Voluntourism: Travel & Help Save The Environment

Voluntourism has been recently become a popular way to travel. With traveling costs increasing, people are looking for other meaningful ways to travel. Therefore, Voluntourism has become a great way to do something meaningful while seeing the world. These companies and opportunities will allow you to travel while helping the environment.

Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is one of the oldest environmental groups in the U.S. The club sponsors dozens of trips each year in multiple different fields. Some opportunities in 2017 include helping preserve open space and building trails in the Colorado Rockies, forest conservation in the North Woods of Maine, and building and repairing backcountry trails in Idaho.

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Earthwatch Institute

The Earthwatch Institute has volunteer opportunities for all interests and all over the world. Volunteers will work alongside scientists as they investigate environmental issues. Fields of volunteer opportunities include wildlife and ecosystem, climate change and ocean health.

Biosphere Expeditions

Biosphere expedition focuses on wildlife conservation. They have expeditions all over the world. Some expeditions currently available are researching animals in the Amazon rainforest, diving expedition studying the coral reefs of Malaysia, and conservation of elephants in the Himalayan foothills of northern Thailand.

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The Turtle Conservation Program

The Turtle Conservation Program in Costa Rica can last anywhere from 1-25 weeks, depending on your availability. The main goal of this volunteer expedition, as you might imagine, is to help with the protection of sea turtles. On a typical day, volunteers can expect to patrol beaches looking for turtles at night, man the hatchery, and care for recuperating adult turtles. Volunteers will also work alongside locals which can help volunteers learn more about the region.


“GoEco was created by experienced volunteers for people who are eager to travel and contribute to the community, wildlife, and environment they visit.” The company offers a multitude of volunteer opportunities. Volunteers can scuba dive and do conservation research in the Seychelles, help build an eco-village in the deserts of Israel, volunteer at a wild animal sanctuary in Australia, and work at a South African wildlife ranch.

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Each company offers a wide range of opportunities for a large variety of prices. However, there is availability for all interests and all budgets. Find out more on each company’s website.