The Next Big Fashion Trend: Sustainable Accessories

The fashion world has recently come under fire for unethical practices, in the production of their products. However, there are some designers out there who focus not only on product aesthetics but also using practices good for the Earth.  Stay cool and environmentally conscious for the upcoming Spring season, with some of these designer’s sustainable accessories.


A Scarf From A Peace Treaty

A Peace Treaty Founder, Dana Arbib, founded her company based on high fashion design and sustainable production. Her collections include all handcrafted items such as scarves, jewelry, bags, and capes. Arbib describes her products as “custom handmade pieces embrace rich color and print, are lively and bold, soft and luxurious.”

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A Bag From CHC

CHC is another designer who values high fashion quality alongside sustainable production. All of their leathers and other materials are purchased in the United States and constructed in their Chicago office. Another great benefit of the company is they donate 10% of their profits to WINGS, an organization dedicated to ending domestic violence and homelessness.


Stacking Rings from Vrai & Oro

Vrai and Oro literally means truth and gold, in French and Spanish respectively. The brand is built on 3 key values: quality, simplicity, and transparency. They only use high quality materials and create simple, everyday designs. They sell directly to the consumer so there isn’t any retail markups.

Sunglasses from GROWN

GROWN sunglasses are “handcrafted from durable Bamboo and hardwoods such as maple, ebony and Zebrawood. All of the natural materials used are organic, renewable and free from harmful or toxic elements.” Because each pair is made from natural woods, each pair is completely unique! For every item purchased, the company will also fund sight-restoring eye surgery for 1 person, or diagnostic eye exams for 12 children.

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A Headband From KOOSHOO

KOOSHOO offers a variety of hair accessories for both men and women. All products are ethically-made, and work for day to night looks. The headbands are plastic free and are made from organic cotton. All dyeing of their products is done in a solar powered dye house. All products are also packed and shipped in 100% recycled shipping bags.