Nissan’s Electric Campervan Makes Road Tripping Conservation-Friendly

In recent years, America has seen a huge rise in people living and working out of their vans, full-time. Many of these highway nomads will purchase older model vans and trucks and outfit the insides as extremely small-space studio apartments. With today’s technology and industry standards, it’s easy to make a very good living by simply working out of your vehicle in the morning, leaving your afternoons for more important things, like surfing in the summer and skiing in the winter.

The only downside to this kind of lifestyle is that with all of the added gear, these homes-on-wheels are anything by fuel efficient. Nissan is jumping on the bandwagon and doing something about that little issue.

Nissan’s e-NV line is the first campervan to hit the current market from a major manufacturer. Nissan is no stranger to producing electric cars, and with their tried and true track record in the business, modern nomads can rest easy knowing they’re getting a reliable campervan that will save some serious cash when it comes to fuel.

The e-NV300 model is the largest campervan Nissan is making, and it’s packed with all of the features you’d expect from a seriously road-worthy campervan. It comes standard with a pop-up sleeper roof, giving you plenty of room to stand and maneuver inside. The e-NV300 also comes with a kitchen area, complete with sink, fridge, stove and food prep area. The van has integrated water and heating systems, which run off of gas. The front seats swivel for convenience and the rear bench seat can be adjusted using the floor rails.

Nissan offers all of its e-NV models in multiple trims that are very modifiable depending on your camping/living needs.

In terms of performance, the e-NV200 will get you about 180 miles of normal city driving on a single full charge. The only downside to Nissan’s line of electric campervans is that they’re currently only available in Europe. Good news if you plan to roam around Spain for a few years, but for those of us hoping to embrace the van life here in American, we’ll have to wait a bit for Nissan to expand its distribution.