New Hyundai Electric SUV Boasts A Range Of Nearly 300 Miles

While the new Hyundai electric vehicle isn’t their first attempt at the all-electric car, the Kona Electric SUV is definitely the most impressive. The car debuted earlier this month at the Geneva Motor Show and the specs are pretty impressive. The Kona will come in both short and long-range models, with 186 and 292 miles of travel, respectively.

The design that went into the Kona Electric makes the vehicle look like the standard, gas-powered version of the SUV, which some buyers may appreciate. Hyundai’s first electric vehicle, the Loniq, doesn’t come close to the range and performance of the new Kona, and this newest SUV should make Hyundai a viable competitor with other manufacturers offering fully electric vehicles (like the Bolt, from Chevy).

The short-range version of the Kona uses a 99kW electric motor in conjunction with a 39.2 kWh battery. This will push the vehicle from 0-60 mph in about nine seconds. Charging times are pretty impressive, too. Six hours on a standard AC outlet will fully charge the car, and you can get about 80% charged in less than an hour on a DC fast charger.

The longer range Kona is even more impressive. The battery pack offers twice the juice of the short-range car, with a 64kWh battery and a 150kW motor. This increase in power will boost the 0-60 performance of the car to just over seven seconds. The longer range Kona will also take less time to charge—about three hours on a standard outlet—thanks to the larger battery.

Regardless of whether you choose the long or short-range model, the cars will also come equipped with a slew of Hyundai’s automated safety features. You’ll get things like forward collision assist, blind spot warning and adaptive cruise control. Other features that will come standard include Qi wireless charging, heads up display, a 7-inch infotainment screen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Aesthetically, the all-electric version of the Kona is a tad longer and taller than the gas-powered version. Most noticeable, though, is the two-toned roof that distinguishes the electric version from the combustion cars.

You can expect the Hyundai Kona Electric to hit the scene in Europe and South Korea later this year, and North America will follow soon after.