5 Green Theme Parks To Visit

You’ve worked hard living a green, eco-friendly life. You deserve a vacation!  If you’re looking to take the kiddos to a theme park, there are plenty of companies to choose from who care about the environment as much as you do. Here are 5 of the “greenest” theme parks in the US.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios

You don’t even have to visit Universal Studios to support their conservation efforts. Visit greenisuniversal.com to see how you can participate in the company’s dedicated green efforts. If you do decide to visit, though, you can rest easy knowing that the park recycles all of their glass and plastic products, as well as opts for organic menus in the restaurants. All of the dinnerware in those same restaurants is compostable, and the vehicles used by the company are all alternative-fuel compatible.

The Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort

Disneyland has made a substantial effort to go greener by converting all of the trains that circle the park to run off of a soy-based biodiesel fuel. You’ll also find recycling containers all throughout the park, sustainable plants that require very little water as landscape and bakeries that utilize energy efficient equipment. The Mark Twain riverboat uses cooking oil as part of its fuel consumption, and the park re-uses expired baked goods as livestock feed.

Walt Disney World


Disney World practices many of the same conservation practices as its sister park in California, but the business side of the operation has also taken a much greener approach. The conservation practices the company indulges in regarding its paper products throughout the business offices are among the best in the industry. Hotel properties are consistently winning environmental awards, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a leader in wildlife conservation efforts.

Hershey Park

Hershey Park

Hershey Entertainment and Resorts is dedicated to conservation and waste management practices, as well as habitat and wildlife protection. The company also supports environmental education, and they’ll only do business with green suppliers. If you decide to stay on property, rest assured knowing that Hotel Hershey is a Silver Leed Certified hotel.


SeaWorld Manta

SeaWorld has long been known for its wildlife conservation efforts, but they also have many green practices in place inside its parks. The gift shops do not hand out plastic bags and they put measures in place to recycle food waste whenever possible. All of the seafood served by the parks is sourced from sustainable sources, and that includes the diets for the animals in their care as well.