Tips For Avoiding Cabin Fever This Winter

Winter can be tough. For many, the oppressing heat of summer creates a kind of longing so that when the cooler temperatures of the Fall finally arrive, we’re thrilled at the break in the heat. However, it doesn’t take long for the freezing temperatures and extended hours of darkness to start taking a toll on us. In some extreme northern regions, there are blocks of time where the sun never shines at all. It’s during these times when we’re all cooped up in the house, that the age-old ailment of “cabin fever” can sink in. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some surefire methods of avoiding cabin fever this winter.

Get Outside

It may seem like an obvious tip, but an important method for avoiding “cabin fever” is to actually get out of your proverbial “cabin.”  Bundle up and walk or ride a bike to work. Take your kids for a hike or if you’re really an adventurer, consider going on a snowy winter camping trip.

Host A Party Or Two

If you’re feeling the walls close in during a particularly harsh winter, there’s a good chance your friends are, too. So, why not invite them over and host a party?  Put on a delicious pot of stew, crack open a few bottles of wine, and have a movie marathon. Try to pick films that are set in tropical destinations!

Catch Up On Your Reading

Sitting around during the cold winter months doing nothing will eventually have you 100% convinced that time has actually slowed down. While we recommend getting outside as much as you can, sometimes the weather makes that impractical or unsafe. On days like that, throw some extra logs in the fireplace and cozy up with one of those books you’ve been meaning to get through. There are plenty of lists of “great beach reads” for the summer months, but the truth is, you’re far more likely to read when you’re snowed in than when warm waves are crashing just feet away.

Increase The Light In Your Home

Look, hanging out in the dark for months at a time can be depressing. So, during the dreary winter months, open up your curtains and let in as much natural light as you can. If you get a lot of snowfall in your area, you’ll find that your home will actually be brighter than in the summer months, thanks to all that sunshine reflecting off the snow. When it’s particularly cold, dark, and nasty out, turn your lights on and light plenty of candles (just make sure they’re non-toxic, organic beeswax) to brighten up your home.