Millionaire Changes Moonlighting Pregnant Mother’s Life

Across the globe, we are a one all wake in a very familiar harmony. We pull ourselves out of bed, drag ourselves to the kitchen, get a cup of coffee and head out for work. Tami Forbes was no different except for the fact that she had two jobs, was a single mother and pregnant. Here is how everything changed for her.

Tami’s Dilemma

Tami was having a very rough start to a new year. She found herself recently divorced and heavily pregnant. That said, she also had a baby and she had to feed her children somehow and this meant hard work.

Building Fear

Nobody wants to bring a baby into a world wrapped in financial crisis. Inside Tami felt disappointed in her short comings. She knew that her baby’s life would get an impoverished start. This is no mother’s dream. We usually want nothing but the best for our children and to have to give them the bare minimum is a soul-crushing feeling.

Working Hard For The Money

She rarely saw a moment of relaxation. Not only was she an acting manager at a key lime pie business, but she was also worked as a bartender in the night. One rarely sees a pregnant woman working so hard. the problem was that Tami had Max and Julia her eight-year-old twins. She couldn’t afford not to work.

Financially Insecure

While she did have two jobs, she was still struggling financially. To further thin out her wallet, she also needed to get a cesarean when delivering her next baby. Tami didn’t have medical insurance so the operation and the hospital stay would all be very expensive. It was going to well into the thousands and there was a chance she wouldn’t even be able to get operation.

Explaining Her Hardships

Tami Forbes didn’t hold back about her hardships when she was interviewed by CNBC. She said, “Trying to rebuild a life on a single income in this town was incredibly difficult. I was very frequently picking which bill I could pay.” Little did she know, things in her life were about to take a drastic turn. It is indeed a turn that would change her life forever.

Key West Key Lime Pie Company

While spending her nights in the bars, Forbes would spend her days working for Key West Key Lime Pie Company. While the original building was constructed in the 1980’s, the original owner went out of business in the year 2000. Jim Brush decided to buy the name and resurrect the business. He had the goal of expanding the business out of Florida and into the rest of the nation. He decided to bring in new partners as to brighten the business’s future.

Marcus Lemonis Steps In

The man that Brush approached was Marcus Lemonis of CNBC’s The Profit. The reality show often sees Lemonis approach a struggling business and give them his expertise and support. By the end of each episode, you see a business go from dying to thriving. In return for the favor, Lemonis takes a stake in the business.

Big Changes

When Brush approached Lemonis about partnering up, Lemonis made him a huge offer. He’d turn the business around but wanted 51% of the company. He would also give Brush $450,000. His first major change had to do with the production of the products. For start, Lemonis would see that every pie was made with all natural ingredients.

The Man’s Worth

Marcus Lemonis is a self-made millionaire who currently has a net worth of $900 million. Much like Tami, he came from hard times. His family was forced to flee Lebanon when he was a child due to a devastating civil war. His first business experience came with his grandfathers car dealership that was purchased in 1997. It was there that he got a taste for riches. He has since built himself an empire.

Tami’s Life Changes

Lemonis didn’t just go into the business and turn it around, he also saw an employee in need and decided to turn her life around as well. Lemonis had heard Tami’s story and was immediately touched. He had heard about her emotional and financial situation and couldn’t walk away without stepping up and helping her out.

Her Situation While Filming

Tami reported to CNBC just how bad of a situation she was in while filming. She stated, “When the show came to town, and I was put on it, I was working two jobs. I was humongously pregnant and suffering both health concerns and horrible financial concerns. When Marcus came to me and said, ‘What are you going to do?’ I smiled and said, ‘Whatever I have to do.’”

Tami’s Work Ethic

The one thing that made Tami stand out to Lemonis was her amazing work ethic. She was pregnant but still worked hard and without stop. He approached her and told her that he needed her in order for his business to run successfully. He then said that the baby in her stomach was “more important than any pie we’ll ever make.” He then made her an offer that she couldn’t refuse.

The Big Ofeer

Tami got the dream maternity leave when Lemonis offered her six months of no work and full wages. That was simply the tip of the iceberg, he also went on to promote her to a fulltime leadership position that paid $4,000 a week. Forbes burst into tears on the spot. Lemonis explained that instead of working every second of every day, she could take some time off and focus on bringing up her child.

Having The Baby

February 14th was the special day that Tami gave birth to a baby boy named Kristopher. Tami wouldn’t have to worry about any outrageous medical bills or how she’d raise her kids after just giving birth. With the support of Lemonis, Tami was now set for a great time with her baby. She had absolutely nothing to worry about.

Social Media Response

Once the story hit the masses, the folks on social media didn’t hesitate to let their love and support for the mother be shown. On Twitter one person said, “This is what makes everything worth it.” The masses all shared similar messages. One of the most touching tweets was by a man who said, “[Forbes] is such a sweet and deserving person.”


Things Got Better

A year after Lemonis blessed Tami’s life, he asked if the two of them could meet at the bar that she used to work at. It was there that he would deliver some more amazing news to Tami. He looked her square in the eye, “My confidence in the business… is all because of you. You have made my life a lot easier. And I say this from the bottom of my heart, I could not have done this without you.”

Part Owner

Amidst emotions that were riding high, Lemonis offered Lemonis 25% of the company. She’d be an owner. If you rewind things to a year earlier, Tami was thousands of dollars in the hole and facing an uncertain future and now she was an owner of a company she dedicated so many hours to. The future had suddenly looked brighter then it had in years for the young woman.

Tami Accepts

There were no tears upon her cheek this time. The young woman was completely astounded by the offer that Lemonis had offered her. She replied by saying, “It’s crazy! I don’t have a bachelor’s on the wall, and you see me as the owner. It’s just that amount of confidence, it’s what drives us to get bigger and better.”

Giving Back

Forbes has come a long way from where she started. Today she isn’t just working at her company, she is working with other women with a goal giving them just as much confidence as she was given. She was one of the head keynote speakers at the 2015 Women’s Leadership Forum. She gave them the very important message by saying, “work it like they own it,” then “maybe one day, [they] will.”

Some Helpful Advice

While Forbes may appear to be all business now that she owns a huge company and is basking in success, she gave the women some powerful advice regarding their families. She noted, “Your business may succeed and it may fail, but your family is your one thing that’s never going anywhere,”

Original Ambitions

Twenty years ago was when Tami decided to move away to Key West and take up work as a pedicab driver. It was no doubt the dream of a youth. She worked at the job for a while, but soon learned other things and got swept up in the life. Few people who knew her back then would have predicted things end up the way they did for her. Her life has changed completely since her youth.

Inspiration To Single Moms

She has come very far from her days as a pedicab driver. Now she is a pround business owner and can give her kids the life she always wanted to give them. They’ll have opportunities now that most don’t and they’ll neverh ave to worry about poverty. Furthermore, we have to say that Tami is an inspiration to all single parents. Life can look pretty dim, but you never know what can pop up at any moment.

Tami’s Reflection

Forbe’s spoke with CNBC and stated the following about her journey, “I think that the feeling that you deserve your success is something that everybody should have. And I think, because single moms tend to be the people that think of themselves last and the least, they are definitely at the top of the list of people that should feel that and be there.”

Lesson Learned

The story of Tami should serve as a lesson to al of us who have found ourselves in a hopeless situation. Whilst she probably felt like giving up, she kept working hard and without any complaints and it was her good graces alone that brought on her success. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman if you continue working hard and thinking outside of the box you can have great success.