10 Interesting Ways To Use Aluminum Foil

For most of us, aluminum foil has just one use—covering food. It assists in baking and can keep food fresh when we store it in the fridge. But there are other uses for aluminum foil that you might not have thought of and will cover those uses in this article. Here are ten hacks for aluminum foil that can make life easier.

Remove Rust

Aluminum foil actually does a pretty good job of removing rust. Just crumple it up into a ball and apply some elbow grease.

Static Remover

Believe it or not, aluminum foil makes a pretty good dryer sheet. Simply crumple a sheet up baseball-size and throw it in your dryer with the clothes. They’ll come out static-free.

Increase The Life Of Your Bananas

That’s right—aluminum foil will help your bananas keep longer. Simply wrap the stem in a layer of aluminum foil, and the bananas will brown much more slowly.

Grill Cleaner

Putting aluminum foil on your grill is nothing new; we do it all the time while cooking. But when you’re finished, you can crumple that greasy sheet up and use it to scrape off any bits that got on your grill grates.

Shine Silver

Do you have some tarnished silver?  Aluminum foil can help restore the shine. Just put a sheet of aluminum foil in the bottom of a container and add boiling water and a few tablespoons of baking soda.

Keep Birds From Eating Your Plants

If you have birds wreaking havoc on your garden, you can use aluminum foil to keep them away. Simply hang pieces from a string around your garden and the shine and movement will keep the winged thieves from stealing your seeds.

Use It As A Funnel

If you find yourself working inside or outside the house and you need a funnel but can’t find one, aluminum foil can easily be formed to serve the role.

Scissor Sharpener

Fold up a sheet of aluminum foil a few times and then snip through it a bit with your dull scissors. They’ll be sharp again in no time.

Help Your Plants Grow Straight

If you grow indoor plants, you may have noticed that they tend to grow toward the light (i.e., the window you have them sitting in front of). You can use aluminum foil as a reflector on the opposite side of the window to help the plants grow straighter.

Keep Rodents From Eating Your Young Trees

Similar to keeping birds out of the garden, you can use aluminum foil to keep rodents from eating your saplings. Simply wrap the base of the trees with a layer of foil and the rodents won’t go near them.