5 Food Movements You’ll Likely See In 2018

A big part of the “Green” lifestyle is the food we eat. We obviously gravitate toward green, sustainable sources, but we also have a tendency to be on the lookout for new trends. At the end of each year, popular foodie magazines like Bon Appetit and Food & Wine make a list of predictions as to the food trends you can expect in the coming year. This year is no exception, but some of those predictions may surprise you. Here are five food trends you’re likely to see in 2018.


Mushrooms have long been known for their health properties. The Chinese have used them in home remedies for ages, and now it seems the U.S. is jumping on that bandwagon, as well. A recent study in America showed that eating five mushrooms per day can help fight cancer, dementia and heart disease. Plus, some evidence shows that mushrooms can help reduce stress. Prepare to stock up on fungi in 2018.

Vegetarian Offerings

2018 will likely see a record number of restaurants adding more vegetarian meals to their menus. Whether you love meat or loathe it, more and more people are ditching meat and going vegetarian, be it for health or environmentally ethical reasons. Be prepared to see new vegetables and protein substitutes like tofu and tempeh at your favorite eateries.

Canned Fish

For many years folks assumed that canned sardines were simply used as cupboard decorations, to be thrown away and replaced every six years or so. It seems, however, that more people are buying canned seafood for a number of reasons. First off, it’s easier to find sustainably sourced seafood when it’s packaged in a can. It’s also a healthy way to get vital omega-3s into your diet. We’ll likely see more choices and recipe ideas using canned seafood pop up in the coming months.

Carbonated Coffee

Yep. Carbonated coffee. Trendy baristas have started mixing soda water with their cold brews and have essentially created “coffee soda.”  There’s a very good chance you’ll see this kind of offering pop up on the menu of your favorite coffee shop in the first half of 2018.

More “Something”-free Foods

As strange as it sounds, people are more concerned these days with what’s not in foods than what is. Maybe it’s because of diet restrictions or personal choice, but either way, be prepared to see more advertising for gluten, nut, soy, sugar, and animal product-free foods in 2018.