How To Buy Toxin-Free Baby Products

If you’ve never looked into what materials go into making baby products, it can be a frightening experience. Many of the chemicals that go into making baby toys are surprisingly toxic. Infants and toddlers are the most vulnerable when it comes to these toxic chemicals. They’re far more likely to put toys in their mouths than older children, and that’s an obvious reason to monitor the toys they play with. However, keep in mind that infants also take twice as many breaths per minute than adults, which means that their lungs are twice as exposed to environmental conditions as well. If that environment is full of harmful chemicals, your child’s health could suffer.

Worry not, because we’ve created this list of tips you can use for buying toxin-free baby toys.

Be careful when it comes to “flame-retardant” fabrics.

While being “flame-retardant” would usually be something that parents would appreciate, keep in mind that the chemicals used to make something flame-retardant are toxic. You’ll usually find these chemicals in foam-based products, like mattresses, changing pads and nursing pillows. Exposure to these chemicals can cause long-lasting problems with the body’s endocrine system, as well as affect fertility and cause thyroid issues and cancer. Instead of buying chemically treated fabrics, look for naturally flame-retardant materials like wool and cotton. You find entire lines of organic baby products from companies like Naturepedic, Lullaby Earth, and Happsy.

Know your plastics.

Buy only food-grade plastics, or better yet, avoid plastic altogether. Plastics can leach harmful chemicals, especially when they’re heated, so you may want to re-think stocking up on the standard plastic baby bottles. Instead, consider using glass or stainless steel bottles with clear silicone nipples. Don’t heat food up in plastic containers. Some really great companies to look at for healthy plastic alternatives are Bioserie and Pura Stainless.

Avoid fragrances in your products.

Items that contain fragrances often don’t put all of the chemicals used on their labels. Many of these chemicals can be harmful in a number of ways. They can harm the endocrine system, and many are actually allergens. If you’re interested in a really great line of baby soaps, shampoos and lotions, look at companies like Alaffia, MamaEarth and Neal’s Yard Remedies.