Eating Green No Longer Just Refers to Salads: 5 Eco-Friendly Restaurant Chains

Having a “guilt-free” meal isn’t just about eating healthy anymore. Many restaurant chains out there are setting the green bar high for their competitors by getting serious about reducing their impact on the environment. Here are 5 restaurants that are leaders in their effort to be eco-friendly.



The coffee giant has become a leader in recycling efforts among restaurant chains. Aside from their recycling efforts, Starbucks has also committed to only constructing LEEDs certified stores moving forward.




Chipotle is no stranger among the ranks of green restaurants. It was the first restaurant ever to be awarded the Platinum LEEDs certification. Chipotle’s efforts don’t stop with the construction of it’s stores though. They also work with farmers and producers to ensure sustainable sourcing for their food products.


In-N-Out Burger

in n out burger

The West coast burger masters offer more than just a delicious menu. The chain also switched to reusable trays in all of their locations. When it came time to build a new restaurant in Woodland, California, In-N-Out recycled nearly 60 tons of production waste in its construction.


Jimmy Johns

jimmy johns

The sandwich guys that are known for being “freaky fast” are also going “freaky green.” Jimmy Johns prides itself on being a very local establishment, despite it’s more than 2000 locations across the country now. All of a particular restaurant’s produce is sourced from local farmers, and most of the packaging is recycled, earth-friendly material.


Mixt Greens

mixt greens

California “Eco-Gourmet” chain Mixt Greens is all about being eco-friendly. Not only are their entrees healthy and good for you, virtually every area of their operation is good for the environment too. Mixt Greens uses only produce that is sourced from local farmers, and the packaging they use at their restaurants is eco-friendly, compostable material.  The equipment they use to prepare food is all energy efficient. The construction of their locations is primarily done using renewable wood sources and recycled materials.


The next time you’re trying to decide where to go out for a bite, consider one of these green restaurants.