5 Of The Most Naturally Beautiful Highways To Drive In America

Long-distance trips usually involve a lot of time on the highway and many of those highways are…well…boring. Interstate travel is usually limited to watching a lot of concrete, grass medians and graffiti-laden overpasses. If you want to see some seriously beautiful scenery on a drive, you need to get off the interstates and find some lesser traveled highways and side roads.

Here are 5 of the most naturally beautiful highways in America.

Hana Highway


This scenic stretch of highway runs down the eastern coast of Maui and provides epic scenery like jungles, coastline, waterfalls and curving roadways that are just plain fun to drive. Tourists can rent a vehicle and cruise from Hana to Kahului. Even though the towns are only 50 miles apart, the trip takes two to four hours to complete because of the winding route and one-lane bridges.

Seward Highway


This 125-mile long stretch of road runs from Seward to Anchorage, Alaska and passes through the Chugach National Forest and Chugach State Park. It has earned several “scenic byway” awards.

California State Route 1

West Coast, California

Also known as the Pacific Coast Highway, California State Route 1 stretches 650 miles and will take you through San Diego, San Jose, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Along the way, you’ll see gorgeous beaches, sea cliffs, California’s wine region and a winding roadway that you are not likely to forget anytime soon.

Grand River Road


This stretch of highway runs along the Mississippi River through 10 states. It provides 2,300 miles of scenery that is worth a vacation by itself.

Overseas Highway


Just south of Miami starts the 113-mile Overseas Highway that ends in Key West, Florida. Along the way, you’ll find numerous islands offering activities like sport fishing and diving, but the miles of cruising over the crystal clear waters is reason enough to put this trip on your bucket list.

Road trips don’t have to be full of boring scenery. Do a little research and plan your next trip along one of these scenic stretches of highway and you might just enjoy the trip to your destination as much as the destination itself.