Apps That Will Help You Live A Greener Life

People are constantly on their phones. With smart phones, access to information and connections to others is quicker than ever. However, why not use that to your advantage and also create a more eco-friendly lifestyle. These apps gather and analyze data in order to help you lead a more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle.


The #Climate app is helping users discover and share “climate change actions” important to them. The app collects all the “most impactful climate change actions from a curated list of organizations to make it easy for you to find the best actions and tell the world.” After partaking in several actions, the app will also give you stats on your performances. The app covers actions from the anti-fracking movement to rainforest preservation.

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Eco Charge

Eco Charge not only wants to help extend the life of your phone’s battery but also help the environment. Many people plug in their phones, and just let the phone charge – sometimes for hours. However, this creates a lot of wasted energy. The Eco Charge app allows you to control the charging level of your battery. The app will alert you at the chosen level. This allows you to unplug your charger and save some energy. Shallow charging also extends the life of your battery.


iRecycle was created so recycling is never considered a chore ever again. The app provides for than 1,600,000 ways to recycle over 350 materials in the United States. You can also easily find places close to you where you can recycle your goods.

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Zero Carbon

Zero Carbon allows users to track their greenhouse gas emissions that result from their daily lives. The app will then give users simple tips and tricks to reduce your emissions. Users can share their results and their new insights on Facebook.

Seafood Watch

Do you love seafood but also want to sustain the ocean’s ecosystem? Then, Seafood Watch is for you. Seafood Watch gives users recommendations to local restaurants with sustainable sushi and other seafood options. It also offers other “in-depth conservation notes.”

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Electricity Meter Reader – WattBuddy

 “WattBuddy lets you take charge of your electricity use with Track, Graph, and Save.” WattBuddy collects data from your electricity meter and plots historical usage so you easily able to track your usage as well as see any patterns. In some areas of the U.S., it also calculates how much a user might be able to save if he or she switches energy companies. Knowing how much electricity you use will allow you to analyze and figure out how you can use less of it.