Top New Rides Coming To North American Theme Parks In 2019

For many, no vacation is complete without a visit to a theme park and an adrenaline-packed trip on the biggest, fastest, and tallest roller coasters that can be found. The world of major thrill rides is also extremely competitive and theme parks are constantly competing to have the “biggest,” “fastest,” and “tallest” attraction in the country/world. That means that each year, fans of thrill rides can usually find at least one new ride that will push the limits that its predecessors have set. Here’s a look at some of the most highly anticipated new rides coming to theme parks across North America in 2019.


Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay

Any time you can claim that you have the “tallest” roller coaster in any given region, you can bet that serious thrill ride lovers are going to flock to your park. This spring, Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida will earn the title of having Florida’s tallest roller coaster when it opens “Tigris,” an amazing steel coaster that will propel guests up to 60 miles per hour through barrel rolls that reach heights up to 150 feet off the ground.

Jurassic World

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios has had a Jurassic Park-themed ride for many years now. This year, the ride is getting a serious upgrade when it falls more in line with the modern Jurassic World films. Fans can expect the latest in technology and state-of-the-art theming. The ride will keep the same thrilling water drop at the end, but other than that, the details are anybody’s guess.


Elitch Gardens, Denver

It’s hard to predict exactly what guests will get with the new “Kaleidoscape” ride at Elitch Gardens this spring. One thing that you can bet on is that the ride will include some seriously creative fantasy elements that will be heavy on guest interaction and dark theming.

Copperhead Strike

Carowinds, Charlotte, N.C.

Carowinds is seeking another blue ribbon when it comes to thrill ride categories. In the case of the new “Copperhead Strike,” they’ll have the coaster with the most inversions of any ride in North America. Riders will be launched forward in multiple speed categories, from 0 to 42 and a second from 35-50 mph.