on to say that anyone who did not show up to the party would automatically be presumed guilty.

But what, exactly, would that mean?  Given how crazy she’d been so far, what would the bride do if she firmly believed she had found whoever had been responsible for leaking her dress code details?  As it turned out, the bride fully intended on letting her guests know what was in store if they were found guilty.

Offering Rewards

The bride said that she would actually give someone $100 if they had any information regarding the person who had leaked her information. Furthermore, she went on to detail what was in store for the guilty party.  It was pretty much what you would expect.

She “promised” that she would not retaliate. Instead, she said that she would just “cut all ties and communication, and talk sh$# about you for a long, long time.”  You have to wonder if the guilty party would actually be upset by that particular outcome.


The bride likely realized that whether she liked it or not, she had a bit of a crisis on her hands. It was clear that people didn’t understand what she was hoping to accomplish with the dress code, so she felt it was time to give an explanation.

She tried to tell her guests that the wardrobe demands were personal to her. However, she was only focusing on the elements of the demands surrounding the color choices and the outfits. She didn’t say a thing about the offensive weight categories that she’d laid out in her original post.

The Explanation

The bride hoped to alleviate some of the confusion that people clearly had regarding her wardrobe decisions. When she was done explaining, many of the guests were even more confused. She said that the reason she wanted everyone to spend at least $1,000 on their outfits was this it was supposed to represent the riches that she and her spouse wished to come.

As for the black and camo outfits, that was supposed to represent some type of evil spirit that the couple needed to keep at bay.  The soda hats, of course, were to represent their hopes to have an abundance of life-saving liquid. Sorry, but in our opinion, those explanations really don’t clear much up.

The Plot Thickens

If you’re like us, you might be wondering what kind of guy could possibly fall for someone like this. Lucky for us, the bride revealed just that in her post. She said that the groom and she had met in Italy while attending a “desensitization chamber” for psychics.

Apparently, the strange demands for the wedding were part of their psychic beliefs. While the hunt was still on for whoever had betrayed her by sharing the post online, the bride decided to turn her attention to the commenters that were being so harsh on her. As you will see, her response was pretty much what you’d expect at this point.

Getting Vicious

The bride had already laid out some pretty harsh details regarding what she had in store for the person who had leaked her story. When she turned her attention toward the people who were commenting on her plan, she was even more vicious.

She wrote how outraged she was at the “trolls” who had commented so negatively about her dress code. She said that those people didn’t “fu@%-ing know” her and they didn’t know why the guidelines were in place. She then suggested that they all “shut up.”


It was clear that the bride was furious. However, she wasn’t finished with her tirade. She went on to suggest that those who were making the comments should “go back to your scum basement and play video games.”

She further suggested that they shouldn’t make comments about people they don’t know. Finally, she informed everyone that she and her husband to be had 10 years’ experience as spiritual healers, which was why she had made the demands in the first place.

Cultural Decisions

The bride asked those commenting on her plans something that was supposed to suggest they were violating her religious beliefs. She asked if they would go to the wedding of someone of Indian descent and make fun of their beliefs and culture.

Then she suggested that her situation was similar and that she and her future husband should not be judged for simply trying to execute their cultural beliefs. She ended by saying just how sick and tired she was of having to explain to people why she was asking for the wardrobe guidelines.

Here We Go Again

As you might have guessed, whoever had shared the original post took another screenshot of the brides most recent rant and returned to Reddit. The second post went every bit as viral as the first post. It would seem that people just couldn’t get enough of the bride and her crazy demands and rants.

The comments came pouring in, sparking more and more discussions about the crazy dress code, as well as the new “polygraph party” and threats. It would seem that nobody was all that concerned with the points the bride was trying to make with her rebuttal.

Similar Results

Just like the original post, the most recent Reddit post got a lot of attention. It received more than 7,000 upvotes and plenty of people commented in almost no time at all. The post soon had over 1,000 comments and counting.

A few people started to pose a very interesting question. They just couldn’t believe that the bride could be that extreme. They started to suggest that the entire story was a total fabrication. They simply could not believe that someone could be that eccentric!

User Comments

The comments from Reddit users came pouring in. As mentioned above, many had a hard time believing the story could possibly be legit. One user wrote that there was no way the bride could be an “authentic human being.”  He went on to say that he wished they could hear something from the groom to be.

Users suggested that the fiancé was either just as crazy, or probably as tired of her as they all were!  While many discussed the authenticity of the entire story, another user brought up an interesting point regarding the weight issue.

Evil Spirits?

Another Reddit user pointed out some interesting things about the bride’s proposed weight classes and wardrobe choices. She pointed out that it was the overweight people who fell into the categories that were being asked to wear all black or camouflage.

She went on to say that the bride had explained that the black and camo was supposed to represent evil spirits. Was she suggesting that fat people were evil?  It’s still unclear just how many of the guests are still planning to attend the wedding. Hopefully, someone documents the goings on and we can circle back around to this crazy tale.