How To Go Green For Labor Day

Labor Day is a public holiday in the United States, that is celebrated on the first Monday in September, every year. The day celebrates the U.S. labor movement and the contributions the workers have made to the country. It is also the unofficial end to summer. However, people everywhere make sure to end the summer with a bang.

Many people get together and celebrate through parties and BBQs. But, having a lot of people together, as well as having a good time, does not necessarily have to translate to a lot of waste. Here are a few ways to go green for Labor Day.


1. Shop at home first.
Take stock at what you have at home before heading to the grocery or party store. You may have some left over food hiding in your drawers that you did not know about. Or those decorations from your 4th of July party may make an excellent addition.

2. Buy local seasonal food.
This not only will make your food taste better, but this tip will also lower your carbon footprint. When you buy “local seasonal food”, you are buying what is currently freshest and grown close by to you. This means less gas for delivery of the product and less chemicals entering the atmosphere for preservation.

greeningz - veggies

3. Use washable cups and plates.
We know washing dishes and cups is such a hassle. However, using reusable plates will definitely save unnecessary waste. Also if you are doing a pot luck style party ask your guests to bring their dish in tupperware.

4. Compost.
Most likely, no matter how many steps you take there will be left over food. Why not compost? A great way to do this is have your guests pitch in. Have a separate trash can which you can label “compost”. Guests can easily throw their unwanted food into this bin instead of just completely wasting it. Items that can be composted are fruits and veggies, as well as anything that is made from plant such as paper and coffee grinds.

greeningz - compost