5 Examples of Green Energy Sources – This is Our Future

We can’t rely on fossil fuels for producing the bulk of energy that is used by humans. Recently, a number of different studies have been published that have shown the harmful effects of using too much energy from fossil fuels. For starters, fossil fuels contribute directly to global warming. Thermal sources of energy, such as coal and oil, release a large amount of heat and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which is slowly depleting the ozone layer and causing global warming. However, environmental awareness has also been on the rise as of late, and many countries and private organizations have begun to focus on renewable sources of energy. Here are the top five green energies in use today.

1.  Hydroelectric Power

Greeningz - hydroelectric dam

One of the most commonly used sources of green energy is hydroelectric power. Hydroelectricity is produced through the power of water. It utilizes the gravitational force of water to produce electricity. After construction, the complex produces absolutely no waste whatsoever. Almost 19% of the world’s electricity is produced through hydroelectric dams, and it’s expected that the figure will only grow in the future.

2.  Wind Power

wind turbines

Power generated from the force of the wind has also become more popular in recent years. There are several wind farms all over the globe, and different countries have introduced a variety of measures to promote wind power. It currently accounts for a mere 1.5% of the total electricity produced in the world, with Europe leading the way.

3.  Solar Power

Greeningz - solar panels 2

Harnessing the rays of the sun to produce electricity is a relatively old concept. The Topaz Solar Farm, found in San Obispo County, California, is the largest solar farm in the world. It is capable of producing electricity up to 550 MW. However, the greatest benefit is that solar arrays are being installed in houses as well, which makes renewable energy available to all.

4.  Compressed Natural Gas

Greeningz - compressed natural gas

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is safe, renewable, and best of all, environmentally friendly. It is widely used in vehicles (CNG kits can be installed on demand). However, it’s fallen on the pecking order due to the recession in petrol prices.

5.  Nuclear Power

Greeningz - nuclear power plant

Despite the risks associated with nuclear energy, it is one of the safest and cleanest sources of energy. According to a particular study, within the next five years, one new reactor is expected to start operating every five days.