Ecotourism and 3 Fantastic Green Vacation Destinations Around the Globe

The desire to travel the globe and engage in adventurous expeditions is nothing new. What is new is the desire to take such trips while minimizing the environmental impact of such endeavors. The term used for this mindset is Ecotourism, and it’s something that the travel and tourism industry has embraced whole heartedly.

There’s a good chance you’ve already experienced some level of ecotourism and you didn’t even realize it. For years now most hotels have adopted a “reuse it” policy when it comes to things like the towels in their guest rooms. Reducing water usage and alternative energy solutions can also frequently be found among the list of eco-friendly policies instituted by many hotels. But these types of efforts can be seen right down the road form your suburban home, and where’s the adventure in that? If you’re seeking a more thrilling trip, but still want to support destinations that support the environment, here are three fantastic spots across the globe to satisfy the adventurer inside.


Kenyan Safari

Greeningz - Safari

Campi ya Kanzi in Kenya was built in partnership with the local African Maasai tribe. 280,000 acres of protected native land allow visitors to explore and encounter a variety of African animals, from Zebras to Lions, all while staying in luxury lodging. Campi ya Kenzi also donates $100 for every day a visitor stays on the property, and those funds go toward the conservation of the Maasai community and its wildlife.


Costa Rican Volcanoes

Greeningz - Volcano

Terra Incognita Ecotours out of Tampa, FL organizes trips to the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. The Arenal is one of the 10 most active volcanoes in the world, and guests can observe from a safe distance while sipping a cocktail in one of the many thermal pools. Terra Incognita donates $250 for each traveler to the Costa Rican Conservation Foundation to protect the threatened Three-wattled Bellbird and the Resplendent Quetzal.


Snorkeling and diving in Indonesia

Greeningz - EcoResort

The Misool Eco Resort is located on a private island that’s a five hour flight from Jakarta. Since 2005, the resort has offered 248 square miles of pristine sea that is considered a “no-take zone” by local fisherman. The resort offers cabins right on the water and world class diving and snorkeling in protected waters.

Be it an overnight road trip or an expedition halfway around the world, ecotourism and green vacationing make it possible to experience the trip of a lifetime while giving something back to the environment.