Five of the Best Environmental Charities to Support

Search for “Environmental Charities” and you’re likely to become overwhelmed with the results you get. While most charitable organizations are on the up and up, there is the occasional scam artist that pops up. That happens with any area warranting the attention of charities. Here are 5 tried and true organizations worth of looking at and supporting.

Greenpeace Fund

Greeningz - greenpeace logo

Greenpeace got some renowned coverage in the 70s and 80s for its action, but it’s still around today. The organization is primarily known for its peaceful protesting and–some would say–harassment of whaling ships. Greenpeace also focuses its efforts on exposing nuclear testing on ocean shorelines, and has rattled some infamous cages regarding the topic.


Natural Resource Defense Council

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The NRDC personifies the phrase “strength in numbers.” The Natural Resource Defense Council boasts 1.4 million members, including 350 lawyers, scientists and various other professionals that help make this organization quite formidable in its environmental battles.


Rainforest Alliance

Greeningz - rainforest alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is a well-known organization among the world’s producers of resources harvested from rain forests. Such resources include chocolate, coffee, bananas and tea. The organization also serves as a hub of information for travelers, and they work with the local tourism industry in rain forest areas.


Ocean Conservancy

ocean consdervancy logo

If conserving our planet’s oceans is more your cup of tea when it comes to charitable donations, the Ocean Conservancy should certainly be on your radar. The organization currently focuses on area’s needing oil spill recovery, and they also protect ecosystems from the effects of oil and gas drilling. Ultimately, the Ocean Conservancy believes that the health of our oceans directly affects human health.


The Sierra Club Foundation

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Also known for moving and shaking, the Sierra Club Foundation utilizes its political and legislative influence to fight its green battles. Currently, the Sierra Club Foundation is focusing its efforts on becoming less reliant on fossil fuels, and minimizing the development of wild spaces.

These are just a few worthy organizations to consider supporting. The good news is that there are enough charities out there that you can afford to be pretty choosy when picking your cause.

Choose wisely.