An Environmental Touchdown: Super Bowl LI Is Going Green

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most gluttonous days, in the year (only second to Thanksgiving). Forbes reports Americans will order 12.5 million pizzas and eat 1.33 billion chicken wings. Therefore, Americans will making a lot of waste. Please make sure to recycle and reuse when you can.

However, in order to lessen America’s impact on the day, the Houston Super Bowl LI committee and its partners are making plays towards a greener game day!



Renewable green energy will be used at all major Super Bowl event venues. This will include RG Stadium, the George R. Brown Convention Center (site of the Super Bowl Media Center and NFL Experience), and the hotels being used by the NFL and AFC teams and by the NFL Super Bowl staff.




None of the food from Super Bowl events will go wasted. The Host committee has teamed up with the Houston Food Bank and other organizations to tackle hunger and provide meals for those in need. They will donate all food that has been prepared in event facilities and was not served or in public areas.

All left over materials from Super Bowl events will also be collected and donated to local organizations that can repurpose the materials. This includes things such as décor, fabric, carpeting and sign materials. This initiative’s purpose is to keep materials out of landfills.




Throughout the month of January, the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee and other partners undertook several environmental projects throughout the Greater Houston area. Partners planted trees in local city parks to provide a healthier environment for the neighborhoods. Dozens of schools throughout the area collected school supplies and sports equipment, all of which will be donated to low income schools and youth programs. Finally, the committee hosted an e-waste recycling rally – an event where locals could drop off all types of electronic waste to be recycled properly.