The Truth Behind Dancing With The Stars


The long-running series Dancing With The Stars came to America and blew all our minds. Seeing our favorite celebrities from back in the day perform in a dance contest seemed out of this world. Today we’re going to reveal their deepest secrets.

Stand By Celebs

Celebrities are always on call and always waiting for the next big thing. That said, a slot on Dancing With The Stars will get canceled for a movie deal. Knowing this, the show’s producer has a number of actors on call who are just waiting to get on.

Restricted Professionals

One of the strong points that keep fans watching Dancing With The Stars is, of course, the professional dancers they have on board. Knowing that their professional dancers can become big stars, there is a clause in the contract that prevents them from working jobs off the show. Julianne Hough became beloved by the world when she showed up on the show. Other shows and networks wanted to work with her, but producers are completely against it.

Looking For Celebrity Fans

Producers of the show don’t just grab any big name celebrity that they can find. They want someone who is going to love what they are doing. They look for celebrities that are fans of the show. You all remember when Alfonso Ribeiro won the contest in season 19. One of the reasons for this was his love for the show. During the interview process he told them how much he loved the show and how ethusiastic he’d be about doing it. That’s exactly what the producers are looking for.

Bakc Stage Manipulation

We aren’t looking at just five groups during a Dancing With The Star competition. There are lots of groups and big-name celebrities. It isn’t easy breaking down the list and selecting the winners. Usually, producers take a look at the contestants and decide which ones they think will fit as good winners. They then break it down so that they end up competing against each other. While the show isn’t exactly fixed, there is some meddling.

Scripted Show

A lot of fo reality television is scripted and Dancing With The Stars is no different. The celebrities are handed scripts and some of the situations and conversations they have aren’t entirely real. Wendy Williams who was on season 12 first revealed this when she said on her talk show that she was told to say things and act in certain ways for the camera. A lot of the time she said her actions did not reflect her feelings.

Product Of The UK

While Dancing With The Stars is without a doubt a smash hit in the United States, it isn’t exactly an original product of this country. The original show comes from the United Kingdom and it is called Strictly Come Dancing. When the show first debuted in 2004, it was such an immediate success that it was quite apparent they’d have to bring it over to the United States.

The Judges And Their Schedules

Bruno Tonioli and Len Goodman had schedules that were more hectic than any contestant on the show. While they were judges on Dancing With The Stars, they were also judges on the UK’s Strictly Come Dancing. This meant that they’d have to do a shooting in Los Angeles and then hop on a private jet and fly back to London to do another shooting. A schedule like that can only be fun for so long. They were in the air for twenty hours week and eventually quit.

Celebrity Earnings

Being on Dancing With The Stars isn’t all fun and games for the contestants. The celebrity performers are put through a rigorous training process and between practice, training and performing on TV, they rarely have time to do any side projects. They aren’t doing all this hard work for anything. Each celebrity performer has a base fee of $125,000.

For The Love Of Money

While some of the celebrities might love to dance, what really pushes them to go forward is the cash rewards. They all have a hefty base salary of $125,000, but this just goes up the longer you’re on the show. Bindi Irwin started with just as much money as everyone else but was said to get raises with every coming week. By week eight she was making 60,000 0n top of her base earning. When all was said and done, she earned $360,000.

Kate Gosselin’s Controversy

In 2010 the controversial Kate Gosselin entered the competition and didn’t hold back causing a stir. She apparently emailed every single one of her contacts and asked them to vote for her 10 times. Little did she know, there was actually a 5 vote limit for voters. She then went on to order them to forward her email. Apparently, Kate was no angel to be partnered up with. Tony Dovolani, her dance partner stated that he needed to get therapy after working with her.

Spray Tan Sundays

Zena Shteysel, the makeup artist on Dancing With The Stars goes far out of her way to make sure that the stars look their best when on camera. This means Spray Tan Sundays. She apparently uses five gallons of spray tan for each season. It gives the stars a more toned and youthful appearance. She claims that it is a major part of the grooming process and every cast member has to come in on Sundays for a tanning.

Olympic Athletes Turned Into Dancers

When it comes to the training process and the amount of work it takes to dance with the stars, celebrities have never held back their complaints. In recent years, producers have been taking Olympic winners and putting them on the show. Thus far we’ve seen the likes of Simone Biles, Ryan Lochte, Hope Solo, and Shawn Johnson perform. For them, the amount of training is relaxed compared to what they are used to.

Ryan’s Controversy

The last few years were tough for Ryan Lochte. He caused controversy in the 2016 Rio Olympics by falsely claiming that he was held up at a Rio gas station while intoxicated with teammates. Dancing With The Star was his way of winning back the heart of America after he disgraced his country. It didn’t work for him, while he was dancing an anti-Lochte stormed the stage with shirt that had Lochte’s name on it crossed out.

Surprise Success

Producers were shocked when Dancing With The Stars turned out to be a huge success that it was. They didn’t doubt that they had an entertaining show on their hands, but they didn’t expect it to be the hit it was. The show brought in an average of 17 million viewers during the first season and this would only go up throughout the seasons.

The Outfits

One of the most beloved aspects of the show is the glittering outfits that make the celebrities look their best. Many fans of the show are left wondering season after season about the whereabouts of these costumes. Truthfully speaking, some are used as outfits, others are donated and some are bought by the celebrities that wear them during the show. These are cheap outfits either. They go for about $5,000 a piece.

They Do Get Hurt

When you spinning, dancing and practicing for hours on end, injuries do happen. Any fan of the show is well aware that dancing can be quite a dangerous undertaking. Every season comes with either minor or horrible injuries. We all remember when Steve-O suffered a back injury. We can also look back to when Bill Nye hurt his quad. Every season comes with injuries.

The Carlton

Anybody who grew up in the 1990’s is going to have a major soft spot for Alfonso Ribeiro. He was Carlton Banks and was a major part of the heart and soul that was put into The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. When he signed on for Dancing With The Stars his adorning fan were just waiting for him to bust out the dance moves that he used on the show. He held off for quite a bit, but towards the end of the season he busted out the moves and won the contest.

Weight Loss Videos

A great mass of America is tuning in to watch Dancing With The Stars every week. One can’t help but notice the weight that these celebs have lost while on the show. Taking that into consideration, the producers have made quite a lot of money linking weight loss to the show. They have released a number of weight loss videos featuring your favorite dancers and they sell quick.

No Creative Freedom

Many of the female dancers often want to bring in their personal make up artist so that they can be creative with their looks. Producers are highly against this. They dictate all the creativity on the show and hire costume makers and make up artist that only they approve of. They have a certain look that they want celebrities to conform to and won’t hear anyone else out.

Costumes At The Last Minute

Given the unpredictable directions that the show often takes, they usually don’t have the costumes ready until right before a performance. They aren’t put together cheaply either. They hand sewn by the experts. While it may seem highly stressful for someone that isn’t a professional, the craftmen who put these costumes together say that this is pretty normal in showbusiness.

No Sequins

Most fans wouldn’t hesitate to associate the dresses on Dancing With The Stars with sequins and glitter. That said, the costume makers never used sequins on their dresses. Everything is created with diamonds and crystals. That is where all the shine and glitter comes from. Sometimes it takes up to 12 hours to put a dress together. It must also be noted that diamonds are in high demand amongst the dancers.

Judge Scoring

After a dance performance the judges usually only have about four seconds to write down their scores after judging the dance in their mind. While the score has to be handed over immediately, they usually already decided what score they’ll give the dancers by the time the dance is halfway through. They just write in the end incase there is a major slip up.

Amber’s Issues

When Amber Rose showed up on Dancing With The Stars, she caused a lot of grief by acting like a complete diva and wanting to control every single little thing, including choosing her own dance partner. Producers weren’t having it and assigned her one like everyone else. That said, they didn’t like her attitude and she was quickly eliminated from the competition.

To Judge Or Be Judged

One of the most veteran and beloved dancer on the show is Maksim Chmerkovskiy. He has been with the show since the 2nd season and has won many times. That said, the producers wanted to make him a judge. Someone that can be cruel and to the point, but he refused. He wants to keep the dancing shoes on and be judged rather then judge. However, the offer is open to him if he ever changes his mind.

Dancing With Scientology

At one point Kristie Alley was a contestant on Dancing With The Star and she was teamed up with the beloved Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Somethings were more important than dancing and we’re talking about her ties with the Church of Scientology. Maksim is good friends with Leah Remini. At the time Leah and turned her back on Scientology and Kristie was feeling uneasy about partnering up with someone who was friends with Leah. After the competition ended, Kristie completely killed all contact with Maksim.

Goodman’s Big Secret

Avoiding all tabloids and his fans, Goodman got secretly married to his girlfriend of 10 years and didn’t say anything until it happened. The two had a very intimate ceremony in London and only invited about thirty people. This is his third and hopefully his last marriage.

Len Bids Farewell

In 2016, the 70-year-old Len shocked the entire UK when he announced that he’d be leaving the show. He had been the head judge since 2004 and many didn’t know why. It was ultimately attributed to him burning out after having spent years working in LA and London shows. He had an intense flight schedule and want to calm down a bit. He said that it was proper to end things on a high note.

Break Time For Len

In 2015, Len announced that he’d be taking a break and wouldn’t be there to judge on the 21 season of Dancing With The Stars. He wanted to spend time with his newly born grand child and his family.Many thought that this was a sure sign that they’d lose the beloved judge for the long haul, yet to everyone’s surprise he came back a year later a resumed his position as the head judge.

United States Over United Kingdom

When Len made the big decision to leave Strictly Come Dancing, many UK fans thought that he’d retire and leave America’s Dancing With The Stars. To their utter shock he stayed on the American program. While many wondered why he was favoring the US over the UK, he assured fans that he was sticking around due to contract conditions.

Bruno Considers Quitting

With Len Goodman departed from Strictly Come Dancing, Bruno began wondering if he should follow the similar path. The life of going back and forth across the Atlantic was starting to take a toll on the judge and he felt less enthusiastic about continuing after his friend had quit. Who knows at this point if he’ll stay or not.