Check Out These Stylish Sunglasses Made From Recycled Plastic

Costa and Sunski sunglasses have long been a staple among the fishing, surfing and beach crowd for some time now. Now they offer styles that will not only keep you looking fantastic all summer but will also allow you to protect the environment while you’re doing it.

Both companies have several styles that are made from 100% recycled materials.

If you’re looking for a great pair of eco-friendly shades without breaking the bank, the stylish options from Sunski are definitely an option you should check out. The sunglasses from Sunski are solidly built from 100% recycled material. They also come with features you’d expect from higher-end models, such as polarized lenses and a great carrying case with a cleaning cloth. To top off the features, each pair of Sunski glasses also comes with a lifetime guarantee from the company, ensuring you’ll be able to have your glasses repaired if they become damaged through “normal” wear and tear.

Sunski is a leader among eco-friendly companies and they were recently acknowledged by the Save The Waves Coalition with their Business of the Year Award. Each pair of Sunski shades will run you around 70 bucks.

Costa Sunglasses has long offered some of the best shades for sportsmen and beach enthusiasts alike. Now, Costa has partnered with a company called Bureo to make glasses constructed from 100% recycled material. Bureo is known for making skateboards from recycled plastics.

The material used in Costa’s recycled sunglasses is acquired from old fishing nets that are collected through a program called Net Positiva, a conservation organization located in Chile. It’s a win-win on the conservation front, as discarded fishing nets are extremely harmful to marine wildlife and any program that removes them from the ocean is a positive endeavor. The fact that Costa can use that material to make stylish sunglasses is just an extra layer of responsible environmental stewardship.

Net Positiva actually pays fisherman to retrieve the discarded nets—a good incentive to keep the waters off Chile clean. Between Bureo’s skateboard business and the newly formed line of sunglasses from Costa, it’s estimated that more than 220,000 pounds of trashed fishing nets have been recovered.

Costa offers four different styles using the recycled material and they’ll run you $200-$300.