The Unexpected Future Of Abby And Brittany Hensel


The Saga Continues

When the story of the Hensel sisters first opened its covers to us, we were immediately taken by its pages. Since then we have been keeping up with these twins and following them all through life. They gave us up close looks into their trials and tribulations. We got past that rough spot and now we are watching the sisters thrive and walk right into the next milestone of their life.

Cold March Day In 1990

March 7, 1990, was a cold day and seeing that it was in Minnesota, we can even say snow was covering the ground. On that cold day, Abby and Brittany were born into this world. They were no ordinary set of twins, they were conjoined. That said, they were even rarer because they were dicephalic parapagus twins. This means they were perfectly attached to each other and fully functional. They were a medical miracle.

Against All Odds

Conjoined twins aren’t usually thriving amongst the masses. Their survival rate is below the floor. That is exactly how low the survival rates are for these individuals. Let us take a quick look at some statistics. One in 189,000 births are a set of conjoined twins and only 11% of those are dicephalic parapagus twins. The Hensel sisters truly are rare.

Working Together To Get By

The very being of Abby and Brittany is pretty remarkable and doctors can’t get enough of studying their body. They have double the heads, double the minds, two hearts, three lungs, two stomachs and one reproductive system. They are double from the waist up and completely singular from the waist down. Furthermore, these twins each control a separate side of their body. Walking, clapping, crawling and even brushing their hair takes teamwork.

First Brush With Fame

The twins garnered their first taste of fame back in 1996 when they made two separate appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Later that year, the twins found themselves on the cover of Life magazine. These milestones in their life gave them worldwide fame. Six years after this, the twins would up the ante with their very own documentary called Joined For Life. It was a massive success and ten years later in 2012, they’d star in their own reality show called Abby and Brittany.

They’ve Mastered Driving

Long ago the twin mastered riding a bike and if that was possible then driving a truck would be no problem at all. They did have to take two separate written and driving test, but this wasn’t a problem for them as they both passed with ease. The two even developed a system that involves one controlling everything on one side and the other controlling everything on the other side.

Doctor’s Worry

The parents had the choice of separating the twins if they wanted to, but their mother Parry decided that it’d be best if they were kept as one. This, of course, scared the doctors because twins that are conjoined tend to suffer from ill health as they get older. These conjoined twins actually made it to adulthood and they are thriving more successfully than someone headed individuals.

Very Extroverted Twins

While most would expect a set of conjoined twins to live in their own world and be completely separated from the masses, Abby and Brittany are extremely extroverted. We saw this first hand of their reality show. They have an expansive group of friends who really love and support the pair. They are even well connected to their fans and answer every email and letter that they receive.

Pursuing Their Personal Dreams

The limelights of Hollywood and the TV cameras can really distract someone from their personal path. One day you belong to no one but yourself and the next you belong to the world. The twins have managed to stay focused. They both went on to Bethel University and got a degree in the acts. They confessed that at one point they considered learning different teaching disciplines, but this all changed when they realized it’d be a lot of extra work.

Finding Work And Entering The Adult World

The twins graduated from college in 2012 and immediately began looking for work in the adult work. They first had a bit of fear. They knew that their condition would leave some interviewers scared in their track, but they went on anyway and managed to score almost immediate success. The announced their success on their reality show. Abby and Brittany finally had themselves a job.

The Twin Math Specialists

As you’d expect a pair of twins to explain it, Abby and Brittany made an exciting announcement while both clapping their hands and completing each other’s sentences.“We are fourth- and fifth-grade math specialists, so we’ll have two classes of math. It’s part-time, which is nice, so we’ll be kind of transitioning into the teaching world.”

Not Always On The Same Path

“When they were five, I remember one wanted to be a pilot and one wanted to be a dentist. That was short-lived.” Announced Patty, the twins mother. According to her, their paths were once as similar as night and day. One can only imagine if this continued into their adulthood. It definitely wouldn’t have been easy on either twin.

Naturals With Children

The twins saw teaching as their perfect career path. Abby and Brittany have always been naturals. According to Patty, their mother, “They’ve just always had a knack with kids, and kids have always been kind of drawn to them. Maybe it started with curiosity but then once their simple questions are answered they still are just drawn to Ab and Brit”

Born To Teach

The schools principal and the twins’ boss, Mr. Good has followed up with that exact same statement. The twins are just naturals with the children. When he sat across from the girls during that first interview, he immediately saw it. There was something about the way they carried themselves. Their manner of speaking and behavior just told him that these were the girls he was looking for.

Hire Those Girls

As the twins walked away from him and into the sunset. He thought hard and knew he had to hire them, but it was one experience that made his decision concrete. On Abby & Brittany, Mr. Good stated before the cameras, “After our interview, I showed the girls out the door. I came back in the room and before I even sat back down one of the people said, ‘Run after them, hire them, give them the job.’”

Mr. Good’s Uncertainty

Mr. Good was beyond excited to have the twins on his team, but a small part of him felt uneasy. He knew was delving into uncharted territory with the twins. He had never had conjoined twins on his staff before and he didn’t really know how to handle such a situation. He took his issue to the HR department. Come fall he needed those twins to transition with ease into the role of teaching.

Paid For One

The school took the summer to make some serious considerations, but by the time school started they had reached a conclusion.  The twins would get two separate contracts and be treated as two individuals, but they would only get one paycheck and would have to split it between themselves. While it doesn’t seem completely fair, the twins will never need to work alone or without the help of the other.

Introducing The Hensel Sisters

For the sake of the children who would be attending the school, Mr. Good decided that it would be a good idea to reintroduce the Hensel sisters into society. They also sent out a letter to all the staff and parents that let them know about Abby and Brittany and their condition. This was a full proof way to be prepared for their big first day and try to avoid any drama.

Realizing Their Dream

While Mr. Good and his staff raced for solutions and answers, the twins marveled and anticipated their upcoming position as school math teachers. These gals didn’t feel nervous nor shy for even a single second. They were ready educated some hungry minds. On their reality show, they both announced their excitement. The news was even announced over the media.

Expectations For Love

Complications are going to happen when you find yourself living as a conjoined twin. The limitations and hardships come by the handfuls, but they must be faced. One of the biggest complications comes in the love department. Both twins have revealed a festering desire to fall in love, get married and have children. This can get awkward.


The years was 2012 and rumors popped up that Brittany had fallen in love and had gotten engaged. Questions concerning their love lives began pouring in for the twins. The masses wanted the scoop. Amidst this period, many controversial questions were asked. Even after the rumor was proved to be wrong, the questions still flooded in. One had to think how a relationship would work out between them.

The Siamese Twins

The most famous set of twins ever, the Siamese Twins, Chang and Eng Butler were lucky enough to get into a beautiful relationship with two women. They met and married Adelaide and Sallie Yates in 1946 and ended up having 22 children. They are living proof that twins can grow to have a very successful relationship and even reproduce.

Ganga and Jamuna

Along with the Siamese twin is also the case of Ganga and Jamuna Mondal. These set of twins have gained nationwide fame in India for dating a teacher names Jasimuddin Ahmad. The pair met him while he was filling in for a sound engineer at the circus that they worked at. It was love at first sight and they immediately jumped into a relationship.

Other Differences

When most people look at twins, they are pretty quick to assume that they have likewise personalities. Believe it or not, Abby and Brittany Hensel have very different personalities. Brittany is more laid back and known for having a very unique sense of humor. Abby, on the other hand, is very outspoken and challenging. It isn’t uncommon to hear the twins laugh. For some it is all laughs and fun, but for them it is real.

The Upside Of Twins

While things can look very dim for the twins at times, being a twin does have its upsides. One day Brittany was very sick and was struggling to hold down her medicine. Abby sprung into action and played hero. She decided to take Abby’s medicine with the hopes that it’d have an effect and it worked. Brittany ended up being okay.

First Talks Of Separation

The twins do get sick of each other. One time Brittany had pneumonia and was confined to her quarters for a number of days. This, of course, meant that Brittany had to go with her all the while feeling completely fine. This frustrated the bored sister and she began to talk about separation. At this point, she was just daydreaming about having a walk while her sister laid next to her and failed to thrive.

Brittany Rejects Separation

Brittany couldn’t help but well up in tears when she heard of her sisters plans to separate from her. She felt triggered into feeling this way. The thought alone sent her into a begging frenzy. She didn’t want to be separated from her sister. In the end, Abby agreed to not separate and assured her sister that the two of them would be stuck together forever.

Never Alone

In the 28 years that they’ve spend side by side, they have learned how to depend on each other in each and every way. The girls have never spent a moment apart. while we have many lone moments in life, they have never experienced one moment belonging fully to themselves. These two girls need each other more than they probably know.

What The Future May Hold

As they hold a steady path from birth to old age, the neverending supply of shared moments must sometimes push their nerves. They are growing more into individuals by the day and they will soon begin clashing when it comes to big decisions like selecting a husband and raising a child. Sooner or later, the twins will find themselves in a very serious argument.

Disliking The Stares

Brittany and Annu are not blind to the fact that compared to the average person they are quite unique in the looks department. That said, they don’t like the stares they get. That said, seeing them on the street and not starring would be quite a challenge. They also dislike when people take pictures of them without first asking permission.

Custom Made Clothes

Embracing their individuality can’t be the easiest thing to accomplish for the twins. They just share some much with one another. That said, they get custom made clothes. Sometimes these articles feature two necklines. if they so please, they will also wear two different shoes or stalkings.

They Walk Differently

The twins do everything together and rely heavily on teamwork. That said, they walk very differently. Not in the sense your thinking. They can walk steadily and at a quick pace. Abby tends to take firm steps that leave her with a foot that actually touches the ground. Brittany tends to walk on her tippy toes.

Separation Or No Separation?

If one day the twins do decide to try a separation surgery, it will certainly be extremely risky. The linked bodies no doubt grow to depend on one another to get the system pumping. At best, one twin will live a thriving life while the other will fail to ever amount to much. Given that the twins manage perfectly a life together, the chances of them ever considering such a surgery are close to zero.