Traveling The Blue In Green Superyachts

World explorers are taking the green to the deep blue. With new materials and innovations being discovered so often, it is easy for a sailor to live environmentally conscious on the high seas. Check out these super yachts that are sailing the seas but remaining eco-friendly.

Big Fish

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After business man Richard Beattie could not find the super yacht of his dreams he turned to a designer to create one for him. Three years later, the Big Fish was launched. The 45-meter ship is certainly made for an eco-friendly world explorer. The ship is equally as stylish as it is environmentally conscious.  The vessel uses LED technology and heat exchangers from the exhaust system to heat the water supply. Not to mention, the decks are high-heel friendly. The ship is available for charter for $245,000 per week.



The Seataci is newly designed yacht, that literally makes waves in order to move. It is fueled with hydrogen so none of the surround ecosystems can be damaged. The main deck features a heliport, swimming pool, and garden. Owners and guests will sleep in submerged villas below the main deck, with large windows, giving a panoramic view of the ocean. The cost to build this super yacht is $100 million.


Built in 2009 for $50 million, at the time of first launch, the Ethereal was considered the most eco-friendly and energy-efficient boat afloat. The yacht was the first of its kind to use lithium polymer batteries, which are recharged by the boat’s propulsion system. It also uses high-tech insulation materials so there stable, comfortable, air temperatures without the use of heating or cooling systems. This yacht is currently available for charters for $225,000 per week.

Grace E


The Grace E is a 73-meter vessel. It is fitted with a hybrid-fueled engine and a hull design that reduces drag in the water. It was created to have minimal noise, as well as, minimal impact on the environment. The yacht boasts a “exhaust route which mitigates fumes as well as a waste management process which operates at optimum efficiency.” On board you will find, a hair salon, gym, movie library, and a hydrotherapy room.